Hacker News: Beware! Don’t Fall For “Font Wasn’t Found” Google Chrome Malware Scam

Internet users be aware …



Next time when you accidentally or curiously land up on a website with jumbled content prompting you to download a missing font to read the blog by updating the Chrome font pack…

…Just Don’t Download and Install It. It’s a Trap!

Scammers and hackers are targeting Google Chrome users with this new hacking scam that’s incredibly easy to fall for, prompting users to download a fake Google Chrome font pack update just to trick them into installing malware on their systems.

Here’s What the Scam is and How it works:

It’s a “The ‘HoeflerText’ font wasn’t found” scam.

Security firm NeoSmart Technologies recently identified the malicious campaign while browsing an unnamed WordPress website that had allegedly already been compromised, possibly due to failing to apply timely security updates.

The scam is not a new one to identified by NeoSmart. It has been making rounds since last month.

The hackers are…

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President Trump, Please Shut Down The Chemtrails; water vapor via chemtrails creating worldwide weather apocalypse

… Before It’s Too Late!


An Open Letter to President Trump

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump,

If you don’t know already, the entire country is under assault by nonstop chemical geoengineering also known as chemtrails, and chembombs.

The monster storms hitting California are the direct result of these intensified chemtrail operations.  So are the numerous out-of-season tornadic storm systems devastating the Deep South.  As a matter of meteorological fact, Trumpland throughout the South and Midwest has been really taking a beating ever since Election Day.

Many of these highly destructive and unseasonal weather events are not even showing up in the Mainstream Media (MSM) of late.  Unless you are a victim yourself, or know folks who have been, the American people are mostly unaware as many of these frankenstorms go totally unreported outside of the local area.

What exactly does that mean?  That the MSM is quite deliberately not disseminating important weather info, especially to those areas that are the hardest hit.   Why in the world is there so much non-disclosure —  BY THE MEDIA — when their very job is to function as a public service to local communities everywhere?

From our seat, there appears to be no location within the 50 states that is immune to a regular dose of chemical geoengineering.  Everyone is now remarking about living under direct weather threats—24/7.  California has become the site of Weathergeddon, USA. The southern states are likewise being constantly terrorized by hurricane strength mega-storms that destroy whole towns as they paralyze cities like Albany, Georgia*.

*VIDEO:  ‘The destruction is phenomenal,’ Albany officials discuss damage, missing toddler

Why are you allowing the geoengineers to continue to wreak such havoc, particularly in the states that made your historic election possible?

Special Message to the POTUS:
Surely it’s obvious by now to Team Trump that the secret, supranational body, which controls these chemtrail operations worldwide, is using them to sabotage local economies around the country.  After 8 calamitous years of Obama’s gross negligence, not only are small businesses collapsing left and right, dilapidated infrastructure is failing wherever it’s tested by natural and/or manmade catastrophes.  The globalist cabal is intentionally engineering these natural disasters to force the expenditure of more federal money that is needed elsewhere.  Hence, the geoengineering programs that are being conducted unrelentingly in the skies across the nation are making it virtually impossible to Make America Great Again.  What more effective way to prevent you from fulfilling your campaign promises is there than keeping you preoccupied with one weather emergency after another?

Look it, we expected such weather terrorism to be conducted by the treasonous Obama administration. We did NOT expect that such a geoengineering regime of weather manipulation and climate sabotage would worsen under your presidency.  And yet it has!

Dear President Trump, you are the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.  In that capacity you are ultimately responsible for the incessant weather terrorism being perpetrated by the U.S. military against the American people.  Should you doubt this crucial fact, please consult the following two exposés.

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

OPERATION CLOVERLEAF: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program In World History

Now you know that you, Mr. President, are actually in charge of these chemtrail aerosol spraying programs nationwide.  And, yet, has anyone briefed you on their real purpose … or what they really spray … or what the public health consequences are?  For example, are you familiar with CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions?

Based on the accurate answers to each of these and other very important questions, your constitutional responsibilities demand that you terminate them—YESTERDAY ! ! !  One direct command from you simply shuts down the whole God-forsaken Global Warming project.

READ MORE AT http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=66817

“Massive increase in water vapor occurring worldwide via chemtrails is creating the worldwide weather apocalypse, not human activity causing CO2 production.” SOTN

Huge Firehose is Drenching California Plus Plants Freaking Out

Black Chemtrails – Video Collage


From Doreen

Public silence is ‘consent’ to extreme assault on all life. Please share this post widely and send it to Donald Trump and his team:

Donald Trump: Donald.J.Trump@donaldtrump.com

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DonaldTrump
Twitter https://twitter.com/realdonaldtrump

Instagram: https://instagram.com/realdonaldtrump/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/donaldtrump [Leave comments at videos]

Don Trump Jr.:  djtjr@trumporg.com
Eric Trump: etrump@trumporg.com

Tell Us Your Story at https://apply.ptt.gov/yourstory/

Team Trump

And please copy Jorge Mario Bergoglio a.k.a. Pope Francis sostituto@sds.va

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph
All rights reserved

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Untouchables Drained From The Swamp

Published on Feb 19, 2017



Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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“…American Coup D’état In Progress”

Special Report: Is an American Coup d’état in Progress?

The Deep State Conducts a Purple Revolution Against the Trump Administration

State of the Nation

There is now a full-scale clandestine revolutionary war being waged against the Trump Administration.  The C.I.A. usually attempts a soft coup first at the direction of its masters in Deep State. When that’s not successful in effectuating a regime change, they know the territory has been sufficiently softened up for the hot phase of the revolution.

In these United States of America, that would be the ongoing but rapidly intensifying Purple Revolution.  This revolution began the very day that President Trump won the election on November 8, 2016, if not before.


Deep State will not permit President Trump to govern as POTUS.

Deep State uses the C.I.A. and the Mainstream Media (MSM) to run interference at every turn against the Trump Administration

Deep State will continue to prosecute the revolution until Trump is removed from power

• Deep State will eventually attempt to oust the entire Trump Administration

These preceding bullet points constitute the current NWO globalist agenda being carried throughout the USA in direct opposition to the Trump Administration.  In other words, when Assistant to the President and White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon said that the Mainstream Media (MSM) had morphed into the opposition party, he was speaking literally.

“Steve Bannon: ‘I Could Care Less’ About Repairing Relationship with ‘Opposition Party’ Media” — BREITBART

A Counter Declaration of War on the Mainstream Media

There you have it (see preceding link), the whole world is now witnessing an all-out war between the MSM and a sitting POTUS.  This unparalleled conflict is not only being fought between the Mainstream Media and the Trump Administration, it’s occurring throughout the entire body politic of the USA and beyond.

The U.S. citizenry saw as never before the complete lack of integrity exhibited by the MSM during the entire 2016 election cycle.  Candidate Trump exposed the lying media and avalanche of fake news with his every news conference and campaign stop.  In so doing, the whole world is now aware that the MSM can never — EVER — be trusted again.

Because the MSM is the primary mouthpiece of Deep State, a highly consequential decision was made by its concealed leadership to remove Trump from power with great haste and recklessness lest their Global Control Matrix experience an unprecedented collapse.  Deep State knows full well that it’s now in its death throes.  And that such grave existential threats must be faced before its entire superstructure (and infrastructure) falls into it own footprint.

This 21st century “War of the Titans” has gotten so hot, in fact, that there is now no turning back for either side.  IT WILL BE A DEATH TO THE FINISH.

READ MORE AT http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=66483#more-66483


A this moment humans are like the caterpillar before it emerges from the cocoon transformed into a beautiful butterfly

There is an unmanifest All Knowing in charge. 

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Trump Must Execute The Nuclear Option … There Is No Other Way

Trump’s Alternative… If He Is To Deliver On His Crucial Campaign Promises, And Really Make America Great Again

The 3 Pillars of Deep State Must Be Knocked Down Post Haste

State of the Nation

• The Mainstream Media must be shut down.
• The Central Intelligence Agency must be dissolved.
• The Federal Reserve System must be taken over by the U.S. Treasury

SOTN was the first Alt Media news platform to describe Donald Trump as a “wrecking ball”.

This Internet moniker was chosen after serious deliberation, as it became clear that the Obamanation needed to be completely destroyed if the American Republic was to be saved.

In fact, The Donald made his way slowly but surely all the way to the Oval Office by wrecking everything in sight.  This is his signature MO, and exactly what was needed throughout the most divisive and violent campaign season in U.S. history.

Post Inauguration

It is now clear that Deep State will not — under any circumstances — allow President Trump to deliver on his many campaign promises.  Nor will the NWO globalists permit him to be POTUS.

BEWARE: The Purple Revolution Comes To America……Courtesy of George Soros,the Clinton Crime Family,and the Obama Administration

Every day that goes by it becomes evident that the Purple Revolution in running in the background—full bore.  99% of the sedition and subversion associated with this soft coup is taking place completely under the radar.  And, yet, the 1% that everyone does see and hear has gotten so ugly and intolerable that some folks now understand that the Titanic is about to hit the iceberg.  Barring a deus ex machina event, Trump is being set up as the Titanic.

The current trajectory of the Trump Administration is such that it may actually be sunk by the Ides of March.  That’s how fast and organized this soft coup really is.  And only a very few are talking about it.  That’s the real problem here—a general lack of awareness due to so much MSM propaganda and prevarication.

The MSM-CIA-FED Triad Must Be Terminated

For every sober and sane patriot, it has become obvious that the destructive forces within the MSM-CIA-FED Triad must be dealt with decisively and firmly.  There can be no sovereign American Republic as long as these three seditious entities retain their power and influence over the affairs of the nation.  CASE CLOSED!

At the risk of sounding redundant, as long as the MSM, CIA and the FED seditiously operate as they have for many decades, this once constitutional republic is anything but. To call the United States of America a grotesque misrepresentation of the Founding Fathers original intention would even be a gross understatement.

These three entities — MSM-CIA-FED — are the very pillars which hold up the temple of Deep State. While there are many other integral components such as the entire Military-Industrial Complex, these 3 malevolent institutions form the backbone which allow the BEAST (aka Deep State) to make so much mischief both here and abroad.  This triad also forms the skeleton of the current Purple Revolution being waged by the Soros-funded globalists, the Democratic Party and the Sultans of Silicon Valley.

In view of this rapidly devolving predicament, there is now only one alternative for President Trump in order to salvage his presidency.  Before his administration is taken down one cabinet secretary at a time, he must take executive actions similar to those that even President John F. Kennedy took against the FED, and was prepared to take in the early 1960s against the C.I.A.  And that was 55 years ago when the C.I.A. had not even perfected its soft coup strategies or violent revolution tactics.  Ergo, the C.I.A. must be dissolved post haste.

CIA & Company: The Real Plotters Behind JFK’s Assassination

READ MORE AT http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=66083

From Doreen

Cloaked and applied gradually, evil attacks and weakens the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body of humanity. Evil has expanded stealthily since the days of John F Kennedy.

It is likely that humans who are unaware of a quantum shift in reality will soon have little choice other than to realize that separation from one another, and the Power which gives us breath, awareness and freewill choice to end harm, is at hand.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro at National Press Conference – Vaccine Safety

The poster says is all

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro at National Press Conference – Vaccine Safety


(Natural News) Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who has been named to head President Trump’s vaccine safety commission joined forces with Robert De Niro to announce a cash reward of up to $100,000 to anyone who can prove that mercury-containing vaccines do not contribute to autism.


YouTube version at 21:20 Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. announces the World Mercury Project’s $100,000 challenge with goal of stopping use of highly toxic mercury in vaccines.

Corporate-run media 100% controlled by the vaccine industry that’s murdering our children

The entire mainstream media (i.e. the “fake news” apparatus) is controlled by the vaccine industry, and media reporters have become mercury denialists whose rejection of the Periodic Table of Elements smacks as the most insane anti-science denialism ever witnessed in human history.

RFK Jr. and Robert De Niro  rip the mercury denialism to shreds and expose the lies, fake science and medical quackery of the entire vaccine industry.

Trump gave a similar statement to Fox News in 2012:

“This is now an epidemic. It’s way, way up over the past 10 years. It’s way up over the past two years. And, you know, when you take a little baby that weighs like 12 pounds into a doctor’s office and they pump them with many, many simultaneous vaccinations — I’m all for vaccinations, but I think when you add all of these vaccinations together and then two months later the baby is so different then lots of different things have happened. I really — I’ve known cases.”

Here’s a statement from Hon. Nicholas “Nico” LaHood of San Antonio. He the Criminal District Attorney of Bexar County, TX. Today he is speaking at the press conference as a private citizen and father of two children who were vaccine-injured.

“Many challengers to me say “correlation is not causation.” In my world, the legal world, correlation means investigation but to them, correlation means ignore. That makes no sense to me. What is everyone afraid of? Let’s follow the evidence wherever it leads us.” #SafeVaccines#rfkcommission

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro at National Press Conference – Vaccine Safety

Hon. Nicholas “Nico” LaHood of San Antonio, Criminal District Attorney of Bexar County, TX

This is a statement from Brian Hooker who is attending our press conference today in DC.
He is Science Advisor for Focus for Health and has been active in vaccine safety advocacy since 2001. He has a PhD in Biochemical Engineering and has been active in biotechnology research for the last 25 years. He has published over 60 scientific papers and holds 5 U.S. patents.

He says, “This is such an important day for our movement. I applaud and thank Mr. De Niro and Mr. Kennedy for raising this issue on the national stage. Mercury does not belong in vaccines, period. By the CDC’s own studies, mercury in vaccines causes tics, language delay and lower IQ. In addition, there are over 80 studies that show a link between thimerosal and autism. This is a much needed “wake-up call” for the press who has followed the very tired and false canard that vaccines are completely safe and effective. My hopes are high for our future and I’m honored to be involved in the activities today!#SafeVaccines #rfkcommission

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro at National Press Conference – Vaccine Safety

Brian Hooker PhD


Here is a statement from Sarah Bridges who is attending our press conference today at the National Press Club. Sarah is a PhD neuropsychologist and mother of six who lives in Minneapolis. Sarah has a vaccine-injured child with autism and seizures who actually won her case in the Vaccine Court.

She says, “We are one of the few cases in which the government has acknowledged that a vaccine caused my son’s brain damage and autism. The American people need to understand that the pharmaceutical industry has total blanket immunity to lawsuits. They have no incentive to study or improve safety. If your child is injured by a vaccine, you cannot sue in the American court system. You are sent to Vaccine Court. It took me eight years for my ‘swift justice’. I say it facetiously because CDC website’s promotes swift justice for people who can prove they have a vaccine injury.”

Sarah Bridges PhD Neuropsychologist

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Robert De Niro at National Press Conference – Vaccine Safety

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Dell Bigtree – two great advocates for our children meeting together.


See the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe

Click on state to watch vaccine injury story

SOURCE with thanks http://www.aircrap.org/2017/02/15/robert-f-kennedy-jr-robert-de-niro-national-press-conference-vaccine-safety/

And in this corner …. we have

Robert De Niro and RFK Jr. are bringing their dangerous views on vaccines to Washington today

Robert De Niro and RFK Jr. have joined forces to push vaccine nonsense

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SPECIAL MESSAGE TO NSA General Michael Flynn

Flynn had to be sacrificed as a cautionary tale to the entire Trump Administration

State of the Nation

Let’s face it: the preceding tweet courageously posted by retired United States Army Lieutenant General and the 25th National Security Advisor Michael Thomas Flynn, dated November 2 2016, is remarkable by any standard.

There was simply no way that the Democratic Party could rest easy with such a forthright NSA professional working for President Trump.  Hillary R. Clinton, herself, would only face grave existential threats given the raw and unvarnished truth expressed by this tweet, and others like it.

PIZZAGATE: The Scandal That Will Take Down the Clintons, the Democratic Party and the U.S. Federal Government

Particularly in light of the fact that Flynn’s son — Michael Flynn, Jr. was also fired during the presidential transition process for essentially doing the very same thing, was the writing on the wall.  Deep State will not tolerate any such unprecedented disclosures about its most effective control mechanism on today’s global geopolitical chessboard—pedophilia and pederasty in high places.


Consequently, any revelations even remotely related to Pizzagate will be censored in a Washington, DC moment.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  Anyone in any seat of power or position of influence, who exposes the underbelly of Pizzagate, will be removed post haste.  And, the Mainstream Media will work triple time to publicly execute (their reputation, of course) anybody who leaves this particular reservation of political correctness.


It ought to be crystal clear by now, if it wasn’t previously, that the tentacles of Deep State reach deeply into every sphere of life on planet Earth.  There is no digital device, no line of communication, no conversation that is not completely monitored by Deep State.  This was the very non-negotiable condition that the ruling elites agreed to which then permitted the World Web Web to go live back on August 6, 1991.

Point of Fact: The Powers That Be knew full well that as soon as the Internet was up and running, their lives would change forever.  And so they have.  Even the once venerated and feared Rothschilds are front page news on so many Al Media websites. And the most of the news about them is not good at all!  In fact, their ongoing, multi-century crime spree is now well documented for everyone to see and talk about. So is the Rockefeller’s sordid family history all over the Internet.

The critical point here is that, on one level, the highly anticipated firing of General Flynn has taken place as a cautionary tale.   Every single person working for the president — both directly and indirectly — has been given serious notice.  Any departure from the U.S. Code, no matter how insignificant, which occurs while employed in any capacity within the Trump Administration, is being watched and recorded.  Evidence of any transgressions, no matter how small, will be dredged up at the appropriate time to take down whoever the target might be.

The NSA, CIA and DIA, along with the FBI and DHS, have access to the latest spying and surveillance technology in the world.  These advanced tracking technologies were explicitly developed to spy on and surveil Americans first, second and third.  While foreign espionage is always a priority for Deep State, the ruling elites are considerably more concerned about the perceived enemies within the military arm of the New World Order.

The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

General Flynn posed a definite threat

It appears that General Flynn really did not understand who his true masters were, especially when he was the 18th Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.  Every flag officer knows that they are only doing the bidding of the all-pervasive Military-Industrial Complex.  Therefore, it’s very difficult to understand why he sacrificed himself.  Surely he knew that he was being watched every second.  And that such a foray into Pizzagate territory would mean political death … on every level … even in Trumpland.

Perhaps the good General unconsciously set himself up for such a fall. His steady rise to power, followed by such an ignominious descent, point to a deliberate self-sacrifice of sorts.  After all, what greater sacrifice is there when the very lives and/or welfare of our children is at stake.

DEEP STATE Fired NSA General Michael Flynn

READ MORE AT http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=66006#more-66006

Special Message to General Flynn:

Sir, you know that there is a brilliant silver lining in this dark cloud.  You are now in a position to lead a citizen’s inquiry into Pizzagate.  No government accomplishment of lasting value can ever really happen until the real Pedogate culprits, who infest the U.S. Federal Government, are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Likewise, the many traitors of two Obama administrations must be brought to justice, as do those who committed treason during the two previous Bush administrations.  Until these convicted career criminals are all held up high for the whole world to see, the corrupt status quo will remain firmly in place.  Given your access to highly privileged intelligence, you, General Flynn, can serve as a lightning rod for the necessary revelation.  This nation desperately needs this type of radical leadership.  If it doesn’t show up soon, many agree that we are heading toward a civil war.  By the way, the vast majority of us armchair political analysts totally agree that the country cannot continue this way.  Things are getting so out of control that the American social fabric has not only been irreparably torn, it’s being ripped to shreds by the day.  Please consider what you can now do for your country out of the media glare of the West Wing.  Respectfully, SOTN Editorial Board

P.S. Our deepest gratitude for your tweets shown below—they have already helped change the world for the better.  However, now it’s time to really save the children!

From Doreen
Please take a moment in your own way to thank General Flynn and others exposing the entities responsible for manipulating and controlling humanity. Spread the word so that more humans raise their awareness, move into neutral* and feed:

The power of Love, harmony, self-awareness, truth and unity, which are stronger than any force of darkness.

*Neutrality is immunity from the cosmic virus holding humanity hostage. More to follow.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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