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Wireless radio frequency identification chip that requires full DISCLOSURE of harm and YOUR CONSENT before insertion.

Mind Gamers Movie: Wireless Neural Network – Hacking The Human Mind [Quantum Computing D Wave]

MindGamers 2015 Story Line 2017 Launch Students at a quantum academy attempt to create a collective consciousness, only to discover that they themselves are part of a greater experiment. A group of brilliant young students discover the greatest scientific breakthrough … Continue reading

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Congress Hands Government Authority to Microchip People with ‘Mental Disabilities’

H. R. 4919 – Orwellian Or What? Published on Dec 13, 2016 No, you haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. This actually just happened. And the language is so vague, we don’t know what type of tracking tech will be employed … Continue reading

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Branding Human Chattel: RADIO FREQUENCY [RFID] Chip

Buzzfeed Normalize Human Microchips In Disturbing Propaganda Video Buzzfeed News has joined the mainstream media campaign to normalize the idea of microchips for humans, producing a New World Order propaganda piece in which a senior staff member has a microchip … Continue reading

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