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NO person can be experimented upon for any reason, including microwave irradiation, without their consent.

Please, Do This For The Unborn! Ask Government To View VAXXED Documentary

Please, back one another like never before; take action to safeguard the unborn, and educate people who work for the government. Ask your Inner Technology, the most sophisticated Technology ever to grace this Earth, the POWER which gives you breath, … Continue reading

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Guardachild VS. Gardasil HPV Vaccine

Allegheny, PA. County Considers Mandate For HPV Vaccine For Young Students – Call To Action Governments issue Public Notice and Proposed Regulations or changes to existing regulations in the newspaper or a government publication. I found these on line: USA … Continue reading

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MICROWAVE WEAPONS: Cooking Humans ~Dr Barrie Trower

Originally posted on Maine Republic Email Alert: Published on Jul 4, 2016 “Years ago our government said to it’s scientists when it comes to microwaves you will only talk about things to do with heat, and that is it.…

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