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On Dec 21.12 the odometer for time started over.

October 2016: The Most Consequential Month of the Millennium

By CosmicConvergence October and Tishri Match Up Perfectly, Alignment Brings Many ‘October Surprises’ What happens this October will determine the outcome of the U.S. presidential election Cosmic Convergence Research Group Never in the history of the world has so much anticipation … Continue reading

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Mandela Effect: Scripture Has BEEN Changed, Land Masses, Earth’s Position in the Milky Way Galaxy Are Changing

The Mandela Effect!!! MAJOR Rapture Alert! The date Mandela actually died seems to have changed, hence the Mandela Effect. If you believe Nelson Mandela died in prison — long before his passing (in this time stream) on 5 December 2013 … Continue reading

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