Google fights dis-information with anti fake news system [Russia joins the pact]

Beyond Censorship: Destroying Free Thought Online

To understand the ongoing culling of internet, how the future of information availability is being restricted, and extraordinary implications for all of us, please watch the video below. Doreen

Truthstream Media
Mar 30.19

According to Google, Wikipedia is an accurate source of information, and mainstream media is an ‘authoritative’ source.

Meet the Wizard of Wikipedia

25:28 mins Steven Pruitt ’06

Nov 2018
Using a semi-automated tool Steven Pruitt reached his current total of more than 2.5 million Wikipedia edits as of July 2 — the most of any Wikipedia editor.

Steven Pruitt ’06 (WYDaily/Courtesy Adam Ewing)

(WYDaily/Courtesy Adam Ewing)

Other Wikipedia editors are the CIA, FBI, political parties, world governments, the Vatican,  United Nations, people with a vested interest in tilting information toward their points of view, etc.

The Big Erasure

Globalists are erasing borders [UN Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development 2030], erasing procreation via involuntary sterilization [gmo food, vaccines, chemtrails], erasing all cause, core, memory, and record of the One True Creator [one world religion], and erasing all thought [Google anti-fake news system]. Doreen

38:31 mins
It’s not just about censoring. It’s about putting people into a carefully curated information bubble and digitally re-educating them with the official authoritative information.

What’s going to happen when that point of view becomes the only official sanctioned point of view that’s allowed?

44:31 mins
The Weekly Hellscape:

“It’s also about preventing whole branches of thoughts from forming. If you can stop people from accessing information that would lead them to a host of conclusions unfavorable to your interests, you can protect those interests with minimal effort, and most people will have no idea.”

Putin signs ‘Fake News’ and “Internet Insults’ bills into law

07:03 mins
From the Moscow Times. Putin signed a controversial set of bills that make it a crime to disrespect the state and spread fake news online. The legislation will establish punishments for spreading information that quote “Exhibits blatant disrespect for the society government, official government symbols, Constitution or governmental bodies of Russia.” In quotes “Online news outlets and users that spread fake news will face fines of up to half a million rubles that’s $23 ,000 in US fiat dollars for repeat offenses. Insulting state symbols and the authorities, including of course Mr. Putin, will carry a fine of up to three hundred thousand rubles and fifteen days in jail for repeat offenses.”

The Kremlin however denied this legislation amounts to censorship hilariously pointing out that quote “This fear of fake news, insulting and so on is regulated fairly harshly in many countries of the world including Europe it is therefore of course necessary to do it in our country too.” Kremlin spokesman said.

Double speak … facts are fake news

The mind of man is being trained to accept a one-shot answer without question. An answer likely from artificial intelligence gate keepers that know the person asking the question better than they know themselves.

The good news is …. now you know. Please share so others can know. It’s the least we can do. Thank you. Doreen

Doreen A Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse

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