Ex-DHS employee reveals dangers of 5G technology

Up close and personal with 5G [very educational]

TSA workers exposed to millimeter wave machines in US airports daily are coming down with a myriad of cancers, autoimmune disorders and neurological conditions in droves.

Is this man’s future when 5G millimeter wave signals saturate our environment and pulse through our bodies from ubiquitous sources nonstop?

Anonymous insider tells it like it is. A revealing interview on real world impacts of 5G you cannot afford to miss.

21:22 mins Dana A: Tell us about the letter you sent to President Trump, and his response.

21:32 mins DHS: [Missing from video transcript so I typed it]
I wrote a letter to President Trump explaining to him my experience as far as what I went through, my concerns, the amount of suffering and loss, financial loss, loss of my future as far as my career, everything. I was in shock when I received a letter back from one of his staffers pretty much stating that I had a drug problem, and that I needed counseling. I was really, really shocked because I was in so much pain, and these were medications prescribed by neurologists.

The letter included the address of a drug addict treatment center for her to check into close to where she lived.

25:17 mins Dana A: At this point you figured out the cause, you were slowly getting yourself back to function. What is the other thing that happened to you as you started researching these machines? Why don’t you mention a little about that.

25:39 mins [DHS] [Missing from video transcript so I typed it]
While I was researching these military documents regarding the millimeter wave technology on 2 separate occasions I was targeted. If anyone does not know what a targeted individual is, it’s very real, it’s happening to regular citizens, it can happen to anybody. I was targeted 2 different times with microwave technology. I believe it was a direct result of researching this technology.

26:19 mins Dana A: I did do a video about this so some of my most of my listeners will be familiar they look at the Nick Cruz video on TIs but explain exactly what happened to you in your home.

26:31 mins DHS: [ [Missing from video transcript so I typed it.]
I was laying on the couch and all of a sudden I started feeling extreme heat. It was a different kind of heat. I felt like I was an ant under a magnifying glass in the sun. On 2 separate occasions it was very, very, very painful.

Active denial system millimeter wave action penetrates the skin to 1/64th of an inch.

27:00 mins Dana A: They’re doing everything they can to prevent us from educating ourselves on this.

SOURCE with thanks https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/%CE%B5x-d%CE%B7s-employee-reveals-dangers-of-5g-technology/

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In Donald Trump’s Feb 2019 State of the Union he said America will never be a socialist country. As I recall he said it more than once. This prompts me to suggest that unless Americans do something lawful to end inhumane acts don’t be surprised if America becomes a fascist country, which means Donald Trump was true to his word.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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1 Response to Ex-DHS employee reveals dangers of 5G technology

  1. SasjaL says:

    I was in shock when I received a letter back from one of his staffers pretty much stating that I had a drug problem, and that I needed counseling.

    – If I was living i USA and got an respond like that, I would have tweeted Trump directly and asking him why he is using Democrates in his staff … (Other appropriate synonyms to ‘Democrates’ can be used too: ignorants, stupids, deranged, Socialists etc.)


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