URGENT: Governor General of Canada will not protect the Canadian people

The Governor General of Canada will not stand to protect the Canadian people from the usurpation of their rights by government

From Doreen
Below is the copy of a fax from the Canadian Department of Justice legal counsel. Please see this as an opportunity for Canadians to stand together, take back personal power, re-establish governance for the people by the people, and pull our country from the brink of  globalization.

Canadian Peoples Union Freedom 2017
Published on Dec 15, 2018
Bilingual video.

A response to Statement of Claim No. T2068-18 was received from Legal Council representing the defendant(s) in The Canadian peoples’ Union v Her Majesty the Queen.

In other words, the Governor General, who is supposed to represent the Canadian people, will not be representing The Canadian peoples’ Union and the Canadian people against usurpation of our sovereign rights by the government of Canada and all previous governments and politicians in the House of Commons. The Canadian Peoples Union Freedom2017 Inc. not for profit.

Julie Payette, Canadian astronaut, and 29th Governor General of Canada


Julie Payette participates in a Royal Assent ceremony in the Senate on June 21, 2018. Justin Tang/CP

English transcript below. What Nicole Lebrasseur points out is vital to know and share, to avert the planet being locked down under martial law that ushers in communist dictatorship.

Governor General of Canada will not stand to protect the Canadian people – video transcript

01:07 mins
We received news and it’s not much news but it’s huge news. It is a fax stating the Governor General and Attorney General will not be representing the Canadian people’s Union and the Canadian citizens against the usurpation of our sovereign rights in Canada by the Canadian governments back to 1931, and especially since 1982 that is even more relevant. So every political party, every politician since 1982 is guilty of participating in the usurpation of the Canadian people’s sovereign rights above its Institutions and the Constitution since 1982 for sure.

All the politicians who never demanded a national referendum on things that the Canadian people should have been voting on, especially when they are trashing our natural resources, selling all of our resources to the United States and international globalists, and now with the migration, they’re looking at Justin Trudeau’s papers saying he’s going to start bringing in 450 thousand people a year and they want over a million by the year 2020. When you look at what’s going on and why Trump is saying no to the migrants in Mexico that’s because they are biding their time for Justin to sign, so they can ship them all here. So when you’re looking at the bigger picture you see exactly what’s going on, what’s coming down in this globalization scheme because they forced us into a globalization without our consent or the First Nations’ consent so this is really, really serious. You are losing all of your rights even though we had no rights because when you vote on Election Day you give away your rights to the politicians for four years. That’s how they made their first coup d’etat since 1931.

Representative democracy or proportional representation, any of those things  that don’t give the people 100% veto power over the decision-making over the government … that’s a dictatorship.

So this is what’s going down. They are following a piece of paper to give themselves control, and they call it the Queen, which covers the Governor General, the Senate and they represent the Queen. So this is our ‘de jure’ government and then we have the federal government that is actually de facto [illegitimate] government and this is why Justin Trudeau pledges allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, which is not the Queen they speak about in our governance. So this was all deliberate to confuse the people, it’s a usurpation of our rights , and all the politicians are guilty of fraud, of treason against the Canadian people.

When we filed our Statement of Claim T2068-18 we made sure that the Governor General understood her position. She needs to protect the people. That’s what her job is supposed to be but now she’s just as guilty of treason because now she’s going to be represented by another councilor against us. The court document doesn’t say much. In the page it asks why we don’t have a lawyer. I didn’t list a lawyer because I wanted to give a chance to the Governor General to assign a new Attorney General to represent the citizens and the Canadian People’s Union in this case against the government. So now the lawyer is representing the Queen and in the Right of Canada, which is the Canadian government and the Governor General. So she’s going to be acting for the defendants in this court case. Obviously the message is that the Governor General abdicated her duties to the Canadian people. That’s our Governor General for Canada, a traitor , and just like everybody else she’s abdicating her duty to the people. When I filed, I had purposely not put any lawyers on there because first of all we don’t want them intimidated, and we wanted to give her a chance to take her rightful position.

13:53 mins
Right now, the only way we’re going to be able to save ourselves even if we take this to court, you can’t rely on us winning anything in court because what we have to prove is that 51% of the Canadian people want to take back their power and do not want to give up their country. So we need 51% of the Canadian people to join together in each Province and 51% in each Territory.

Are you ready and willing to do this to save your country
because this is it! It’s not about just walking around with different organizations or whatever. We all need to bind together, and just walking around with #yellowvests isn’t gonna cut it. That’s what happened to Occupy Wall Street. The reason Occupy failed is because first of all, it was set up by the cabal and what happened? Wall Street laughed at Occupy because hundreds of thousands of people were in the street complaining and protesting, and what did they do? They didn’t have a set plan. The people at Wall Street knew these people were going to turn around and VOTE for a politician, one they had placed there.

15:11 mins
If a politician does not offer you a referendum, or all the politicians in government right now do not scream national referendum, they are all working against you including Maxime Bernier. You need to go and look at Maxime Bernier’s history. Who he was working with, who he was for, and then you’ll understand that all he did was set a new little group, again to fool you. He processed a petition in Parliament, which has no real weight because if he was smart, and was really working for the people, he would have demanded a national referendum. He did no such thing. Andrew Scheer did no such thing either. Scheer is the one who said that the people are the ones who should decide if we’re going to accept migration, and the next day in Parliament he says they will have to make sure with the next government this doesn’t happen. Where was the voice of the people?

Andrew Scheer is the biggest hypocrite right now next to Justin Trudeau, and Stephen Harper, and Paul Martin, and all of the others since 1982. All of them worked under a dictatorship control against the people. You can’t hide that fact, You can’t argue that fact. It is a fact, and if the politicians were really working for the people Michelle Rempel and everybody they’d be screaming referendum.

I want to thank all the people who have been really pressuring the government and wanting to charge the RCMP. Go to the RCMP and charge the government with treason but again they need to get their confirmation from a government official. Who is going do it? 7 Premiers can help us save this country but 7 Premieres are bought and paid for obviously. They want globalization. They’re pushing for globalization otherwise we wouldn’t be in this mess today. Somebody would have put a stop to it. Somebody would have said in 1982 that the Canadian people were placed above their Institutions and their Constitution. We have a right otherwise we are stuck, bound by a piece of paper, and a government that is keeping this as a dictatorship willingly.

So it is now up to the people, and we knew this right off the bat. After 10 years of research we knew this is what it’s going to take. France was told the same thing. They need to become a collective but they need a percentage, the majority of the French people to sign a legal document between themselves.

You don’t need to ask the government permission. We have The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance for that but people need to esign it free and stand with the Union. To join the People’s Union is $22.60 tax included. This is all self-funded.

In Canada, we are fighting the World Bank and all of the corporations, the Desmarais family here in Canada, and all the wealthy people so that we can take back our rights. That’s who we’re up against. So what kind of sacrifice are you willing to make to save your country in a peaceful manner, in a very peaceful manner?

19:42 mins
Everybody can sign The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance and join the Union online. It’s lawful, and if we’re getting court documents like this, and you’ll see the document I got from the court. I posted it on my FB wall, and I also posted on the Canadian People’s Union FB page. You’ll be able to look at these. The lawyer for the Queen in Right of Canada, and the Governor General wants to know if I’m going to be representing myself through the Union because normally that’s not allowed, and she wants an answer by the 21st. So I have to deal with that and see how we’re going to proceed.

I didn’t want to go through a lengthy court case ‘the people versus the government’ because while we’re busy in court they get to do what they want. So we’re going to have to look at different avenues, where we go from here, how we’re going to handle this, and take different measures because we don’t want them wasting our time with a useless court case that’ll take years like the one that Rocco Galati [Constitutional lawyer Canada] did with COMER. COMER was not allowed to be in court because they had no jurisdiction i.e. they were not an incorporated corporation. We’re incorporated so we’re legal. Now I have to present the lawyers and see where we go from there, and then what else we can do but all the people are going to have to get together.

This is why the government thinks they’re going to win because people are always complaining, they can’t stand each other, they will ‘not’ unite. It’s their guarantee that they are going to throw us into a one-world government through the United Nations, financed and controlled by the World Bank, and that goes back to Mr. Trump of the United States. It’s a registered corporation under the United States Charter, and the President of the United States gets to pick the president of the World Bank. You can choose to believe this or not. It is a fact. The United States has the most shares, the most money invested in the United Nations, and the World Bank, and their votes out vote everybody else. So now instead of waiting for Q Anon or anybody else to come and save your ass it’s up to you. It’s really up to you.

What are you going to do to save your country? Unite? We need 51% of  Canadian citizens in each of the 7 Provinces and 51% in each of the Territories to do this in order to force the Governor General to do what she’s told, or convince one of the Premiers or the RCMP to file charges because they’re not doing their jobs. So even if we had to go to Interpol through Interpol we have to go through the RCMP first, even through international law. In international law what happens? The lawyers from Vancouver and Quebec are the lawyers who drafted the international crimes court laws. How do you think we’re going to fare with that? They’re all in with this global governance issue. Will they want to even press forward?

We have no choice as Canadian citizens trying to save our country, our rights, and not go through this globalization they’re forcing us into. There’s also another avenue. Because it’s international law what they’ve done is that now we can charge all the mayors, all the CEOs who are behind a crown corporation of a city. They can be charged personally. This may be our next step. They are citizens too. They need to start looking at what they’re doing. All the mayor’s in every city need to understand that they can be charged legally, personally because it’s been accepted in Canada through a couple of court cases I’ve seen, as well as internationally. Going international might come back and bite them in the ass.

29:23 mins
I leave you with this. Please see what’s going on. They’re making sure that all the Provinces end up hating each other. They want civil wars. They want to be able to bring in military force. Let’s not give them that. Let’s do everything legal. Even if they are not legal let’s do it safely, and the Canadian People’s Union is a safe way for everybody to stay safe.

Please go to http://myfreedom2017.com or http://thepowershift.ca/ and esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance. You can esign using a cell phone, ipad or computer. Someone in your family likely has access to an electronic device or you can go to a library.

Thank you very much and bless you all. This is not the end. This is where the fun beings. Be happy. The people are starting to know their rights. If we did anything that was the whole purpose behind this, and we put the Governor General on notice and now we see where she stands. People now know their rights. It’s up to the people to actually make sure that those rights are listened to okay?

Thank you and please do not be discouraged by this. I’m actually happy about it. Now we start having fun with this in a tactful way, and at the same time now we know there’s no more wondering, and we can go ahead and plan our strategy with the lawyers and everything else.

So thank you, and make sure to inform everybody. Ask them to join the CPU and esign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance. This is NOT A GAME it is our children’s future and it is our future.  END

Statement of Claim No. T2068-18


Governor General agrees to be Honourary Patron of [United Nations] UNA-Canada


The same United Nations behind GREENISM i.e. UN Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development UN 2030 https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/03/14/un-agenda-21-in-under-5-minutes/

Paul Kincaid former RCMP officer

Because the Statute of Westminster, 1931 granted Canada full independence and formally abolished the diplomatic role of the Governor General and UK Queen as head of state and Commander-in-Chief, the judges MPs, MLAs, RCMP commit perjury (take false oath), fraud and treason (serve foreign power) https://twitter.com/presscoreca/status/1071832681929879552

Swearing in ceremony to the Queen

Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau is sworn-in as the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada at Rideau Hall, Ottawa, Ontario, on November 4, 2015

Class Action 2019 – next step

Lawful action to challenge the Constitution itself, and re-establish governance for the people by the people i.e. pure direct democracy, and 100% veto power to the people as follows.

Remedy To Global Challenges Template and Action Plan

The following link is a ‘template and action plan’ for people in democratic countries to take lawful, peaceful action to remedy global challenges. In Canada, please join the CPU, e-sign free The Convention of Consent to Political Self-Determination and Self-Governance and inform others as follows. Thank you. https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2018/12/07/remedy-to-global-challenges-template-action-plan-and-updates/

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse



About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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  2. chisholm2015 says:

    I had prepared and submitted another comment before the one you see here now.

    But I see that my initial comment hasn’t been posted. On reflection, it wasn’t quite right – because I’d read Doreen’s posting far too quickly, and missed some important points in it as a result. Anyway I’ll submit something different later.


  3. Branda Gagnon says:

    great work by a great woman …thank you Doreen


  4. chisholm2015 says:

    Another dimension to all this, in Canada, is how most people in general – and government, mainstream media and the legal profession in particular – clearly don’t even listen to Canada’s own acknowledged experts on Canada’s affairs and problem areas. A few examples of such experts include: Evan Vokes P. Eng., Col. Pat Stogran, John Ralston Saul, Jean Swanson, the late Mel Hurtig, Alan Cutler, Sylvie Therrien, Dr. Chander Grover, former Toronto Police Officer Donald Best and former CBC “Fifth Estate” co-host Linden MacIntyre. Of course there are many others.


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