The People Solution – Come To Power

Recovery Process For Humanity

The following Q&A outlines a remedy to take back personal power, take back your Soul/Spirit claimed in 1302 under Papal Bull Unam Sanctam, and take back your country. This Canadian made lawful, peaceful, safe process can be applied in other democratic countries.

The following message is vitally important because the sovereignty of nations and every man, woman, and child is being dissolved through public private partnerships planet wide.

  1. Is it legal for the majority of people to retrieve final decision-making authority from de facto[illegitimate] governments at all levels?

i] Yes, because in law, nothing supersedes the will of the majority of the people regarding  governance. In Canada, the people are above the Constitution and above the Institutions [courts, government, and parliament].

ii] As owners and shareholders of the Crown Corporation of Canada [or your country] the people can file a complaint and initiate investigation into how the corporation is being run that cannot be contested because shareholders have the right to investigate their CEO.


2. What are some benefits of participating in this process?

i] Everyone who joins THE CANADIAN PEOPLES’ UNION, FREEDOM 2017 INC. not for profit [the CPU], brings us closer to majority status, which under Common Law requires 51% of the people in each of 7 Provinces and 51% in each of the 3 Territories. Majority status becomes a MANDATE for the CPU to take to court for the people to lawfully take back final decision making authority. [See Liabilities below] This cannot be rebutted because the will of the majority of the people rules.

The CPU created an on line process for people to join the CPU, which is not a labor union, nor a political party. It is a registry and filing system to record the will of people who esign the free Convention of Consent, a legal document that becomes a MANDATE from the majority of the people to lawfully take back final decision making authority and  pioneer positive change.

ii] Everyone who signs the Convention of Consent brings us closer to legalizing it, and allows the CPU to carry out its Mandate as follows

iii] Joining CPU Inc. and signing the Convention of Consent establish a peaceful transition from misunderstanding our rights, to pure direct democracy where collaboration* between the people and government defines what the government will carry out on behalf of the people, and assigns the RIGHT to to collect the signatures. When a researcher goes to court there is ‘no’ requirement to disclose the signatories.

iv]*Through consensus, the people will draw up a new Canadian Constitution that reflects the will of the majority of the people and empowered self governance.

The Statute of Westminster in 1931 set Canada and all Commonwealth countries free. Instead of pure direct democracy where the people have final decision-making authority, the Canadian government without full disclosure and without consent of the people, implemented a representative democracy, a dictatorship giving themselves final decision-making authority through the engineered electoral process.

v] CPU Inc. Disclaimer:

CPU members are not responsible nor liable for actions of the CPU. CPU members pay administrative fees to join, obtain information and assistance however members are not responsible for the administration and what the administration undertake or do. Only the Board of Directors is responsible. The CPU and all endeavors leading to its creation and implementation are self-funded by its Board of Directors and through grassroots donations and membership fees.

v] Veto power will belong to the people [bottom up pure direct democracy].

  1. What are some liabilities of doing nothing?  

i] Public Private Partnerships [P3s] being implemented without disclosure and without consent of the people will enforce dystopian globalization.

ii] P3s will render the people and government minority shareholders in the Crown Corporation of Canada [or your country].

iii] Under globalization, governments abdicate responsibilities to the people through privatization.

iv] $283 billion in Canadian pension funds have been privatized. By July 2019 all pensions in Canada will be under globalism including military.

v] P3s will ensnare countries under communist globalization, a digital new world order  dictatorship.

vi] Under globalization the people are the ’guarantee’ for loans these private corporations have with the World Bank.

vii] Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms ‘s. 3 does not protect the right of each citizen to play an unlimited role in the electoral  process’. In other words, Section 3 limits power of the people as shareholders in the Crown Corporation of Canada, which makes the Charter unconstitutional.

Viii] Doing nothing is agreement to enslavement under communist regimes.

He who fails to assert his rights has none.

Maxim: The male sex always includes the female.


From Doreen
Cultural Marxism is advancing

Social degeneration, sexual depravity, religious deterioration and moral decay that have occurred in the wake of Cultural Marxism, and the leaders of this warped movement who perennially push for open borders, legalization of all recreational drugs, assisted suicide, government-funded transgendering, nudity in public spaces, lewd artwork and numerous other forms of societal permissiveness and promiscuity, have one goal in mind; to sufficiently undermine the character development of every decent human being.

Please share widely in your circle of influence and with groups committed to lawful, peaceful, and safe actions to set our species free. Thank you.

Remedy to global challenges template and action plan

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


About Doreen Agostino

Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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13 Responses to The People Solution – Come To Power

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  3. futuret says:



  4. futuret says:



    • Ri-chard says:

      Maybe more important was the fact that he was a Esquire and Mason. how many masters can one serve. For me it the creator alone and his contract with Adam and Eve..

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    • Ri-chard says:

      I think it would be best to stop identifying all the criminal behavior and expose the faulty foundations which allows all the criminal behavior demanding by a collective a Reset and Restart all over.. Otherwise we leave our children with a mess worse than ours.


  5. Ri-chard says:

    You said – This ‘made in Canada’ process can be applied in ‘any’ democratic country. How about saying – This process can be applied to any sovereign country where its people have declared themselves sovereign and are recognized as so by their elected representatives.
    Democratic or Republic type of governance definitions are too loosely used in their applications. You only need to look at the counties that call themselves Democratic or a Republic. No Standard.


    • Nice to hear from you Richard.

      I am on a steep learning curve at the moment so allow me to offer my perspective and invite yours. A republic is already a democracy b/c the people ‘vote’ for a president. Democracy refers to the type of electoral system applied i.e. in a representative democracy politicians have final decision making authority whereas in a direct democracy the people have final decision making authority.

      In the real world, courts do not recognize sovereignty they recognize democracy. Common sense reveals that service to self a.k.a. personal sovereignty is the root of much pain and suffering. To remedy requires a shift to collective sovereignty and consensus so that no one is left behind.


      • Ri-chard says:

        IMHO a Democracy is just a stepping stone towards Socialism. As for a Republic, think of the countries that call themselves a Republic of ____________, you fill in the bank and explore how they operate towards their people. This includes America.

        Why would anyone want to be a Democracy or Republic?

        Remember the American people were snookered when Ben Franklin negotiated for the King and signed for the King the Treaty of Peace. Our founders were self-serving criminals of the worst kind. The American men and women lost all they fought for and tried to escape from.


      • The world is undergoing a major political shift that is thrusting every nation — without consent of the people — toward a centralization of power. Nearly all nations of the world have surrendered to the United Nations in the past 20 years, through a series of changes in law that either harmonize national law with United Nations policy, or subjugate national law to United Nations’ authority.

        What’s your remedy?


      • Ri-chard says:

        The remedy is always truth with facts to back them up. All men and women living in America must know their country was founded on criminal deceptions. This especially applies to our veterans as no one has been harmed more. And this fraud started with the Founding Fathers led by Ben Franklin as he negotiated for the King of England and signed for the King the Treaty of Peace.

        This is a brief but you should read all the words the speak. words mean everything.

        The Definitive Treaty of Peace 1783
        It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, Arch-Treasurer and Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America….
        Article 1:

        His Brittanic Majesty acknowledges the said United States, viz., New Hampshire, Massachusetts Bay, Rhode Island and Providence Plantations, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, to be free sovereign and independent states,…

        A prompt for common sense: If we won the war and plenary independence then why is the KING arch-treasurer and prince elector of the United States of America, and why were the people not recognized as free, sovereign and independent?
        For proof of England’s interference and the fact of the status and capacities of arch-treasurer is presently in full force, affect and effect there are supporting docs that should be added for the naysayers.
        Why and how does the FEDERAL RESERVE claim ownership of all American people and their land?
        Why did the DEFENSE DEPARTMENT and TREASURY 1789 lien the same, thereby giving validity to the ownership claims?
        Why is that lien also legal tender for 28 quadrillion, and where did that legal tender go? The actual filing should also be introduced to the non-believers.
        Also, why, and under what authority, were all Americans declared to be enemies of their own country in 1933? Thank you President Roosevelt. Search out the 1933 pdf from the FEDERAL RESERVE for proof of this fact should also be read. the fraud of our founding has allowed all criminal behavior to move forward till this day.


        From a wrong no contract can arise.

        False in one thing, false in all things.

        It is a fraud to conceal a fraud.

        Fraud and deceit should benefit no one.

        Fraud and justice never dwell together.

        Fraud lies hidden in general expressions.

        Fraud is most hateful to law.

        He truly acts fraudulently who, observing the letter of the law, eludes its spirit.

        Right and fraud never dwell to­gether

        A maxim is so called because its dignity is chiefest, and its authority the most certain, and because it is universally approved by all.

        Once a fraud, always a fraud.

        That which is not valid at the beginning, improves not by lapse of time.

        What otherwise is good and just, if it be sought by force and fraud, becomes bad and unjust.

        Time cannot render valid an act void in its origin.

        That which is not good in its principal, will not be good as to accessories or consequences.

        In default of the law, the maxim rules.

        A mandate of an illegal thing is void.

        Remove the foundation, the work falls.

        Things grounded upon an ill and void beginning cannot have a good perfection.

        Void things are as no things.

        When the foundation fails, all fails.

        Know these issues and that our veterans of America have sacrificed life, limb and family. This has caused children of past and present generations to suffer without fathers in their lives day to day, thereby distorting social structures and slowly transforming the foundation that blessed us. To the veterans I say, help us help you and your families to receive what was promised and what should be to correct the abuse that has been laid upon them by the persons claiming to care aka POLITICIANS.
        Yes, there is more data that can be shared to further expose the fraud and crimes of the POLITICIANS throughout the years. But how much more is needed than to know the foundations our country were built on are swamp mud for us. Ben Franklin was a traitor of the worse kind!

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