OFFICIAL: Why FAA Wants Clouds By Day And None At Night

Weaponizing the weather … Part I of II

“Jet aircraft have been creating clouds that fan out and block out the sun since 1948!”
Jim Lee

Sunlight is well-known to provide us vitamin D, but did you know that it kills pain, keeps us alert at night, burns fat and more…


FAA Scientist: We Want Clouds By Day, None By Night

Contrails during day cause cooling because of reflecting of sunlight back into space. During night, they trap infrared heat causing heating. So it is a balance between the two time intervals. We would like to have more CICs (contrail-induced cirrus clouds) during day and none during night.

Jim Lee’s response to MIT’s following post, and ‘green washing’ that is going on, are  explained in Jim’s video below.

“Green washing is a fancy way of saying let’s use old dirty technology, call it green technology, say that it’s good for the environment and we’ll get away with it.”

The shipping industry has been carrying out an unintentional experiment in climate engineering for more than a century.

From Doreen
There was/is no accident. The narrative around global warming/climate change is based on incomplete science and omissions, specifically the array of technologies and applications collectively referred to as geoengineering. Climate change models ignore manipulation of the atmosphere and jet stream, HAARP heating the ionosphere, engineered droughts, floods, hurricanes, and directed energy weapon firestorms; the proof of which can be found in several Blogs posted here and at other alternative news sites.

“Accidental Geoengineering” with Ship Tracks and Contrails: Green washing fuels

The following is Jim Lee’s response to the above MIT article.


It seems that the best way to circumvent international law and avoid public outrage is to continue to blame CO2 for climate change and chaotic weather, while ignoring the 100 year history of weather modification and the current attempts to use ship tracks and contrail cirrus to geoengineer the planet.

The new Cold War is a race for natural gas extraction liquefaction and oil in the Arctic, in other words ‘fracking’ the entire North Pole.

Weather modification history 1887 to 2018

Weather Modification History (WMH), the world’s most comprehensive weather control archive with hundreds of verified historical facts, images, and videos. WMH’s compelling evidence is easy to browse, exceedingly accurate, and encyclopedic in scope. This website was crafted by dedicated individuals to help you discern fact from fiction with meticulously organized research that offers the activist community a credible compendium.

Weather Modification History was created to inform the public of the extensive history of weather modification experiments. Our goal is to increase public awareness and debate about the moral and legal implications of today’s multi-billion dollar weather control industry and the coming global governance of sunlight-blocking geoengineering schemes. This website will empower you to take action and raise awareness of the little known but lengthy history of weather modification and the men who dare attempt it.

Thanks to Jim Lee for providing valuable service to the public and truth seekers.

ClimateViewer 3D is an open-source geophysical monitoring map with live imagery on a gorgeous 3D globe. CV3D features an encyclopedic list of exclusive maps resulting in thousands of hours of personal educational bliss not found anywhere else on the internet, let alone in one place.

From Doreen

Now we know why humans live under a canopy of chemical haze for days and weeks at a time. Remember the Law of Polarity … That which is like unto itself is drawn.

Keep raising your awareness, strengthen your immune system, see through the eyes of your heart, respond positively, clear your energy field, and inform others so they can help themselves. The rest is up to our spirit and the One True Creator.

Weaponizing the weather Part II:
What’s in man-made clouds?

Chemtrails: Rain Water Analysis Reveals Six New Metallic Elements Effecting Our Health

I suggest you file these and other facts for possible future reference and please share them. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse



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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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