Major Journal Sounds Alarm Over Global Mass Poisoning | Lawful Platform and Structure

Multiple papers flag serious issues with chemical regulation and public health failures. Julian Cribb reports

Hard-hitting report in the journal PLOS Biology, titled “Challenges in Environmental Health: Closing the Gap between Evidence and Regulations”.

A piece of street art in Warsaw, Poland, expressing widespread concern about untested chemical use. Hugh Rooney / Eye Ubiquitous

A piece of street art in Warsaw, Poland, expressing widespread concern about untested chemical use.

By Julian Cribb
Almost every human being is now contaminated in a worldwide flood of industrial chemicals and pollutants – most of which have never been tested for safety – a leading scientific journal has warned.

Regulation and legal protection for today’s citizens from chemical poisons can no longer assure our health and safety, according to a hard-hitting report in the journal PLOS Biology, titled “Challenges in Environmental Health: Closing the Gap between Evidence and Regulations”.

Bottom line
The PLOS report concludes there is a need for more research and a much tougher approach to regulation – but these will not be enough. Citizens will have to force governments to take stronger action to protect human health, it finds.

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From Doreen
In addition to industrial chemicals and pollutants, living humans face engineered weather disasters, false flag terrorist attacks, engineered biological and chemical weapons some of which are named below.

World-wide depopulation – why, who, how, remedy

Text below is from a Sept 14, 2015 conference call led by Thomas Deegan to several hundred leaders of Militia, Veterans, Oath Keepers, 3 Percenters, Bikers, and Truckers.

Thomas Deegan details a world-wide depopulation plan, how it is being done, why, who is behind it, timing, and remedy; a lawful platform and lawful structure to take back the soil [Earth] and set ourselves free.

Thomas Deegan was arrested shortly after the Sept 14.17 conference call, and just before Pope Francis left the United Nations in New York. Thomas Deegan, West Virginia USA Inc. was sentenced 1-3 years behind bars for making terroristic threats.

7:27 mins
“What I am about to tell you is happening on an international level. The entire world is under a Doctrine of Conquest right now so there are no rules, there are no laws. Everyone [cabal] is vying for territory and control of the Cestui que Vie accounts. That is why you see refugees going to other places. They are being transferred to other territories. This is what’s happening. When the Pope leaves the United Nations it’s done, and at that point we’re going to have a very hard time getting our country back.

We are on a very limited time span. Documents are being drawn for the entire Nation. The soil [Earth] needs to maintained and controlled*. That is the only way to do it, through the Doctrine of Conquest. It can be done on paper but if they contest it on the soil you have to be able to maintain it, and I think that is why a lot of you are here right now – to control the soil of this country – and that includes every state.

8:39 mins
Each person on this Earth at birth is worth $50,000 in gold that is paid for out of the Vatican. So every refugee you see being transferred is worth $50,000 in gold that is put up under a bond that is hypothecated 20-40-1,000 times into a Cestui que Vie trust account. That is what they are going after – the territory and the Cestui que Vie accounts.

Each government holds a $50,000 insurance policy in gold for every man, woman, and child in their country. The gold is in the Vatican, IMF, and BIS. That $50,000 plus interest for every year of life makes every insurance policy worth a fortune today.

The governments are also holding illegally and unlawfully from every man, woman, and child a Cestui Que Vie trust for which leaders at the top of the power pyramid are planning to become heir.

9:10 mins
Because it’s a Cestui que Vie account they cannot actually kill you, it has to be indirect. So you are going to start seeing natural disasters. You are going to see biological and chemical weapons. This is what they have to do to get the payout on the insurance policy, and to get the Cestui que Vie trust account. If they actually murder you they do not get access to the Cestui que Vie account.

9:46 mins
So the majority of what they are planning to do is by indirect means, and that is going to start soon. You’ll see it ramp up toward the end of this year and the beginning of next year, and from what I can tell – it will be pretty severe – and in high population areas world-wide. This is not just us this is the entire Earth.

10:17 mins
We have a document that we are working on that can free this country, and place everything in secure hands before a transitional phase but once again ‘the soil has to be controlled by the people’, and at this point it starts in West Virginia. West Virginia has been defaulted and dishonored – they were given ample opportunity to cure – they failed to do so. They have unlawfully and illegally dismissed the case from the public record. They are no longer accepting filings, and the final filing we did placed every corporation purporting to be government in West Virginia as a defendant.

11:01 mins
Through the Agent Principle Doctrine they have all defaulted. I defaulted them in 2011, 2012, 2013 personally, and they were done again here recently by the three of us. So they have no legal or lawful right to exist at this point. They will receive a piece of paper, I believe Thursday, telling them that they have been conquered and that’s it’s over for them. They will receive another document shortly, telling them to vacate. They will be given a very short period of time to vacate, and at that point they need to be removed. So, that’s what we’re looking for in West Virginia.

11:47 mins
And at that point, if we can show a competent structure in place that the people are not rebelling against, the military will accept a civil authority order, and will not aid and abet the killing of Americans later this year and beginning of next year because they are the only ones who can deliver the biological and chemical weapons that they are going to use. So we need a civil authority in place rapidly, to give the stand down order and at that point they can also be given the order to assist us in the clean-up of this mess that we found ourselves in.

12:34 mins
This is a mess that was started well before any of us on this call were born, hundreds of years before. It’s a shame that it’s gotten this far but we have an opportunity now to change it, and to set the Earth back on the right course because we are being looked at internationally as the last hope, so that they can see that it can be done because we are the last nation that has as many guns as we do in private hands.

13:05 mins
There are other nations out there riding with hundreds of thousands of people with rocks, sticks, and they’re taking to the streets en masse, and we have guns here and we’re not doing anything. And so they are looking at us, and they are actually laughing at us right now because we haven’t done anything. So, we’ve laid the lawful platform here in West Virginia to do it. The documents that are being drawn up will not be released until they are done and they’re signed, and there is enforcement ready to go because these documents will place the 3 men signing them in grave danger, and so we need to see people in West Virginia before they’re released.

13:57 mins
A select few will be able to see the documents. They will not be posted on-line anywhere. They will not be spread around until we see people, bodies, in West Virginia. We are not looking for a running gun cowboy affair here. We’re simply looking for the removal of specific persons from specific locations, and to hold that location long enough for the National Guard and military to start receiving civil orders and to start obeying them.

14:34 mins
There is a media plan in place that will be implemented, and to assure the people of West Virginia that this is not a coup in any way. This is a return to what they thought they had, and never really had, and lost at some point. The structure that is going to contain the Nation is about the safest way it can be done at this point. It is invoking parts of the Law of Necessity, and it is also invoking other parts of actual law but because of the extreme time constraint we’re facing, some rules will have to be bent slightly but it will not affect due process of anybody removed.

15:32 mins
We’re not actually looking for detainment or arrest per se at this point, unless we can find enough people for a court of record, and we can maintain a facility to place them in. If we have enough people we would love to start the criminal prosecutions immediately, as our case is still open and anyone in the State of West Virginia that is now a defendant can be tried for multiple counts of treason, sedition, conspiracy, insurrection, and felony kidnapping.

16:10 mins
The more bodies we can get here, the cleaner and quicker this can be done. It has to be done here first because no one else is in place who has done what has been done here, but the other states, once this National Structure is in place, will be able to do things without going to court, without filing. They will be able to have government officials removed, and replaced, and then it is up to the persons in that State, the real  men with hands and legs, and they will have to file a complaint of actual harm against the public officials to have them detained in a facility and tried. It’s up to those people in that state.

17:04 mins
In West Virginia we are definitely going to try people as soon as we possibly can because we are going to make it well-known that this will never happen again in our State, and hopefully never again in this Nation. The amount of fraud and deceit is sickening, and it goes to the highest levels of this Earth including the Vatican, which is the main controller of everything under the Roman Curia law system.

17:32 mins
Every corporate charter, every government charter, is signed off under the Global Estate Trust that is controlled by the Vatican. The Pope is the Trustee. As the Trustee he is liable for all actions of anything he creates. That includes every corporation on Earth. That includes every government on Earth. Period. He is the man who is responsible on the public side. He is liable for everything. I have that man in personal default and dishonor with me since 2013 on this exact trust issue, so that I have a higher ‘standing’ capacity than the man who runs the show.

18:15 mins
And so there are many things I can do very quickly that I don’t’ know of very many that can, in this Nation. Sean will see this document as soon as it’s done so he will be able to attest as to its credulity, validity, and what can be done with it but once again it will not be publicly released, for our safety, the 3 men here in West Virginia, until we see bodies on the ground.

18:51 mins
I suggest everybody start Google Earthing ‘Charleston’ because that is where most of these people are. You also have a National Guard Armory on Coonskin Drive in Charleston. I would suggest you take a look at that too. Take a look at the West Virginia State Police in Charleston, and you have the Kanawha County Sheriffs in Charleston. Those are going to be the only ones close enough to do anything, and those of you with any military experience, I think you know how to counteract that.

19:31 mins
You have to remember that we are at war here. We have been declared enemies of our own Nation. If you haven’t realized we’re at war, let me tell you again ‘we are at war’.

An overwhelming show of force will dictate that there will probably not be a shot fired. If there are just a moderate amount of people here, there may be shots fired. We’re not looking for it, so we’re hoping that we can see tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands shut down Charleston; truckers, bikers, militia, we don’t care who it is at this point.

It needs to be shown that the American people are not going to allow what’s going to happen at the United Nations next week, happen here. We have to show them that it is not going to be done.”

Q and A Part I

Q&A Part II

Link to the conference call

Control The Soil

In 1302, Pope Boniface VIII issued Papal Bull Unam Sanctam claiming control of Earth, everyone, and everything on it. The Vatican declared all humans ‘lost at sea’ or dead and projected power of false authority to manage all our Estates forever. To end that control requires the military to defend humans instead of satanic forces controlling Earth.

There are 2 ways to take back Earth, control the soil and free ourselves

1] A legitimate civil authority in de jure capacity and compliant with the United States Constitution, instructs the military to take back the soil. A legitimate civil authority could be the Mayor of a city. In accordance with the United States’ Constitution military leadership is rightfully subordinate to civilian authority.

2] The majority of people in the United States of America [175 million] cooperate and ‘demand’ it.

Weather disasters:
Fukushima nuclear plant radiation, weather wars, engineered floods, droughts, hurricanes, direct energy weaponized fires in California, mud slides, Bombogenesis

Weather derivatives online gambling casino

Biological and chemical weapons:
Chemicals, pollutants, radiation*, chemtrails, Morgellons, nanobots, militarized drones, wireless technology, 5G millimeter wave, GMO food and beverages, toxic vaccines, S.M.A.R.T. meters and appliances, fluorotoxicity, and other silent weapons.

Radiation link from a trusted source whose list is much longer than mine; scientifically based feed-back loops that are taking us faster into the ongoing human extinction process, and health related situations with horrid consequences.

Freedom requires a critical mass of high vibration living humans [3-5%] to stand in our body, mind, spirit Power to reclaim the soil for the One True Creator of All That Was, Is, and Ever Can Be. 

There are lawful documents published for living humans to individually reclaim status as Heir of the Creator. However since ‘fraud vitiates all, my sense is that publishing a DECLARATION of INTENT, RENOUNCEMENT, AND REVOCATION, give credence to the One True Creator, instead of filing court documents that give credence to the B.E.A.S.T. system.

Comments welcomed …

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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10 Responses to Major Journal Sounds Alarm Over Global Mass Poisoning | Lawful Platform and Structure

  1. NHNE says:

    Primary Water is why we don’t
    have a water shortage.

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  2. In the 1970s Congress tried to pass a regulation requiring all chemicals to be tested for safety before they were released to the public. The DuPont lobby was so powerful they blocked it. If he had passed, I have no doubt other developed countries would have followed suit. Gerald Colby writes about this in Behind the Nylon Curtain.

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  3. Education is the most powerful weapon the peaceful can use to bring about change; notify your government agencies of what is already common knowledge; in peace


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