End Game Mind Theft: Critical World Events – Deborah Tavares

Field testing is over – Electromagnetic grid in place – Ultra important facts

The Power Hour
Published on Jan 5, 2018

Deborah Tavares delves deep into critical world events and hidden actions against humanity. Deborah hasn’t been heard from since 2015, and explains why.

I transcribed key elements because what many people deny, and some people think may be coming, is already here. Link below to Broken Brain free docu-series. Doreen

Trauma based mind control

10:12 – 12:52 mins
Page 13 http://www.stopthecrime.net/docs/nasa-thefutureof-war.pdf

14:13 mins
The emergence of a planet-wide electronic communications grid is now connecting the thoughts and feelings of billions of people, and linking them to rapidly expanding volumes of data, to a fast-growing web of sensors being embedded ubiquitously throughout the world, and to increasingly intelligence devices, robots, thinking machines, the smartest of which already exceed the capabilities of humans in performing a growing list of discrete mental tasks, and may soon surpass humans in manifestations of intelligence.

15:05 mins
We have always assumed as humans that we would remain the unique province of our species. Then the emergence of a revolutionary new set of powerful biological and biochemical genetic and material science technologies that have been enabling the scientist to reconstitute the molecular design of all solid matter, reweave the fabric of life itself, alter the physical form, traits, characteristics, and properties of plants, animals, and humans, and seize active control over evolution, crossing the ancient lines dividing the species, and invent entirely new ones never imagined in nature. So this is what has been the long sought-out dream of those drunken with power and money, their hearts filled with evil, and absolutely no concern for life at all.

21:34  mins
Here are some things we’re going to be feeling. Many are already, and Big Pharma is there to help you out. Confusion; now we know that dementia and Alzheimer’s are now being created environmentally. We’ve been told there will be millions of people affected; the baby boomers in dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is all part of a weaponized opportunity for Big Pharma to make profits off dead and dying elderly people who have these diseases.

22:05 mins
I have empathy for anyone listening that is suffering with a family member that has this  infliction. Autism is the same thing. It was an environmentally created, a group and class of population make no mistake. When you have one in 50 births born on the autistic spectrum that eliminates the ability to have reciprocal emotions and feelings, you have designed a class of people that can push these buttons that we’re going to be experiencing with all of these drone assaults overseas etc. These are very, very dangerous times, and this does not include all the electromagnetic robberies of our brains and minds, and free will.

22:57 mins
Some of the symptoms: confusion, short-term memory loss, inability to focus, brain fog, sluggish thinking, difficulty concentrating, and headaches. For those of you who are using cell phones … put them down. Don’t hold them. In the very, very fine print it says ‘don’t have them any closer than and an inch from your body’, not even holding them in your hands or putting them in your back pocket. If you have belt buckles, bobby pins, under- wire bras, if you sleep on wire mattress box springs, you are being irradiated by dirty electricity coming out of your walls as it’s pumped through your internal housing wires from cell phone towers. Migraines, vision disruption, eye problems, cataracts, head or chest pressure, allergies, difficulty breathing, respiratory problems, slow reaction time. We’re going to see many, many more car accidents, many work-related accidents, sleep disruption. We know they have been amping up cellphone towers, and they can do this with our smart meters individually on our homes to increase the frequencies that disrupt our sleep, breaking us out of the deep sleep necessary for immune support, insomnia, night sweats, nightmares, dizziness, disorientation, balance problems. There’s many people now having balance problems, anxiety, depression, suicide, tension irritability, tremors, nervousness, seizures, vertigo, nausea vomiting flu-like symptoms, digestive difficulties, violent behavior, autism, ADHD, weakened immune systems, physical weaknesses and pain, high blood pressure, leg cramps, stiff neck or back, circulation problems, and the list goes on and on.

Wherever you live be prepared for weather modification, and please share these facts.

Broken Brain – Free Docu-series

Starts January 17, 2018. https://greaterwellbe1ng.wordpress.com/2018/01/06/broken-brain-free-docu-series/

From Doreen
Equipped with the facts, people suffering from weather modification are more likely to take a stand. Doing so would expose silent weapons to masses of people, who might then pull together to end the war being waged against humanity and Earth.

I dare suggest that expanding our awareness about what’s happening, without fear and  judgment, making right with a Conscious Higher Power, the One True Creator Of All That Was, Is, and Ever Can Be, clearing our energy field to fully potentialze Consciousness unbounded in form, and cooperating with like-minded humans, are essential to transcend what satanic forces are attempting to do to humans.

The Universe has only one response to human freewill choice, which is ‘And So It Is.‘ so stand in your Power and DECLARE, with focused intent and deep feeling:

I [state your name] DECLARE all previous contracts and consent null and void, by the sacred power of my Non-revocable and Non-removable FREEWILL. So it is and remains.

DECLARE at least daily, and as often as guided. More to follow on generating our own DECLARATION.

Please share widely. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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