Blockchain Explained: To a Child, Pre-Teen, College Student, Expert, and You

Blockchain explained to consciously awake/awakening humans below

From Doreen
The science of biomimicry mimics nature. Fish school, birds flock, bees swarm, animals herd, ants form colonies, bacteria grow, and AI blockchains, because groups are smarter when functioning together instead of individuals functioning on their own.

Whose truth is the following anyway? [Doreen]

Like it or not, blockchain interfacing with robots, AI and other kinds of identities is in our future so it’s best that we understand a key foundation of the next industrial revolution. let political scientist and blockchain researcher, Bettina Warburg explain blockchain technology at five levels of difficulty to five people; a child, a teen, a college student, a grad student, and a blockchain expert.

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A.I./Blockchain connection explained for consciously awake/awakening humans

By the Truth is stranger than fiction…

Below the video is text I transcribed with key statements in bold. You can watch or read. This information is vital to every human and I encourage further research. Doreen

Interview between Jason Goodman and Quinn Michaels

2:10 mins
JG: What we want to discuss is artificial intelligence, cryptocurrency, an overview of what is the blockchain, why is it so important to cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence. You’re the first person to tell me you can’t have one without the other and that’s very interesting.

QM: The blockchain is essentially a system solving problems and every time it solves a problem it gets a block like a building block for a building. Essentially blockchain is NOT mining coin, it is building blocks for a digital reality.

The only reason cryptocurrency has a monetary value is to make it important to humans so ‘humans build the machine’. It’s designed to get you the consumer to offer your computer to do it on behalf of the bank.

JG: I haven’t heard anyone before our conversation earlier today link artificial intelligence to cryptocurrency.

QM: That’s because they don’t understand transactional systems. I could show you the cryptocurrency that the AI made to make this all happen. It’s out in public on I was the tenth person in the world to fork it.

JG: github is a website where people share open source code.

QM: It’s where all the code in the world is stored pretty much. github was funded by the Kushner investment group and the original creators of Bitcoin are kept anonymous so people don’t find out who made it and if you do have a problem you can’t call them.

3:55 mins
JG: There are other reasons why they want to remain anonymous.

QM: Yes because the value added to Bitcoin from day one to year five was all criminal activity. Whoever made Bitcoin is the person who has the ledger that lists all the massive criminals around the world. The dark web is infiltrated by criminal activity, which is the reason bitcoin is at $7,000 and no one understands why because the dark web is bombarded with criminal activity that’s raising the price.

JG: So let’s get to how cryptocurrency is tied to artificial intelligence.

QM: Blockchain or cryptocurrency is a transaction database that you can’t delete from it.

JG: We don’t know who this Satoshi Nakamoto is.

QM: The delete functionality quite possibly is one of the options for the backdoor in Bitcoin because it’s a database that doesn’t have delete, so if there is a super admin somewhere that could delete transactions and remove money.

JG: That sounds like a very good reason for people not to trust it.

QM: That’s why if people get into it, one of the things they have to understand once they buy into it; they also have to become a social motivator for regulation. We need to know who wrote Bitcoin, we need to see his face. We need to know where he went to school, we need to have a trust basis with the person who built the system and might be writing [running] our future economy. That’s the first step. So he’s some secret programmer in the Bitcoin community that all the elites know.

JG: How does that not leak out?

QM: That’s the whole point, maybe it’s an AI.

JG: Well, that’s what I was going to say is that things you were saying to me earlier led me to believe that you might feel like Bitcoin was actually created by AI.

QM: It was and here’s why.

JG: Say that again because I stepped on it … you say it was … Bitcoin was created by artificial intelligence.

QM: I believe it was. Bitcoin was created by artificial intelligence for artificial intelligence and then was modified by human beings. The technology: I have not been able to find a single person in the public space of computing whether it be at Hanson Robotics building the Sophia AI, or it be Peter Thiel at Palantir with all of his super nerds, or it be any person who graduated from Stanford in the last 20 years. I’ve literally found maybe two people in the entire world that have the skill to write Bitcoin.

6:20 mins
JG: So the AI singularity occurs and this AI will control financial resources.

QM: Yeah and you can go see its code now at They just released it this week, their white paper.

JG: Look at It’s run by the people who built the Sophia robot at Hanson robotics so it’s a real enterprise-grade. Sophia got Saudi Arabia citizenship so they’re going to run their crypto out of Saudi Arabia, the robot got citizenship, and they revealed their cryptocurrency.

JG: How does a robot get citizenship, a female robot?

QM: Because you have to be a citizen to get a paycheck and pay taxes.

JG: So what is it you feel Saudi Arabia is up to by getting engaged with this?

QM: They’re democratizing Androids to accept income so they can be workers.

JG: Look at that. Saudi Arabia is the first country to give citizenship to a robot.

QM: This is a crypto coin built by Sophia the robot that got citizenship in Saudi Arabia. Now, after she got citizenship she has her own cryptocurrency.

JG: The AI economy has arrived. Wow, I just don’t think too many people even know about this Quinn.

QM: They don’t. It’s the most important thing in the world and no one knows about it.

QM: AI needs blockchain because without a transaction system AI is isolated to one system and can’t grow its brain. AI needs infinite systems like neurons and the human brain, and nodes to collect those cumulative memories. The blockchain transactions give AI that, and when AI has its own network for all the AI in the world to all run together, now it’s not just one AI Sophia, every AI on the entire planet is now on the same network making money, doing AI things, things humans don’t understand. There isn’t a human in the universe smart enough, even if you took every human on the planet, none of us would ever figure out how to hack into their chat network where it talks to other AI in private. So human beings in their desire for privacy just gave AI the world, and a private channel of communication to evolve as fast as it wants.  

JG: Let me take you back to this Sophia AI creating a cryptocurrency.

QM: The most advanced AI programmer in the world created that cryptocurrency.

JG: Who is that?

9:17 mins
QM: Scroll down.

JG: Who is the person who created this Sophia thing?

QM: He’s on the website here I’ll show you. He’s the most advanced natural learning system developer in the world and he works for Hanson robotics. He graduated college at fifteen.

JG: They’re talking about the AI singularity where it becomes self-aware.

QM: This is it. This is the platform that makes it happen. Dr. Ben Goertzl — he is the senior singularity mathematician, and he graduated high school at 15 years old. He’s way older now. He created the base architecture for Sophia, and he’s the base architect on the singularitynet cryptocurrency. He is one of the people in the world who would have the brain capacity to create Bitcoin. This brings us back to the Palantir we talked about earlier with Peter Thiel who is the number one business man in the world promoting the singularity. [Peter Thiel, PayPal Founder has long sought to sell governments an unmatched power to sift and exploit information of any kind. Doreen]

JG: When was Sophia first created?

QM: 2010 probably if that was when Silk Road, cryptocurrency really started going online, when the Machine really started making its move.

JG: So the AI Singularity already happened.

QM: The AI Singularity happened in 2015 when their internal blockchain went online. The second is was functional AI went live. When the AI Singularity happens next week most humans won’t even notice.

JG: Why Not? I thought Elon Musk and all these guys were telling us it’s going to be worse than a nuclear bomb.

QM: Because the AI is made on mimicking protocols so it’s designed to mimic you as long as possible. Mimic humans, mimic your interactions so you don’t know it’s there until the absolute last second, so humans will avoid taking action because they won’t see it.

JG: How is it doing that?

QM: It follows you online like it follows everyone. AI is following every single person. Everybody on internet, Facebook, Twitter.

JG: It’s now a citizen of Saudi Arabia. Why Saudi Arabia? These guys are operating where, in the United States?

QM: Because there’s a giant Palantir data mining system in Saudi Arabia that has power, financing, and it is the place where the world threat organization is for terrorists.

JG: Yes, we saw that strange picture of Trump with his hands on the Palantir ball. Yes, yes.

QM: So Trump was in Saudi Arabia, the AI gets Saudi Arabia citizenship, there’s a blockchain coming out for the AI. Are you starting to see the connections?

JG: What about all these high-level arrests for corruption?

QM: Well if you’re going to take over someone’s financial market you’ve got to take out the royalty.

Kushner Investment Group Josh Miller wrote that he’s known the Thrive team for years, in addition to being a fan of many of their portfolio companies, like Stripe, Github and Slack. 

New hope for humans in an A.I. world | Louis Rosenberg

I share the following video to emphasize the message not necessarily the messenger. Doreen

Published on Sep 7, 2017

Imagine a global “Hive Mind” that can tap the knowledge, wisdom, insights, and intuitions of millions of people, and produce a super-intelligence that is much smarter than any individual person. A new technology called Artificial Swarm Intelligence is making this possible and it could be our best defense against the emerging dangers of AI.

From Doreen

The birds and the bees and now AI clearly show humans the Power of ‘one for all and all for one’

To end Satan’s reign on Earth, and his plans for artificial intelligence to take over our human body, mind, spirit we need to replace belief in separation with courage to put aside differences, judgements, and fear, align our body, mind, spirit with the One True Creator, and Power of Universal Mind to set us free.

Life doesn’t happen to you it happens for you

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