Survival of Spaceship Earth 1972 – The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

On your far right holding the larger document is Maurice Strong, the man who put the UN into the environmental ‘business’

On Oct 16.17 The Corbett Report published a video ‘Survival of Spaceship Earth (1972)’ [below]. I found a condensed version of the video with Maurice Strong, the man behind the ‘green’ curtain, which prompted me to connect the dots.

Survival of Spaceship Earth 1972 (condensed version)

Published on Feb 15, 2015

Too many on the spaceship (earth) not sustainable. Must keep ship sustainable (balance population and resources) The UN plan for world gov. and depopulation. They use propaganda to get you to accept their plan. Time to wake up to reality!!!

The Strangest Documentary You’ll Ever See

By The Corbett Report
Oct 16.17

Imagine, if you will, a documentary on population control and resource restriction produced by the United Nations.

A documentary that opens with Rue McClanahan of “Golden Girls” fame pretending to be sexually aroused by the prospect of hundreds of world leaders cooped up in a UN conference room talking about the environment.

A documentary that illustrates a point about abortion-as-population-control by repeatedly and rapidly cross-cutting between a screaming, bloody newborn in the delivery room and a close-up of a gun barrel. (Gun shot. Screaming baby. Gun shot. Screaming baby. Gun shot. Screaming baby.)

A documentary featuring that renowned environmental crusader, John D. Rockefeller III, as an “expert” commentator on the dangers of overpopulation.

A documentary narrated by no less a personage than Perry Mason himself, Raymond Burr.

A documentary in which Hugh Downs, standing in front of the UN headquarters as the melodramatic soundtrack swells in the background, tells us that the only hope for the “problem” of humanity on planet earth lies with the UN.

Now stop imagining this phantasmagorical orgy of nonsense and pull up a cozy chair, because you’re about to witness just such a documentary…

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From Doreen

The Yellow Brick Road to Climate Change

Maurice Strong, a self-confessed socialist, was the man who put the United Nations into the environmental business. Strong was the driving force behind the idea of world governance by the United Nations. 

The Great CON of man is consent. The documentary is to CON-vince humans to consent to one world governance under the United Nations. For decades they have been laying the foundation to unleash UN Agenda 21, 2030 Sustainable Development, disarmament, DNA/Identification*, one world currency [cashless], one world police [UN], and one world religion headed by the Fallen One a.k.a. Satan the anti-Christ; the absence of Christ Consciousness.

*The mark of the beast is a number. Modify the number of Human DNA Chromosomes with Technology and you have a controlled beast. From the video ‘My Name is Cain … Tubal Cain’

How Did We Get Into Digital Prison?

Without a cell phone to receive a Steemit text message to verify email, and receive a Steemit password it is not possible to set up an account etc. This is mild compared to control mechanisms ahead unless people wake up now to defeat a common enemy, take back their health, birth rights, lives, family, dignity, property, and Souls which are being!

Synthetic sentience

The internet itself is approaching the horizon line of becoming a form of “collective organism” to which we, the human species, have become engaged in an irreversible symbiosis.

Survival of Spaceship Earth (1972)

Published on May 14, 2013

Prior to ‘the’ meeting in Stockholm, 1972, a film was produced with the intent to emphasize the need for change in an ever evolving calamity that was befalling mankind and planet earth at the time. The film, Survival of Spaceship Earth attempts to exclaim, not just explain, but to make plain and loud, the severity of subjects like: population control; urbanization; employment; crime; pollution; war; weather & climate; over consumption; attitude; the ocean; disease; and food production, in the early 1970′s.

SOURCE with thanks

The Ultimate Rockefeller Depopulation Propaganda Film

Published on May 28, 2015

Aaron takes on the 1972 United Nations propaganda film that has the captains of the planet take control over the world’s growing population, using Malthusian rhetoric to demand that “less people be invited to be born” and that every trick in the book be used for control. This shameless parade features such regular eugenicists as John D. Rockefeller III, Obama Science Czar John P. Holdren, Agenda 21 chief Maurice Strong and numerous other psuedo-scientists using their clout to demand development taxes from the rich countries lest a “population bomb” be dropped on the world… and that’s just a preview of things to come under carbon taxes, environmental laws and “microliving” under the austerity of a world where humans must be the “solution to the disease they created.”

Severe damage has already been done to the human genome with vaccines, chemtrails, GMO food, wireless technology, and who knows what else?

Kevin Galalae recently published a video explaining the hidden objectives and methods of the international system of covert depopulation and coerced globalization that I will share in another Blog.

Please inform others to end our silence, which is agreement. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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