Will Antifa Trigger ‘Civil War’ Nov 04 To ‘Overturn’ US Government?

David Icke Shatters The Antifa Left Alt Right Paradigm

“If you go far enough to the left and far enough to the right you actually meet them both on the same ground because they’re the same mentality using a different label” – David Icke In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth interviews David Icke about what the endgame is to this false left right paradigm and more importantly what the ultimate solution should be when it comes to dealing with anyone on the opposite side of the political spectrum.


LEAKED TAX RETURNS: George Soros Sent More Than $1.7M to Antifa

For the first time, the sources of money for Antifa have been revealed to the public. Previous claims of Soros funding to Antifa were dismissed as conjecture.

Donor’s to the anti-Trump “resistance” movement have been previously shrouded in secrecy. New unredacted tax forms obtained by the Washington Free Beacon show that George Soros sent more than $1.7M to an antifa-linked foundation known as The Center for Community Change Action, a Washington DC based non-profit.

Previous claims of Soros funding to Antifa were dismissed as conjecture.

So far, these are the major “resistance” funders that have been revealed:

  1. George Soros (The Open Society Foundation): $1,750,000
  2. W.K. Kellogg Foundation: $3,000,000
  3. California Endowment: $524,000
  4. Ford Foundation: $2,350,000
  5. Hillary Clinton (Onward Together): $800,000

Supporting any of the resistance funders makes you complicit.

READ more at http://offendedamerica.com/leaked-tax-returns-george-soros-sent-1-7m-antifa/

Antifa planning civil war

With left wing terrorist group AntFA funded by Nazi George Soros, the beatings of people have gone unreported and excused by the corrupt media. On November 4th of this year, the terrorist group AntiFA is planning a “civil war” and an “overturn” of government. AntiFA terrorists will team up with the The Revolutionary Communist Party and other far left terrorist organizations to instigate what they call civil war in November.

AntiFa terrorists planning ‘Civil War’ and ‘overturn’ government on Nov 4
AntiFa terrorists planning 'Civil War' and 'overturn' government on Nov 4

The Revolutionary Communist Party, Antifa, and god knows who else are planning massive rallies to “end the Fascist regime”. According to one website at revcom.us, people are living in terror. This allegedly includes immigrants [illegal], Latinos, Blacks, LGBTQ, Muslims, refugees, the poor, the unhealthy who can’t get healthcare, the whole world, the whole planet, and so on.

The “nightmare must end”, they say. They are the ones who hand out all the ‘No!’ signs you see, which were alleged to be the brainchild of domestic terrorist Bill Ayers.

These violent leftists are taking to the streets in New York City, Austin, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco o November 4.
READ more at http://www.pacificpundit.com/2017/08/28/antifa-terrorists-planning-civil-war-and-overturn-government-on-nov-4/

From Doreen


Leverage the Power of a rare Oct 05, 2017 Harvest Full Moon to energize positive intentions for yourself, others, and Earth.

Think about this
What if Satanic forces are planning to use Antifa on Nov 04, 2017 so they can declare martial law and lock everyone down? How will people break free then? Spread the word! Good people cannot afford to let that happen. People need to pull together not apart.

Stock up in case of shortages … food, water, gas, cash, prescription medication, etc.

Share this message to raise awareness, which is Power to short-circuit their plans … and pray.  Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse





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