50 year old record exposes Illuminati, and fate of humans who take their bait

The documentary below is exceptionally revealing – must watch and share

To avert WW III, trans-humanism, and to thwart depopulation require genuine knowledge. Below is the history of how humans are baited, divided, conquered, lied to, and enslaved to this day.

In 1784 an act of God foiled plans for world domination. The documentary below may be another act of God to wake up humanity, as the rich and powerful accelerate their agenda toward world domination. As you read Pike’s words remember, the rich and powerful are ‘powerless’ without our consent. Doreen

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A TRUE story of international intrigue, romances, corruption, graft, and political assassinations the like of which has never been written before. It is the story of how different groups or atheistic-materialistic men play in an international chess tournament to decide which group would win ultimate control of the wealth, natural resources, and man-power of the entire world.

It is explained how the game has reached the final stage. The lnternational Communists and the International Capitalists, (both of whom have totalitarian ambitions) have temporarily joined hands to defeat Christian-democracy. The cover design shows that all moves made by the International Conspirators are directed by Satan and while the situation is decidedly serious it is definitely not hopeless.

The solution is to end the game the International Conspirators have been playing, right now, before one or another totalitarian-minded group imposes their ideas on the rest of mankind. The story is sensational and shocking, but it is educational because it, is the TRUTH. The author offers practical solutions to problems so many people consider insoluble. The Publisher

Aug 3, 2017

This documentary was produced by End Times Productions. Here is a link to their channel:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBlXSyoT2PCHp-oMvPIEN6w 

Pawns in the Game [1958] –  William Guy Carr  PDF


The Luciferian ideology states might is right. It claims beings of proven superior intelligence have the right to rule those less gifted because the masses don’t know what is best for them. The Luciferian ideology is what we call totalitarianism to-day.

What people seem to forget, is the fact that Christ came on earth to release us from the bonds of Satan with which we were being bound tighter and tighter as the years rolled by. Christ gave us the solution to our problem when he told us we must go forth and teach the truth, regarding this conspiracy (John 8. 31:59;), to all people of all nations. He promised that if we did this, knowledge of the truth would set us free (Matt. 28:19;). The Luciferian Conspiracy has developed until it is in its semi-final stage (Matt. 24: 15:34;), simply because we have failed to put the mandate Christ gave us into effect. http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/Evils%20in%20Government/Communism/pawnsinthegame.pdf

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 SOURCE and more at http://www.paulstramer.net/2017/09/the-illuminati-exposed-50-year-old.html

From Doreen

Please share the documentary for people to stop taking the bait, start pulling together, and withdraw consent. Let them know that unless we say no we said yes. Thank you.

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 Published on Sep 13, 2017

What’s going on in the world today, from Spirit Cooking to Planned Parenthood partnering with The Satanic Temple to promote abortion is exactly what was predicted 50 years ago in a recording by Myron Fagan which exposed in great detail the grand Luciferian plan of the Illuminati. The evidence that Fagan was correct, now surrounds us.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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