The Galactic Cross: Restoration of Primeval Harmony, Cosmic Perspective

The Precession of the Equinoxes

From Doreen

Ancient civilizations preserved the blueprint required for us to fulfill our Cosmic mission. To improve the odds we need to look at the big picture. NikolaTeslasGhost and Randall Carlson help to do just that.

Cosmic patterns and cycles: As above so below

Randall states: “In the last 150,000 years, the longest period during which a global catastrophe has not taken place is the period we are in now.” The ancients kept remarkable records to warn us and they also recorded the solution.

“Jesus spoke about one of the Great Secrets of The Ages when he said, “At the end of the age the secrets will be shouted from the rooftops so that all of those who have ears to hear can hear, and those who don’t have ears to hear, well, they will not be fit for the kingdom of heaven.” Of course he’s speaking metaphorically because what we’re seeing here is a restoration of this primeval harmony between Earth and heaven. As long as that connection is broken there are grave consequences.” Randall Carlson.

Help us re-write history

Today, great deception, uncertainty, and rare opportunity to end the split are also upon us.

A synopsis: Earth’s Precessional Cross

By Nick Anthony Fiorenza

The Holy Cross

This symbol not only represents a fundamental foundation upon which many faiths are built, but is also made to remind us, especially in times of darkness, that something profound is to occur for the entire Earth and for all of her people. For many, this symbol is a promise of an event leading to the spiritual evolutionary fulfillment of all life. For others it is an opportunity, a portal, to step through.

The cross in a circle is the astronomical symbol for planet Earth. And, the term “Holy Cross” also means “Heavenly Cross”—referring to a cross found in the heavens. The cosmic significance of this symbol is that it marks the timing of a primary transition or turning in the natural evolutionary cycle of the Earth. Hidden within this symbol is an astronomical time-piece found in a specific geometric relationship between Earth, the solar system, and our galaxy—an astrophysical event occurring now, within Earth’s ~25,000 year precessional cycle.

The Lunar Planner web site [link below] presents the astrophysical geometry creating the “Cycle of Earth’s Precessional Cross”; how and when the cross forms; the greater cycle in which it occurs; and the opportunity this event provides for humanity.

Spheres of Consciousness

Precession of the vernal axis in Earth time to create Earth's Precessional Cross

There are three equatorial planes of three rotating astronomical spherical systems responsible for Earth’s Precessional Cross. Earth’s celestial equatorial plane spins around and is perpendicular to Earth’s pole. Similarly, the “ecliptic plane,” and the “galactic plane” are also perpendicular to their respective poles. Thus one spherical system (along with their poles and equatorial planes) nests within another system. The Earth’s spherical system nests within the solar (ecliptical) system, and the solar system nests within the galactic spherical system. When we recognize these are spherical aspects of one unified cosmic order (intelligence), and that harmonic resonance occurs through the geometric relationship of these spherical systems, we can come to understand how the ever-changing geometric relationship of these spherical systems reveals an evolutionary process occurring in this greater intelligence or consciousness to which we belong.

Revelation of Earth’s Precessional Cross [excerpts]

The revelation of Earth’s Precessional Cross transcends the past and the future, uniting the esoteric teachings of ancient secret religious orders and the quantum science of today’s world. Why this cycle, and the erect cross occurring now within it, are of such importance to us all, is found in the quantum principle that matter, energy and consciousness are aspects of One Unified Creative Intelligence. Cosmic energy is, in fact, “Evolutionary Intelligence” that is responsible for the unfoldment of this Universal Consciousness of which we are intimate parts. Subtle cosmic energy translates from one astronomical system to another through geometric resonance occurring in interacting spherical rotational systems. For this reason, and for additional reasons elucidated in this work, it becomes clear that the Earth’s Precessional Cross is catalyst for a tremendous acceleration of change on Earth.

The more we examine this dynamic astrophysical geometry, the easier it becomes to acknowledge it is the underlying timepiece governing our Earthian experience. The phase transitions occurring within the Great World Cycle create an intelligently ordered progression of evolutionary unfoldment in consciousness—an evolutionary spiral supporting the maturing and spiritual fulfillment of incarnating souls. This evolutionary spiral occurs in the relationship of the astrophysical and gravitational vectors that determine our temporal experience as durative and evolving souls participating in the spiritual unfoldment of Divine Intelligence.

The Healing Crisis & Unconditional Love

Knowing how to induce and support a healing crisis allows us to move through it harmoniously and arrive to a refined state of health, function and vitality. This very same intensification of conflict , a “healing crisis,” is occurring in our world as we make passage through the Earth’s Precessional Cross portal. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to embrace and harmoniously move through a healing crisis and make the personal metamorphosis. Instead many become lost in it and project their in inner discord outward, only to make the drama worse.

As we begin to experience the dissolution of separateness and estrangement between personality-egoic-level self and our Divine (undivided) soul-level-Godself, so too does the mental, emotional and physical patterning, that we, as incarnating souls, as a world, have incurred throughout the entire 12,000-year temporal period, surface within our consciousness in an intensified and perhaps dramatic “healing crisis.” This provides each of us with the opportunity to heal and clear all that we have carried for lifetimes of having been on one side of the fence or the other. As this shift dislodges and dissolves the conflicts of consciousness crystallized within self, we are forced through many contortions and paradoxes that often leave us consumed in our inner turmoil and its surface turbulence. In this process, some will willingly relinquish the inner conflicts of the past surfacing from cellular memory and embrace a new awareness, while others will become tormentingly lost in the dramatics of the healing crisis, playing out their inner conflicts to the bitter end, but ultimately we are all on the same road Home. READ more at

Love is the change agent

The video below is about ‘Crossing Over’ which according to Santos Bonacci, Patricia Coata-Robles, and others, Earth crossed above the galactic plane on Dec 21, 2012, contrary to NASA saying it did not happen.

If Earth crossed above the galactic plane Dec 21, 2012 where humans can consciously transition into harmony that explains genetically engineered human DNA, chemicals laden with nanotech particulates, toxic GMO food, wireless, 5G InternetOfThings, mind control, continuous negative news, manufactured refugee crisis and civil unrest to divide, conquer and lower the collective consciousness, mass surveillance and censorship to hide the truth, etc. to intercept the conscious awakening and freedom of human beings.

The Awakening of a New Wave of Consciousness

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