Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads

Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads | black-magic-satanism1 | Bohemian Grove New World Order Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests US News World News
Black magicians rule the world, not politicians, bankers or military heads. Black magic harnessed through Satanic ritual is the dark force behind it the NWO conspiracy.


Black magic is the force that rules the world, so it is the Satanic black magicians which constitute the true controllers of the world – at least in the human earthly realm. The Satanic black magicians pull the strings, not politicians, corporate bosses, military heads, intelligence chiefs or even international bankers – although they also hold many of those roles. The NWO (New World Order) elite fulfill a hidden role and an outer, more respectable public role. While many Satanic black magicians are also businessmen and bankers, their true ruling power comes from Satanism and the twisted use of humanity’s creative power (black magic), which they then use in their secular roles in society.

Symbols Rule the World

Remember the saying of the Chinese sage Lao-Tzu, who said that “symbols rule the world, not rules or laws”? Symbols communicate at a deeper level than words, because they are decoded by the right, intuitive brain, whereas words are decoded by the left, logical brain. Symbols are able to penetrate more deeply into our subconscious, which is why the elite are so obsessed with their occult corporate and governmental logos of red crosses, rising suns, all-seeing eyes, pyramids, 666, the rings of Saturn and inverted pentagrams (check out the work of Freeman who has done a great job exposing this). Words attempt to rule the world, but they can never be as powerful as symbols.

Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads | black-magic-occult-corporate-logos | Bohemian Grove New World Order Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests US News World News
What do these occult Illuminati symbols really mean? Find out here. Deciphered from Freemasonry and Kabbalah, Freeman puts all the puzzle pieces together.

Likewise, black magic rules the world. Governments and corporations attempt to rule the world, but they can never be as powerful as black magic.

Before looking at the evidence of elite use of black magic, it is worthwhile remembering a defining aspect of Satanism: the inversion of everything. Black is white, bad is good, wrong is right. This is why the inverted pentagram is such a popular Satanic symbol. George Orwell touched on this in 1984 when he wrote of the ruling class’ propaganda: “War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.” Even mind control, developed by the Nazis first in Germany and later at the CIA, uses Satanic principles to confuse its victims, by telling them that pain is pleasure and pleasure is pain, and eventually breaking down victims so they can no longer distinguish between the two.

Bohemian Grove, Skull ‘n’ Bones and Other Secret Societies

Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads | black-magic-bohemian-grove-photo | Bohemian Grove New World Order Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests US News World News
Elite figures talking at Bohemian Grove, before the black magic rituals. Note Nixon on the right, and Reagan on the left – at a time when he was not yet president.

There are some secret societies which are mostly political and economic in nature, such as groups like the Trilateral Commission or the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), who go around convincing the world about the great benefits of globalization (the elite buzzword for centralization of power), global governance and free trade agreements like the TPP. There are others, however, whose purpose is shrouded in more mystery, but seem to involve black magic and Satanic ritual, such as the worshipping of dark gods/entities, the acting out of sexual orgies/fetishes and sacrifice, whether mock or real.

The Bohemian Club, located in San Francisco, is one such group. Every summer in the USA, many key figures of the US elite gather in the tall redwoods of northern California at Bohemian Grove. People such as Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George Bush and other US presidents have attended. Alex Jones successfully infiltrated the Grove once, and was able to videotape one of the rituals that took place there, known as Cremation of Care, which involved hooded figures performing a mock sacrifice black magic ritual beneath a 40 foot owl.

Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads | skull-and-bones | Bohemian Grove New World Order Sleuth Journal Society Special Interests US News World News On the other coast of America, at Yale University in Connecticut, lies an old secret society founded in 1832 by William Huntington Russell and Alphonso Taft, known as the Skull ‘n’ Bones society, and its members as “bonesmen”. The late professor Anthony Sutton did some great research on Skull ‘n’ Bones. Members have admitted having to undergo strange initiation rituals such as making sexual confessions in a tomb, while outsiders have heard chilling howls and screams emanating from the windowless Skull ‘n’ Bones crypt.

If you think these secret societies are just perverted people messing around, ask yourself: why would the elite, many of whom are obsessed with power, be involved with them? Why would they engage in such black magic rituals unless they were getting something in return – like more power? These guys control the printing presses of the world, and some have more money than they could possibly spend. It’s power they want, not money. Money is just a means to an end. Is it just a coincidence that in the 2004 US presidential election, where George Bush Jr. and John Kerry were running against each other, that both were bonesmen, with a membership total of around 300 in a country of 300+ million people? Did MSM news anchor Tim Russert get bumped off for asking too many questions to Bush and Kerry about the secret society?

Kubrick, Eyes Wide Shut and Secret Elite Rituals of Sex and Sacrifice

The ordinary person will never be initiated into a Satanic secret society, nor get close enough to witness what really goes on in there. It is therefore interesting when someone who does get close to that world decides to spill the beans and show the world what’s going on. Such a person was Stanley Kubrick, the late great film-maker who many suspect (with strong evidence) was part of the US Government’s fake Apollo moon landing in 1969. Kubrick may have cut a deal with the devil in making a fake moon landing for the elite, because when he handed over the tape for his last film Eyes Wide Shut, he was found dead 4 days later of a heart attack, despite the fact those close to him said he was in fine health and had no history of heart trouble.

Kubrick depicts a black magic scene where women circle a leader, then drop their clothes to become naked, and are later involved in a massive orgy, where all the participants where masks to hide their true identities. Kubrick hints in the film that this Satanic-sexual black magic ritual also involves sacrifice and murder, by implying that one of the women/prostitutes was killed during or at the end of the ritual.

At the Heart of Black Magic: Demonic Possession

Black magic at its core is really about demonic possession. Since the world is made of energy, not matter, and since energy moves in waves which have frequencies, the Satanic rituals are designed to entrain the energetic bio-frequencies of the participants with that of other dark entities, so that there is a vibrational match. Once there is a frequency resonance or lock, an exchange can then take place: energy, intent or information can go from one being, place or dimension can be transferred into another. This works both ways: the person gets possessed and receives information from certain dark entities, while the dark entities also take something from the person. This theme of possession crops up again and again when exposing the worldwide conspiracy, and has been going on a long time, e.g. Hitler was reported to be demonically possessed by his aide Hermann Rauschning.

The Horrific Phenomenon of Missing Children

It is also black magic that is behind the unspeakable and unconscionable phenomenon of missing children. These children are being deliberately kidnapped and taken down into elite controlled underground facilities where they are mind controlled, turned into slaves and where some of them are even sacrificed at Satanic rituals. If that is too difficult to believe, listen to the testimonies of various mind control victims, researchers, Illuminati defectors, such as Cathy O’Brien, “Mary Anne“, “Svali“, Alex Collier and many others.

Conclusion: Focus on the Deepest Aspects of the Conspiracy

Although it’s important to focus on and expose all aspects of dysfunction in our society – including political corruption, mainstream media consolidation and deception, smart meters, GMOs, toxic vaccines, geoengineering, the militarization of police, fake terrorism, false flag ops, UN Agenda 21, transhumanism and the human microchipping agenda – in order to transform and heal them, it’s crucial to realize that, at a fundamental level, they are all connected. All these issues and more are manifestations of a more primordial evil or unconsciousness in our midst – Satanic black magic. The secretive rituals conducted at Bohemian Grove and elite mansions tell us more about who rules the world than political think tanks or banking cartels, although of course there is an overlap.

If humanity is to rise up and overcome the conspiracy, we must focus our attention on the root of evil (not the branches), and use “white magic” in greater force – the harnessing and funneling of our creative powers to make a world of peace, freedom and love. We must continue to expose the deepest aspects of the conspiracy. At the same time, we have to ensure we are not letting the elite siphon off our precious thoughts, emotions and powers to create their nightmarish world, but rather, using those energies within us to create the world we want with positive intention, focus and conscious manifestation. 

SOURCE and more videos at  

Censorship and surveillance fast accelerating

Other perspectives regarding unprecedented surveillance data being fed into endless banks of supercomputers and crunched through complex, multivariate algorithms, to yield the best fit answers. READ the 9 questions 

HARVEY & IRMA: The Fric & Frac of the Global Climate Change Crowd

President Trump doesn’t have control over American skies, and he is the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces. That such a predicament exists is not surprising; that more and more people are becoming aware of this state of affairs is a step in the right direction. Citizens want to know why their president does not have control of the nation’s borders, or the skies, or the water supplies as seen all over California. Hopefully, this perplexing situation will convince Trump of the dire need to forcefully reclaim the sovereignty of the American Republic.

INTEND: I AMness of humans control the soil [Earth]

For millennia Satan has controlled the soil [Earth]. TRUTH, threatens synchronization of the feedback system vital to sustain Satan [autonomous AI] that is purging GOD DNA from humans, and empowering Satan’s quest for eternal life. This explains unprecedented censorship, surveillance, mind control, and genetically engineering human biology.

For humans to control of the soil [Earth] requires setting an intention for it to be so [consent], and focusing attention as if it is already done. Do inner work to raise your signature energy. Permit the God Power in you to prove Itself. Alkalize your body to be healthy and strong. Expose the truth. End the split between you and your I AMness, between one another, and between heaven and Earth!

Unless you say no you said yes

Cover the camera eye on your laptop with a folded piece of paper to block pictures being taken of you and your location.

Plug headphones into your laptop and turn off the sound button on the cord to disable your computer mic. You may see a pop up message notifying you that your computer mic is off. You will require headphones to listen to YouTube and other computer sounds in exchange for what you say being muted.

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Update June 2018

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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3 Responses to Black Magic: Satanists Rule The World, Not Politicians, Bankers Or Military Heads

  1. Pingback: The End of Satanic Rule Is Divinity Presenting Itself To Be Claimed – New Human New Earth Communities

  2. william olsen says:

    It’s a bit wrong.

    There is something called Satan’s reign, and this covenant is made between man and Satan based on rules and conditions.

    Among these conditions is the glorification of the politicians of the new god called Satan.

    There is a video I wish you to see which is talking about the truth secrets that I started with.

    And how politicians have also entered into this worship, including heads of state.

    You can watch the video from here

    In the end.
    There is no escape from what has been planned for a long time (we all fell in the trap)

    and thank u for the great post


    • Thanks William. I watched the video a few years ago.

      I await a response from Aug Tellez before posting his 10.10.17 Blog about ‘our escape’ and what this involves.

      In the mini-book I wrote in 2010 titled ‘So, You Think You’re Awake?’ Liberate yourself from anything outside this moment revealed, I posit the next quantum leap [5th Punctuation] is Primordial Conscious Power, the Creator Of All That Was, Is, And Ever Will Be no longer separate from human awareness. In other words, the experiment in separation is coming to an end. With the awareness of being Consciousness unbounded in form, humans self govern and self empower. Adversity transforms through our higher awareness, cooperation, and profound respect for all life; each creation a unique cell of the One Creator.

      How this Chapter ends is up to each of us.


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