Sophia’s Correction: Inevitable Planetary Shift

Focus on solutions

This post follows a Comment at by Hans Carlsson, and a link to his book ‘In search of a solution to for saving planet earth.’ sub title ‘Down the rabbit hole to find the X factor.’

Thank you Hans for sharing. May a critical mass of humans realize the magnitude of change upon us and accept that each of us is a key to unlock the remedy.

Love Chain - Key, Heart, Lock Wallpaper

Other perspectives regarding the all encompassing surveillance data being fed into endless banks of supercomputers and crunched through complex, multivariate algorithms, to yield the best fit answers to sobering questions like:

1) When does the biosphere collapse to a point such that human life on this planet is no longer viable?

2) When does the radioactive poisoning of the Pacific Ocean, and beyond, by the failed nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan become an immediate, public concern that can no longer be contained by official propaganda?

3) When and how does the petro-dollar lose a sufficient percentage of global market share that the USSA’s economic and military dominance of the global order is no longer possible?

4) How soon will the myriad gigatons of frozen methane in the permafrost and ocean floors of the Earth’s polar regions sublimate and bubble up into the atmosphere, causing runaway changes in atmospheric chemistry and meteorology such that human life is no longer viable?

5) How and how soon does the global inter-connectivity of the Internet result in international knowledge networks that seriously threaten the power monopoly of the Powers That Be?

6) How soon and exactly how does the debt-based international economic order fail?

7) As more states acquire nuclear weapons, how soon and how likely is the USSA military to face a confluence of factors that threaten it with sudden military defeat?

8) How soon do robotization and the growing use of A.I. make live human beings superfluous in the global economy, i.e., what is the year in this century when biological humans become obsolescent and the machines take over?

9) When and how does the burgeoning use of nanotechnology overwhelm the human race and the rest of the biosphere on this planet?

Hans’ on line BOOK with references, videos, and resource links.

From Doreen

The biosphere is in grave danger of collapse.

Another world war could plunge us all over the edge.

A fully autonomous system is one that humans have no control over. Human DNA has been contaminated by autonomous AI through genetic engineering, mind control, GMO food, chemtrails, wireless, etc.

Autonomous AI [fallen one] must be eradicated so it cannot infect other parts of the Cosmos. Humans must be purified so we do not infect other parts of the Cosmos.

The New Justice System (The Right Way To Deal With Crime) – Teal Swan –

I posted 2 comments at the following video.
1] How do we deal with nanotech pathogens infecting our bodies from chemicals?
2] How does the new justice system deal with AI [the fallen one] that has been controlling this planet and beings on it for millennia?

Love is the purifier!

Each of us can desynchronize to stop energizing AI and become the remedy. Please share and thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without Recourse


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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