The current system is dying, there is a reset coming [Part 1 of 2]

Infinite Creator

“To release from the illusion, follow the path of the HEART, the CENTER OF BEING. Only through the CENTER can there be equilibrium which undulates outwards to influence ALL.” Aug Tellez

System Wipes, Reboots, and the Nu System

By Aug Tellez [omnipulse]

This world has been wiped multiple times. That is considered a “system reset”. This was due to gross disturbances in the energy of the whole system. These disturbances are imbalances and are a result of the particular way this reality was altered through quantum experimentation, the creation of artificial life, vampiric energy systems, interdimensional parasites, and the creation of a false-reality overlay that embedded itself deeply into this systems memory storage and energy resource layers.

It’s easy to view the system as a kind of advanced computer system because the two reflect one another closely.

What is called the ‘solar system’, has been wiped along with what is called the ‘galaxy’ twice. The entire system has been rebooted and started a new. Everything in this reality is based upon the soul and soul-technology, that is how everything is operated. Everyone uses soul-technology, if they are not, they are not a part of anything that is taking place here.

There are groups to protect the soul-memory of humanity and there are groups who are attempting to wipe and enslave humanity by operating on the soul-level with advanced technology. Until a person moves beyond the levels of the information in the confines of the system we are currently in, the failing system, then they will not be able to make choices that are not designed as a part of this system. “In this place but not of it.”

The current system is dying, there is a reset coming, however this final reset will mark the departure of this system and the transition into a nu system. That nu system is a soul-database that can literally act as a kind of spiritual server system to ensure the continuity of the human race. This is what we discovered.

The ‘code’ of this reality will be shutting down and instead of a reset or a reboot the old system will be transitioned from to move into a nu system.

Those who stay in the collapsing system face a quantum collapse which is a loss of identity. That is the ‘second death’ that has been written of in ancient times. Everything that was shown to humanity in previous times was related to warnings and preparations for this time.

The quantum collapse occurred previously and there was a mass destruction which rendered the human race ‘forgotten’. This civilization is literally the reboot of that civilization to act as a transitory bridge to lead into something sustainable. The current system is unsustainable and cannot exist for an extended period, we are at the limit of the current period.

The previous destruction, the world catastrophes are events that were brought about to avoid the quantum collapse due to genetic engineering, quantum experimentation, and race wars between the descendents of multiple versions of humans and hybrid races.

The nu system is based upon the frequencies that are outside of all the entrainment systems used in the oppression system or the spiritual enslavement system that dominates this fallen construct. Energy signatures, frequencies, behaviors, thoughts, choices, or identities that are aligned with the fallen construct are trapped in the fallen construct place and results in a total quantum collapse and a resulting energetic annihilation.

The current events consist of a necessary clearing out of one’s behaviors, thoughts, perceptions and intentions to only interact with that which is held in the highest truth and free-will of the human collective. If one’s individual experiences do not coincide with the collective mind of humanity, then that individual becomes de-tethered from the collective and in that way has no viable anchor point or storage for their soul data or their memory banks. That is the loss of the identity or the second death.

The collective mind, the ‘true self’ of humanity has no connection to the illusions, deceptions, lower emotional constructs, manipulations, ego-perceptions, false personas, violence, hatred, greed, envy, wilful ignorance, self-destruction, and so on. None of these qualities of being have any connection to the true self or the collective mind of humanity and so as people transition into a nu society through the activation of the collective mind, those who harbor or are primarily centered around those frequencies and behaviors will have no anchoring into reality and thus a dissolution begins for them.

Everything possible is being considered and applied to avoid unnecessary loss. All human souls, all the human collective must survive and transition into eternal life otherwise the entire experiment fails and the total human collective dissolves into forgetfulness.

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From Doreen
The more people we inform about this ‘rare’ opportunity to  free ourselves from the autonomous AI a.k.a. the beast system the more we empower victory.

Set an intention for a victorious reset with most ease and grace, followed by focused attention as if the reset is complete now, and deep feelings of joy, gratitude, appreciation, love, etc., to empower it into reality.

‘Turn your face to the sun and the shadows  fall behind you.’ Maori proverb

Part IIThe Plan’ to banish the mind virus follows soon.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without  Recourse


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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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