Allow Your Eye To Be Single

When we remember all is One our Eye is single, we are filled with light, and see as Prime Creator sees

Published on Mar 31, 2013

Bill Donahue
What do we wish to find in our search for life? The fear and guilt of religion, or the reality of God in harmony with nature?

The book of Revelations is about the human body

By Bill Donohue

Partial text – video below
The two witnesses spoken about in the book of Revelation are the pineal gland in your brain, and pituitary gland, the master gland in your brain. The fighting that goes on, all the different nations, the rivers, the seas, all deal with the endocrine system of your body, and that which is the upheaval in your body God through Revelations in the hidden mysteries of the East gives you directions on how you can put all of this together, and how you can get your body and mind in harmony.

We’re talking about hidden meanings of the Bible. You should not pick up a Bible unless you have at least a minimal acquaintance with numerology.  The Bible was written by ancient Eastern people and they knew numerology. They dwelt in the numbers of the zodiac. They dwelt in all various numbers that had meanings.

2:14 Hidden meanings. Number 1 means God, the Logos. Number 2 means body and soul, you and God. Number 3 means new life, resurrection, new beginning. Jesus was in the tomb 3 days. Jonah was in the whale 3 days. Number 4 means your 4-fold nature; physical, spiritual, intellectual, emotional. Number 5 means mediation, it also means sacrifice. Number 6 means doctrines, laws, religion.Jesus turned water into wine. Water can mean on the lower level emotionalism. How many jars of water did it say he turned into wine, 6? In other words, he was turning the religion of the letter into that which is the movement of the divine essence of the Spirit. That’s what it means changing water into wine. Number 7 means divine intervention. Joshua walked around Jericho how many times? Seven and the walls came tumbling down. Seven means divine intervention. There are 7 nerve centers or 7 chakras that rise from the base of the spine to the top, which are the 7 levels a person walks in order to find that which is the pineal or enlightenment. It’s all part of the Bible. It’s all part of the ancient wisdom covered up in numbers. That’s why a lot of religious teachers make such a terrible mistake. They say there’s going to be 7 years of tribulation. It doesn’t mean that. The number 7 means divine intervention. What that means is when tribulation comes to your life God will intervene on your behalf. It doesn’t mean God is  going to send 7 years of terror. It means that God will intervene when the struggle comes against you. Number 8 means rupture, separation. Number 9 means human consciousness. Number 10 means completion. The number of perfection in Hebrew is 12,  which corresponds to the most ancient zodiac.

Let’s take a look at the number 9 and I’ll show you how you can get all fouled up if you don’t understand these numbers. Just like you’ve heard these teachers teaching there will be 7 years of tribulation. It doesn’t mean that. If God is love would he send you 7 years of hell like they say? No, it means he will intercede.

Look at the number 9. The numerical value  of the word Adam in Hebrew in the ancient scriptures is 9. Everything had a numerical value and that’s why there is such mystery in the ancient scriptures because they use numbers to deceive people who tried to think intellectually. We’re reading the Bible intellectually, in the same way as if you and I said let’s go shoot the bull and then somebody says “They’re going out to kill an animal.” because they read us literally, they didn’t read us symbolically. We’re not going out to kill an animal we’re going out to have a conversation. The bible is ‘full’ of symbolism and not to be taken literally.

Discover the true meaning of ‘tithing‘ which has nothing to do with money and everything to do with you. Your body is the Holy Land and the esoteric science of physiological regeneration may become a resource to remedy Morgellons and other violations of our biology.

Discover the true meaning of 6-6-6. The mark of the beast is NOT Satan.

The way out is within. Please share so that more people discover the Power in them to change outer reality from the inside out. Remember, the window is open now.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Without Prejudice and Without  Recourse



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