Trump announces new service for War Veterans to get them help needed immediately

Trump Rally Announcements in W. Virginia August 3, 2017

FULL: President Donald Trump BIG ANNOUNCEMENT Rally in Huntington, West Virginia 8/3/17 Jim Justice

Trump had the crowd eating out of his hand. No time to summarize it all, but I will say that W. Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced his switch from Democrat to Republican, and they questioned the wisdom of people listening to the “Russia” hoax stories. The People were on board with that notion.

Trump announced a new service for War Veterans to get them the help they need immediately. That is long, long overdue and will score him some big points.

He is also adamant about preventing terrorist immigrants from flooding America which is also counter to the agenda of the Clinton/Bush/Soros gangsters.

There were tremendous cheers and applause when Trump said rather than beating the Russia story to death, “they” should be investigating the 33,000 emails Hillary Clinton deleted and that they’re just sore about the greatest election loss in American history.

This is all absolutely fascinating to watch, regardless of what the outcome will be. Trump is playing the game very well, and giving the People hope. Fortunately, he has the numbers to support his claims, and he outright acknowledged that there are those in Washington who want to stop them, but they won’t be stopped.  ~ BP

Streamed live 21 hours ago

WATCH: President Trump Rally in Huntington, West Virginia at the Big Sandy Superstore Arena 8/3/17 President Trump Huntington Speech, West Virginia Rally – Donald Trump Huntington Rally – West Virginia Speech #TrumpRallyWV #HuntingtonWV

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