NASA Future Warfare Circa 2025 And Chemtrail Analysis: The Future Is Now [Part I]

Chemtrails Analysis: New Discoveries Part I

You may be aware of aluminum, barium, strontium, and titanium discharged from planes a.k.a. chemtrails but have you heard about piezoelectric crystals and so-called “S.M.A.R.T Dust” of Morgellons? Are these technologies of human origin? What are they, how do they relate to each other? How are they affecting humans?

Published on Nov 7, 2016
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Future wars will ‘not’ be fought between countries

German scientist Harald Kautz-Vella links present reality to a NASA internal power point presentation displaying core technologies someone allegedly leaked 10-15 years ago. View the Power Point at  

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars 1954 -?

Historical Introduction: A Quiet War was declared against the people by globalists at a meeting held in 1954. 

Instead of concentration camps and ovens, 21st Century globalists upgraded to electronic warfare. Consider metal skies overhead, broadcasting extremely low-frequency [ELF] signals to alter  brain waves, turn genes on/off, genetically modifying food, proliferation of sea salt* in food, electronic warfare masked as computers, S.M.A.R.T. meters, S.M.A.R.T. household appliances, S.M.A.R.T. phones, wireless radiation, RFID chips, harmful 5G technology**; S.M.A.R.T. dust in chemical trails discharged from planes, toxic vaccines, surveillance state, etc. [Doreen]

*If salt water is a good conductor of electricity is this another piece of the puzzle?  

S.M.A.R.T. represents ‘specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely’ (tied to a deadline). Globalists plan to hand everything over around 2025 to Autonomous Intelligence that will become self-aware and start running things based on ‘economic parameters. Indications are that AI is already self-aware. More in Part II.  

** Harmful 5G technology, the InternetOfThings connecting everyone and everything world-wide using human biology as a conduit.

Chemtrail Analysis: New Discoveries

German scientist Harald Kautz-Vella
19:26 minutes: Sometimes you get whistle blowers who don’t get public attention. They deliver papers and those papers are interesting. There’s one paper handed around in Germany written in German and the guy was the technical director of an institute that was working on S.M.A.R.T. dust.  He suffered from cancer and had 3-4 months to live. He regretted the things he did, realized the money he got for it was not worth anything, that the things he did were not friendly, and he basically put part of the technical concept on paper, gave enough information to make it possible to prove it exists, and what he described is something that is going to the intelligence community that for sure is going to listen. The name of the project is a Rabe neu, in German translates to ‘So that you know that we know what you do’, and the guy revealed a few things about this project that even the people in the project did not know, and this is the message that is now going to the intelligence community because you should know what is wrong about this project.

21:17 He talked about genetic engineering and before I mention a few things that he mentioned, I would like to give you an overview about the possibilities in genetic engineering that are publicly known, not to everybody, but it is public domain. In genetic engineering you can create DNA, which is the full genetic information like it is in the cell, and you can split this thing in half, and have half of the structure, only one side of the spiral, and this is RNA, and in genetic engineering it is very clever to use RNA** because it has the full functionality but it doesn’t spoil the next generation. This is something they really like to work on because you can manipulate without destroying and without risking the future.

If you look at DNA and RNA there are a number of different functions to it. One function is that these fragments of RNA DNA produce light of certain qualities called optogenetics, and it teaches about how the genetics produce bio photons and produce the light body of a being. This is kind of the blueprint that is controlling the building up of forms in the morphogenetic field that is giving us the structure we are. This is all done by this DNA and if you synthesize DNA this is done by printing today. You write down the code you want to produce and this is going onto a DNA or RNA printing machine so you can define every single base pair of the structure and print it out. What they do is, one of the fields is optogenetics to  invent and produce little fragments of RNA DNA that produce light. The second natural function of DNA is to produce substances. These parts of the DNA are producing RNA, the RNA is producing proteins, and the proteins start to build up the matter that the body is built out of, and also healing substances, and poisons, can be produced by cells, and this is one function embedded in a certain span of this DNA. There’s medicine for example artemezine that is very, very, expensive to extract from plants so they just extract the little portion of the genetic information that is doing this substance and insert it into some microbes, and then they can create artemezine in big amounts. This is medicine how it works. So we have light producing things and we have substance producing things and there’s a new field of research.

24:45 They realize that the base pairs can be mounted into a chain in a way that functions like a computer, like a logical element. If you visualize this, it’s like the old method with telephones when you were dialing with sound. Every base pair has their own resonance frequency somewhere in the terahertz range, and if you hit the right frequency it is opening like a light conducting unit, and if you have a chain of these base pairs that react on different frequencies you need a sequence of sounds to open all the fragments to make the entire thing conductive. So it goes like ‘doo doo doo doo doo’ and then the next part of the genetic thing is activated to either produce light or to produce poison, and this is something beautiful from their view of the world because if you bring this RNA or DNA into the human body you can take a radio signal and activate it from outside to produce any substance you want or to produce any light you want. Light is emotion, light is thought, light is everything we send as experience of our self, and a substance can do everything with us. It can poison us slowly or it can kill us immediately. This is controllable by radio frequencies without risking that it is triggered without anyone wanting it to be triggered, and the guy said “We know that this is dangerous to bring this out’ that was in the papers “So we introduced a deactivation code, like a line of sounds that is completely taking the system out so that it cannot be abused by other entities.” This is what he said, and he said this is airborne since 2003 in Europe, and he said that the last war in Iraq was only done to test the system. It was the only real reason for the war. This is what he wanted to tell us or from my point of view the important stuff, then he said some things aside that I counted to be very, very important. He said they spent half a year and ten billion dollars to optimize the cluster topology, and if you’re in into the topic, if it’s like having a virus and you want to bring the virus into a human being to have them infected with this, cluster topology is of no interest. You need to think about cluster topologies if you want to have this RNA or DNA clusters carry intelligence, carry soul, carry an artificial life-form then it makes sense, and if you picture this, we are infected with this RNA and the RNA is forming a cluster of one millimeter X one millimeter distances around us and a cluster like this is able to carry a computer program or an artificial non-physical structural being. This structure can hoover through the field but it also can hoover into us, and this structure knows how to access the light production and it knows how to access the production of poisons, and it also carries intelligence in itself. It has the ability to make decisions. This is something that is just implied. Implied by the fact that he said we needed to optimize cluster topology. It’s a little bit far out. It’s a little bit speculation within this but it gives me a kind of triggering moment when I listen to the word S.M.A.R.T. dust. I get the feeling this somehow is related to this capability of these optimized cluster topology to carry intelligence and to make its own decisions. This basically is just by looking at the locations where these people are among themselves, and listening to some people who spoke out before they died, and the thing now I want to mention is the address to the intelligence community.

The EPA Quietly Approved Monsanto’s New Genetic-Engineering Technology

** It’s the first time RNA interference will be used to kill insect pests. [Is this related?]

From Doreen

Two professional  friends did the peroxide/red wine mouth rinse test and expelled black substances. I was present and photographed one of them on Aug 01.17. Here is the image.

Red Wine Mouth Rinse, Materials and Procedure

If you do the peroxide/red wine test please photograph your results, and results of people willing to share with you. Until proven otherwise, these test results are evidence of living in a modern-day concentration camp.

What could be more important than expanding ‘public surveillance‘ of electronic warfare, sharing our findings, taking best possible care of our health, making right with our fellow-man and Creator, to transform this nightmare into a greater destiny?

Chemtrails Analysis: New Discoveries Part II

In Part II, Harald discusses the AI scam, lab results from chemtrails, piezoelectric nano crystals in the environment 24/7, the control of civilian populations through human nervous systems, manganese oxide creating flu-like symptoms and that running to the doctor for a flu shot is suicide, humans bodies hosting higher dimensional beings [spider forms with human like faces] stealing light force energy [bio-photons] a.k.a. black magic, perpetrated by globalists.

Please inform others so they can do their own research, clarify discrepancies, connect more dots, and keep spreading the word. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino,
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved 


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