The Digital Battlefield Has Targeted Blockchain Tech

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All Wars Are Bankers' Wars
There is so much happening simultaneously that I feel overwhelmed.
Since I subscribed to the blockchain social media experiment (known as steemit) a month ago, I have been learning in a whirlwind.

Change For The International Monetary System:

I now have more perspectives on cryptography, cyberwar, malware, spyware, internet, blockchain, censorship, etc. – but there are opposing forces within blockchain/FINTECH technologies.

Basically some well intention individuals want decentralized and freedom nurturing digital platforms and applications available to the digital market place – while institutional governance officials and executives want to protect their control with centralized, regulated, and proprietary digital elements.

This battle hasn’t hit the mass consciousness yet.
No, the battle isn’t in the news, except peripherally with headlines of Bitcoin, ransomware and cyber-attacks from governments and banks.
Bitcoin can be seen as a beta attempt, and now newer blockchain cryptocurrencies and applications may far exceed the features…

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