Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for biologics nanotechnology.

Update July 20.17

I did the wine mouth rinse test on July 20, 2017 around 6 p.m. The first 3 photos show what I expelled after rinsing my mouth vigorously for 5 minutes with a mixture of 1 tsp peroxide and 2 tsp red Merlot wine.

There you have it! Humans are being violated by the fallen one that has locked this planet down for millennia. Humans are contaminated with chemicals, and genetically engineered nano particulates in chemtrails aerially sprayed 24/7 world-wide. https://liferecovery.com/human-dna-and-satans-endgame-the-plot-to-take-over-the-world/

Rinse your mouth after the test … explained below

About 45 minutes after the wine mouth rinse test I took the following photos

A drink of wine expelled into a clean bowl; nano fibers were still in my mouth.

45 minutes after first expelling the peroxide/wine mixture into the bowl you saw in the first 3 pictures above, I drank some wine and expelled it into a clean bowl. A ‘lot’ of nano fibers were again expelled. When I poured 70% alcohol on them, they scrambled in a frenzy. NOT GOOD FOLKS!!!

When I poured alcohol into the expelled wine, the nano fibers went into a frenzy.

I had no idea after doing the wine mouth rinse test that nano fibers remained in my mouth, and in such large numbers. If you do the wine test, and rinse your mouth, keep spitting into a Kleenex until your saliva is clear [no more nano particles].

Are chemtrails violating human biology? YES!!!!!

Do the following test to find out:

Using a simple red-wine mouth rinse, you can yield complex nanofibers from your gums that appear to be of fungal form containing complex internal sub-micron filament structure. EVERYONE TO DATE IS POSITIVE for this test, and could potentially include billions of humans.

Preliminary data indicates fungal form identity with similarity to fusarium solani and the ‘DRIP clade’, as well as possible association with weaponized mycoplasm and anodized aluminum oxide (AAO) nanotechnology. Further data indicates chemtrails infection mimics trypanosomiasis and protothecosis with synthetic features.


Red wine mouth rinse test: Materials and Procedure

Glass to mix solution
Bowl to expel the solution
3% Hydrogen-Peroxide
Merlot Red Wine
Measuring spoons
Watch or clock

1) Brush your teeth very well, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water
2) Mix 2 tsp (10mL) of Merlot Red Wine with 1 tsp (5mL) Hydrogen Peroxide in the glass
3) Use the red wine/peroxide solution as a mouth rinse; rinse ‘vigorously’ for exactly five minutes. Make sure to swish it in your cheeks+gums, etc for the full 5 mins.
4) Spit all the rinse solution into a bowl
5) Carefully examine the rinse for fibers. They are invariably present and look like wet chewing tobacco. Prepare to be shocked. These are components of nanotech pathogens which we have all been infected with, most likely via chemtrails.

6) You can add 91% or higher IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to the precipitated fibers to remove the red pigment caused by the wine. The fibers generally float like a jellyfish on top of the IPA. http://www.curezone.org/forums/fm.asp?i=1203532#i 

Morgellons peroxide/wine mouth rinse test nano fibers from chemtrails

There is another video where a ‘lot’ of fibers were expelled. They look like tiny pieces of tobacco. Pass it along if you will, and thanks.

Follow up post # 1 https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2017/07/22/if-your-peroxidered-wine-test-was-positive-you-can-leverage-it/

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10 Responses to Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for biologics nanotechnology.

  1. Pingback: Diagnostic wine/peroxide test for biologics nanotechnology. I DID The Test – What is this world without a further Divine purpose in it all? W. Whitman

  2. I will investigate the possibility of having expelled nano fibers [fresh ones] analyzed. When I rinsed the bowls today, several nano fibers remained in place. I had to use a Kleenex to remove them.


  3. Reblogged this on OUR GREATER DESTINY and commented:



  4. I heard about this “diagnostic test” about eight years ago. Surely, in eight years, there has been progress in laboratory analysis beyond $10 merlot and peroxide.

    I gave $200 to one of the Morgellons leaders (‘researcher’) toward purchase of a microscope. The ‘researcher’ didn’t even thank me–much less report on her discoveries with a more technologically advanced instrument than wine and peroxide. I did not get confirmation that the microscope was even purchased.

    Science isn’t a strong suit for many.

    Try swishing with Listerine for five minutes, spit in a cup and look at the epithelial strings–sloughing of the surface layer. Make up a story of what you are viewing–and act indignant with anyone who disagrees with your story.

    Thus is the state of ‘science’ today.


    • Thanks for your comment. I will get some red wine and try it. I know activists who did the test and confirmed the presence of fibers otherwise I would not have posted it.


    • I donated $2,500 to Haiti relief in 2010, and coordinated it with a matching donation from my employer and our government. The Clinton Foundation absconded with $2 billion in Haiti donations. The longer people ignore, deny, and delay engaging evil to transform it the worse it gets. I am going to blog this video https://youtu.be/BQWOZ7xefB8


      • The process of interpretation of result is a bit like reading tea leaves. I mentioned in my post, the desirability of more advanced science being performed to identify the ‘fibers’ constitution/construction with microscope, chemical analysis and other means of testing.

        A leap of faith is being made in seeing (reading) the tea leaves. This is not science.

        I do not disagree that we are being sprayed, vaccinated and poisoned.


    • DP says:

      I have been following for many years The Carnicom Institute and I found quite detailed analyses of Morgellons & acknowledged support via the ability to buy a special microscope…Also Harald Kautz Vella here in EU brings another dimension into his well researched subject.


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