How AI Self-learns, Synthetic Sentience, War on Cash, UI vs. ui

Google’s Deep Mind Explained

May 01, 2016

Successful development and demonstration of general purpose AI. It’s name is AlphaGo, made by Google’s Deep Mind division. The AlphaGo algorithm beat a human at the world’s hardest game; a historic moment in computer science and artificial intelligence. So what is Google’s Deep mind, where did it come from, and what can the company’s artificial intelligence actually do? Find out in this video.

From Doreen 

Synthetic sentience

Synthetic sentience, the capacity for perceiving, a sense of self, the threshold of emergent consciousness. This is not “AI” (artificial intelligence) in the traditional sense, but something very different, more in the realms of artificial life, growing and evolving its way into every facet of current and future life.

The internet itself is approaching the horizon line of becoming a form of “collective organism” to which we, the human species, have become engaged in an irreversible symbiosis. This is an organism which is internally populated with myriad variations of virtual artificial lifeforms, invokes immune system responses to viral invasions, and linked together within this system are vast arrays of “intelligence organelles”, computational systems which are them-selves evolving entities, adaptive, self modifying, self healing.

Can you see how the push for humans to interact more with technology is being engineered? The more humans consent to interact with technology, the more ‘artificial life’ learns and grows through us, which may also become an irreversible symbiosis. RichieFromBoston uploaded a video about a new ‘Carrot’ APP coming to Canada. Google for details.

UI trumps AI

Universal Intelligence [UI], the one true Power referred to by sages as Consciousness, Spirit, God, and by physicists as fundamental electromagnetic quantum energy, creates reality in response to human freewill choices.

During these shifting times we cannot awaken others. What we can do is repeatedly share information, shift from negative to positive choices, clear inner emotional wounds, detox, eat healthy, make right with Universal Intelligence [UI], and one another.

Based on the 100th monkey effect we require only a small % of awakened humans to set ourselves free. The concepts of morphogenetic fields and critical mass are true; illustrated well by the 100th monkey story.

War on cash

It’s not about cash it’s about control. “Payment networks want to kill cash (and checks!) as competitors to their oh so terrific (and fee-gouging) credit and debit cards.”

Set our people free

Since robots will replace humans in most jobs, Luciferians are planning a basic universal income [ui], an unconditional sum of money for everyone. As I see it, accepting universal income [ui] is tacit or implied consent to Satan’s Singularity; Autonomous Intelligence taking over everyone and everything by 2025 or sooner.

In this holographic Universe every part is inseparable from the whole; God’s Singularity.

Two sides of one Consciousness 1] individuals choose Universal Intelligence, unity and body, mind, soul freedom 2] individuals choose Luciferian’s universal income and trans-humanism.

Luciferians are powerless without human consent to energize their desires. Freedom from the control matrix, trans-humanism, war, debt slavery, etc., requires a critical mass of humans to reach for our power with unwavering courage and solidarity; REJECT the universal income, to stop energizing Luciferians, and break through fear to freedom.

People of goodwill, we are the masters of our destiny and we have a common enemy, Luciferians. It is critical to pull together as never before. There are no guarantees, only freewill choices. Ask within for guidance, and own the result of your choices. Please, spread the word.

If you have other suggestions please leave comments below. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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