ELECTRIFIED PLANET: An Inconvenient Mutation

Microwaves induce electrical currents in conductors which includes all ‘cellular’ and sub-cellular structures and energy transfer systems

Steward ‘The Effect’ Simonson Interview




Welcome to On the Brink radio, broadcast #205… I am lucky to converse with the very doctor of EMR effects, Stewart Simonson. In this, our fourth dialogue, we reiterate the main focus of Stewart’s work in recent years, mapping the nature and effects of the electrification of the human and non-human environments. Our original connection was concerning the electrification of the marine environment in the vicinity of shipping lanes and any larger commercial or military vessel, which all use cathodic protection systems. Ironically, these systems are designed to prevent corrosion of the ship hulls but actually cause the corrosion of the marine environment in general.

Corrosion is an electro-chemical process by means of which induced voltages result in degradation of structural integrity, in both mechanical and biological systems, i.e., the hull of a ship, the shell of a sea turtle or an entire coral reef.





Microwaves in particular induce electrical currents in conductors of any kind, metallic or biological, and these induced currents of artificially generated electricity are not coherent with the weaker but ubiquitous bio-electrical fields and impulses characterizing the cellular energy systems of all life forms.

In other words, the pervasive artificial electromagnetic environment that we have created and spread over the Earth  since the advent of Nicola Tesla’s alternating current is corroding every living thing in proximity to these electromagnetic fields and transmissions and interfering with the natural resonances and coherence that connect all life forms to the heart-beat and rhythms of Mother Earth herself.

What we think of as an inalienable and essential convenience is in reality an acute mutagenic influence, one of many that have been unleashed from the Pandora’s box of technological diabolicism.

Just because you or your children don’t have two heads or six fingers per hand doesn’t mean you’re not being affected. All of these artificially created influences are not only mutagenic but also carcinogenic; even in the time of Rachel Carson, about 50 years ago, one in four people was expected to contract cancer in one form or another. Before Trinity and Hiroshima, my guess is that the estimate may have been one out of one hundred.



“The living cell assaulted by radiation suffers a variety of injuries: its ability to divide normally may be destroyed, it may suffer changes in chromosomal structure, or the genes, carriers of hereditary material may undergo those sudden changes known as mutations, which cause them to produce new characteristics in succeeding generations. If especially susceptible the cell may be killed outright, or finally, after the passage of time measured in years, it may become malignant.

All these consequences of radiation have been duplicated in laboratory studies by a large group of chemicals known as radio-mimetic or mutation-imitating. Many chemicals used in pesticides – herbicides as well as insecticides – belong to this group of substances that have the ability to damage the chromosomes, interfere with normal cell division, or cause mutations. These injuries of the genetic material are of a kind that may lead to disease in the individual exposed or they may make their effects felt in future generations.”


My guess is that what is euphemistically referred to as ‘non-ionizing radiation’, the sub-optical bandwidths of microwaves and radio waves are just as carcinogenic and mutagenic as ‘ionizing radiation’ from fission reactions or endocrine-disrupting persistent organic chemicals, particularly when transmitted digitally in pulsed forms.

The Petkau Effect will probably be shown to apply to chemical and electromagnetic influences, in addition to ‘ionizing radiation.’


“In 1972, a researcher in Canada, Dr. Abram Petkau, found that when cells were irradiated slowly, a smaller total dose was needed to cause damage. Since this critical discovery it has been verified that a small dose of radiation over a long time is more damaging than one larger dose … Dr. Ernest Sternglass, retired Emeritus Professor of Radiological Physics at the University of Pittsburgh and a pioneering researcher in the field of radiation health, explains in his 1978 book Secret Fallout the implications of this new understanding: ‘Doses of radiation delivered slowly and continuously over extended periods of time are hundreds of times as damaging biologically as short, high intensity exposures of the same total dose. This was made clear in 1972 by Dr. Abram Petkau who discovered that at low doses of radiation absorbed at low rates, the dominant biological damage is produced by highly toxic molecules called free radicals.’

A 1966 report by the Atomic Energy Commission, The Genetic Effects of Radiation, concluded  ‘there is no threshold on the genetic effect of radiation.  There is no safe level of radiation insofar as genetic effects are concerned.’ “


And mutations don’t have to be purely physical; I have speculated for many years that humanity’s current condition is the result of a more or less permanent psychic mutation scenario in which we are embedded, resulting from a synergic interaction of being land-dwelling animals on a planet whose atmosphere is regularly penetrated by a wide variety of high-energy emanations, for example, cosmic rays and far-UV from the sun, combined with the full-spectrum mutagen complex that is both by-product and deliberate goal of military-industrial civilization = planetary war-on-life juggernaut.

Humanity has become the biggest mutagenic and carcinogenic influence that Mother Earth has ever experienced, rivaling the effects of supernova explosions, galactic core shock waves, cosmic ray bombardment and collisions with comets and asteroids; Immanuel Velikovsky observed that ancient rulers sought to ’emulate the gods’ through their campaigns of wholesale destruction wrought with the most advanced technologies at their disposal. Is this not precisely what we as a whole are so strategically dedicated to at this time?




IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY “Great catastrophes of the past accompanied by electrical discharges and followed by radioactivity could have produced sudden and multiple mutations of the kind achieved today by experimenters, but on an immense scale.  The past of mankind, and of the plant and animal kingdoms, too, must now be viewed in the light of the experience of Hiroshima and no longer from the portholes of the Beagle.” Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, chapter 15, “Cataclysmic Evolution”

For more interviews visit https://uncensored.co.nz/2017/06/25/brink-radio-205-now-electrified-planet-inconvenient-mutation-stewart-effect-simonson-interview/

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