Don’t fall for “M1 Bonds” or any other offer like it. Anna von Reitz

From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Friday, July 07, 2017 6:10 PM
Subject: The M1 Bond Scam

Yes, it’s a trick.  If you use their “M1” bond, you are indemnified by them and not by yourself and not by your native states of the union.  That then gives them permission to “claim” you and your assets as security backing their bonds.  It is a major scam.

When you use the bonds I established for each one of the states of the Union, you are indemnifying yourself and your native organic state, which you own and control.

So, would you rather belong as property owned by whatever potentate in Indonesia (Barack Obama’s old stomping ground) or would you rather (1) take back your actual status as the landowner and force the rats to discharge the odious debts you don’t owe anyway? or (2) shelter under the indemnity owed to your own state of the Union and be responsible for taking care of that?

Just say, “No” and keep on pushing.

From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Saturday, July 08, 2017 11:33 PM
Subject: Caution About Bonds

There are fraudsters out there trying to float huge bonds with the Treasury with absolutely nothing to back the bonds up.  This is, of course, fraud of a high order and people get in big trouble for doing it.

Before you can issue a bond you have to have your own political status corrected and all the public records in place and complete.  There have to be at least three of you in that correct status to complete the bond, one indemnitee and two guarantors.

We are able to do this correctly because members of our group have done the due diligence, made the proper claims and gone through the right procedures, and have established the basis for issuing such bonds.

Most people have not and it is too involved for Joe Blow and Mom and Pop to be expected to learn and do all this stuff.  The bond requirement was and is one of the most difficult aspects of all of this chicanery to navigate.  

Think about this: officially, on the public record, you are listed as both a Territorial and a Municipal franchisee.  Your labor and your assets both public and private are considered collateral backing the debts of the Territorial and Municipal government corporations, and both of them are bankrupt.

The Municipal Government dba UNITED STATES just happened to be “holding” your entire life ESTATE trust when it went down, and even though you never gave your consent to any of this, the public record is clearly stacked against you.  

You were “framed”.

And it is the same story with your Territorial “Citizenship” except that instead of being liquidated, your assets are being subjected to receivership in a Chapter 11 Reorganization.

So what, pray tell, do you have or own of value that you control, that you can use as anything of value to back a bond?

Nothing.  Absolutely nothing.

You have to reassert your own true political status and record it and object to the presumptions being made, you have to reclaim your own property and the three major trust funds associated with your name—- and then you will have something with which to back up an individual indemnity bond.  It’s a major burn.

That’s why we set up the AMRI00001 RA393427640US Indemnity Bond the way we did it.  Not only did I collect all the pieces to indemnify myself, I collected all the pieces to indemnify the actual fifty (50) organic states — all the notices, all the filings, all the recordings, all the “rolling into” claims and “rolling back” liens to the Paramount Security Interest Holders: you and your states of the actual unincorporated Union.

Along with that we established and recorded new Sovereign Letters Patent and did all the Notices and recordings related to that and we established and recorded a Declaration of Joint Sovereignty creating an Express Trust competent to hold the public covenants of the actual states.

We did all of it to circumvent the rat’s attempts to claim ownership of our country via fraud and deceit and to end-run their attempt to leave the actual Constitution vacated for lack of a competent federal partner.  And last but not least, we did it so that you could come home “from the sea” to your own country and indemnify yourselves under your own organic states of the union which you own and control without having to go through yet another hideous long-winded legal process.

What the vermin intended is now clear for all to see.  Your stolen Trade Names would have remained “at sea” and “presumed to be” old derelict, gutted, formerly bankrupted Foreign Situs Trusts, which Queen Bess called “disregarded entities” and which her government claimed were “stateless”—– in such a scenario, you would have had no basis to conduct business, no identity, no nationality.

You would have been forced to accept a foreign nation’s insurance bond, like the so-called “M1 Bond” offered by SWISSINDO and then they would have acquired the value of your name, your copyrights, your private and public property.  

Well, surprise, surprise, surprise as Gomer Pyle used to say.

You have your state’s indemnity bond posted and firmly lodged with the U.S. Treasury and you have your claim to be the Paramount Security Interest Holders in the bankruptcies of both the Territorial and Municipal United States in place.

Your states are sovereign nations owed immunity anyway, and they are far more valuable than any form of money gold-backed or not, so you can afford to just say no, put your name and your assets back under the shelter and protection of the original and actual state of the Union where you were born by recording the indemnity bond as part of your corrected property deed and noting that your property is indemnified under AMRI00001 RA393427640US — California, for example.

So spread the word, far and wide.  Come home, America.  Just come home.  Don’t worry about all the “Bond offers” you will get from UN – SWISSINDO or any similar operation hosted illegally by foreign governments on our shores   And don’t worry about trying to find two other qualified people to act as Guarantors, etc., etc., etc.  All that has already been done for you.

Later on, when we are through this crisis, you can go back and learn and make whatever other additional changes and issue whatever other bonds you need to do, but for now, get your land claims and name claims in and indemnify everything under the AMRI00001 RA393427640US — State bond.  

From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2017 3:54 AM
Subject: A Personal Note

I realized today that for the third year in a row, I haven’t even had time to make a batch of homemade jam for my family. It’s such a simple thing. Indeed, I always took it for granted. Of course, you “put by” tomatoes in season and picked your strawberries for syrup and jam and red raspberries, too… apple butter and plum butter and pickles, too. The familiar smells and tastes and the jars lined up on the pantry shelves in the fall. My pantry shelves are bare, folks. It’s been this way for three years.

I’ve had no life of my own at all. It’s all been given to you and for you, to dig this country and its people out of the morass of ignorance and gullibility and apathy into which so many have fallen—-and which poses such a clear and present danger now.

My husband and I don’t regret it. We’d do it all again. But sometimes I just sit down and cry and rage.

We can’t do it alone. We have leveraged and fought and taught and done what needed to be done, and somehow, with help from above and friends near and far, it has all been accomplished thus far. Each week, our voices reach an estimated 55 million people, and from there, like a web, the news trickles out. We have to do more and we have to do it faster. Somehow.

And most urgently, the word has to be passed— don’t fall for the “M1 Bonds” or any other offer like it. Your organic states and your ESTATES have been redeemed and reclaimed. Now make sure that we don’t get fooled again— because that is what the rats are trying to do.

They are coming in here with more undisclosed “offers” and trying to get innocent people to sign away their lives and their rights and their property for a song. Warn everyone. Don’t sign anything for any reason that you don’t completely understand— and I mean, completely, looking up every word in a legal dictionary, so that you catch every possible meaning.

When you sign things from now on, do it with a “by-line” as if you were the author of a book. Always write it in front of your name, just like in a newspaper article— by: Joseph Alan Schmoe.

Copyright everything you sign, even if it is a laundry ticket.

Guard yourselves and your property as well as you can. Learn. Think. Listen. Share. Put aside some extra food and toilet paper and other things people need, tea and coffee, flour, and yes, jam.

We’ve been framed. Set up to take the fall for the UNITED STATES, INC. and the USA, Inc. The rest of the world has been mistreated by these same cretins who have stolen us blind and commandeered our government. Many mistakenly blame us.

There are those who have their blinders on, those in a state of denial. They don’t want to believe it is as bad as it is, and they don’t want to admit why. At bottom, they are afraid. I don’t blame them. By all means, do everything you can to protect yourselves and your families, and if you can, help us do the work by passing on the information and by sending donations when you can.

From: Anna von Reitz []
Sent: Sunday, July 09, 2017 3:08 PM
Subject: Grandma Anna’s Investment Advice

[This was written in response to a question about Zimbabwe Bonds.]

Stay out of investments you don’t understand!!!!

I cannot stress this enough!

There is all sorts of wild speculation and weird “offers” being made related to foreign currencies and foreign government bonds.

There are all kinds of bonds– savings bonds, construction bonds, government bonds, payment bonds, insurance bonds, transfer bonds, performance bonds, bid bonds– I am tempted to say “bond bonds”.

Except in the case of cured bonds known as payment bonds — for example, matured savings bonds– all bonds are promises to pay in the future given this or that condition or eventuality.

So consider the meaning of what you just asked me.  The government of Zimbabwe is offering to bond itself to pay back a certain amount of money in the future in exchange for you investing a certain amount of money today, if and when certain conditions are met.

So first of all do you have faith in the honesty and stability and ability of the government of Zimbabwe to pay back the bonds as stipulated?

To be more exact do you have faith in the FUTURE government of Zimbabwe however many years hence when the bonds “mature”— to pay off the agreement the present government has with you?

If not, why are you even THINKING about such an investment or asking me such a question?

When entering a foreign bond market you also have to ask yourself– who is going to collect this debt for me, if things go South?

Are you going to hike up your skirts and go to Zimbabwe and track down the men who sold you these pieces of paper?

You tell those “lot of people” that in my opinion they will be far better off buying extra fuel for next winter or extra food or blankets or almost anything.  Invest in coffee packets. Invest in medical supplies.  Invest in anything that is tangible and real and that you have control of.

Do NOT get involved in any foreign investments that you don’t understand and can’t enforce.  Promises of huge profits to be made are Satan’s bait for greedy and gullible people.

There is a saying that it is hard to cheat an honest man– and that is true, because honest men don’t desire what they have not earned.

Invest in things that you know about and that you are sure of. Invest in things that make simple good logical sense, and do NOT depend on the advice of experts or friends.

Do your own due diligence and stay in the shallow water unless you are a really big fish and can afford to lose your shirt.


I think it is also safe to say that although government bonds are traditionally safer than the stock market, actual commodities and precious metals are safer long term investments than either one.

We are seeing conditions eerily similar to the 1920s— grossly overvalued stock and currency markets thanks to irresponsible government pension fund investments, wild speculative investment, market instability, graft and fraud everywhere, all sorts of weird unproven securities popping up out of nowhere, insider trading and mammoth amounts of market and news manipulation— in short, it is in my opinion time to (1) PAY OFF ALL DEBTS and (2) pay off as much forward as you can — pre-pay your winter fuel bills for example, and (3) invest in actual assets that you control, in local deals that you are sure of, and otherwise keep your heads down.

It’s POSSIBLE that a new era of world peace and economic harmony will be forged.  It’s also possible that gross human failings will take the stage and greed and dishonesty will rule the day. I say to hope and pray for the first option and work toward it, but be cautious and realistic, too.

Perhaps the best advice is to figure out how much you can safely afford to lose and invest that, if you want to, in speculative high risk investments like foreign government bonds.

I used to do that when I played the stock market– take what I could afford to risk, then invest that.  Recoup that initial amount and invest only the profit. Then recoup the initial and reinvest the profit from that.

Doing it that way you limit your potential losses, have the ability to diversify your investments outside the stock and bond markets, and don’t have to rely on hedge funds.

That said I am not currently “investing” in anything but the effort to inform other Americans and take actions to save this country. And if you and your friends have extra money to spend, I would sure appreciate it if you invested in doing the same instead of supporting the future government of Zimbabwe.

From Doreen

The following is not meant to confuse. It showed up on Facebook:

The Manna World Holding Trust is the highest Sovereignty on the planet and the Kingdom of Manna is a sub sovereignty under Manna World Holding Trust. This trust is the keeper of the Collateral accounts for all nations. After many attempts by Manna to release funds to Nations and blocked by the elites and corrupt governments the Kingdom of Manna has been established to free up Nations and give back Sovereignty to all.

They have a higher authority than the Crown and all the ancient records telling the true history of humanity and free us all from the enslavement that’s been placed on humanity. [End]

This notice was gazetted Thursday 6th July 2017 in The Age . The Herald and Canberra Times and the importance of this will come to light in the near future . John Blunsdon

Please forward Anna’s messages.

If you know more about the Manna Holding Trust please leave a comment below. I sent it to Anna and await her comments. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved




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  1. John Andrews says:

    Is there a guide to extricate from the Cestue Que trusts and such a guide work in Australia? Thanks


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