Great Fraud: Questions and Response From Anna von Reitz

Questions for Ann von Reitz

To seek clarity before asking prominent Canadians to help educate other Canadians about the great fraud, I asked Anna some questions below, and also posted her response.

From: Doreen Ag0stino []
Sent: Tuesday, July 04, 2017 11:57 PM
To: ‘Anna von Reitz’
Subject: Questions: The Great Fraud of Today, Part Three: Redemption

  1. Please include Canada in your communiques where appropriate, to grab the attention of more Canadians.
  2. If fraud vitiates all why does anyone have to file anything?  Depending on your response …
  3. Is there someone on your team to help us in Canada? You filed a Judicial Notice of Claim on behalf of Americans. Does someone in every country have to do the same? Who is authorized to speak on behalf of all citizens in a country? And who is the Notice of Claim filed with?
  4. Does correcting our political status [get back on the land] disqualify the applicant from company and government pensions, health care, bank accounts, credit cards, asset ownership?
  5. How do I respond to a reader who just commented as follows: No No it was the Treaty of Peace that was the greatest fraud. No sovereignty was given to the people only the State corporations – said the Trilateral agreement.

    Anna responded

    From: Anna von Reitz []
    Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2017 3:09 AM
    To: Doreen Ag0stino
    Subject: Re: Questions: The Great Fraud of Today, Part Three: Redemption

    Dear Doreen–

    Last comment first– in international jurisdiction only States have sovereignty. On the land, the national jurisdiction, people have sovereignty. The problem is that the rats contrived to remove everyone on the land into  international jurisdiction– the jurisdiction of the sea.

    And then to make it even worse, they deliberately misidentified us as commercial “vessels”.  That made us liable to statutory law and denied the protections we are owed a private vessels engaged in international trade.

    After the Second World War the vermin responsible for all this were faced with the expense of rebuilding the world. They saddled the Americans with the War and then just kept right on riding us non-stop to the Big Finish when Mr. Obama declared the UNITED STATES insolvent and put the USA in Chapter 11.

    What you are seeing now is Maritime Wagering Act results.

    All the other governments were set up under the UNITED STATES— FRANCE, CANADA, UNITED KINGDOM—every country you can think of had its corporate government chartered here under UNITED STATES auspices.

    So when they bankrupted the UNITED STATES, CANADA was bankrupted as a franchise along with WILLIAM JOHN DOE.

    The bad guys openly bet that we would never be sophisticated enough to see through their scam.  They figured they got away with their Test Run in the 1930’s and they were going for the jugular this time.

    They meant to bankrupt our states and our ESTATES and take it all.

    But we beat them first in the jurisdiction of the air, and now we have clobbered them in the jurisdiction of the sea, and they have little or no handholds on the jurisdiction of the land.

    So–what does this mean for everyone?  Well, your Municipal Government is now owned by the Americans –the real Americans, not the “US”.  Your Territorial Government is in receivership to us.

    And what does that mean? Well, it means that the whole world owes the Yankees a LOT–more than it could pay. And we showed up as the Paramount Security Interest Holders in the worldwide bankruptcy.

    Not to worry.

    We have suffered enough ourselves so that taking over or billing or being mean to anyone else is the last thing on our minds.

    Instead, we have devised a means to eradicate debt worldwide and set up a credit based system.

    You don’t have to worry about losing your pensions or being taxed or hurt in any way.  Quite the contrary. We are going to erase your debts, return your alloudak land patents, replace old infrastructure, give everyone a guaranteed living stipend and an investment account on top of what you have now– and no strings at all for any of it.

    People all over the world will finally be free of fear and want and all we ask in return is that when you get up every morning you look around and find a way to make the world you live in a better place.

    It could be anything. Pick up some litter. Babysit your grandchildren. Make some jam and share it with your neighbor.  Everyone needs to get back into the community spirit of things– and remember how to care and how to dream and how to help each other and build things up again.

    I don’t think you have to worry anymore about figuring out all the ins and outs of the nasty paperwork and bureaucracy we waded through. We will just lean on what’s left of the scam and collapse it and bring forth a simplified explanation of the whole mess and let people choose.

    “Do you want to be considered a debt slave belonging to a bank as collateral for government debt— or would you rather live as a free man and make the government serve you?

    If you want to be a Free Man, you have to turn in your old Birth Certificate for a record of Live Birth, and turn your old marriage and driver and other licenses for simple recordings of marriage and passing public travel exams….

    You see? We will simply convert everything back the way it should be and help educate people so that this kind of criminal system can never get started again.

    The Americans are good people who have been badly abused and misled. They are now the Paramount Creditors of the world and they will deal justly and generously and wisely with everyone to return all that has been stolen and help clean up The Mess.

    To do this we will call on all people of good will and put them to work building their own dreams for their own country. There will be no more war, no more poverty, and soon, there will be great strides curing disease.

    We bought the world, Doreen.  And now we are going to give it back again. All glory and thanks and honor be to Our Father in Heaven.

    In January I declared the beginning of the promised Thousand Years of peace and in June I claimed back and literally redeemed the bankrupt Municipal and Territorial governments of the world. Now begins the work of restoring the lawful government you are owed and the self-determining communities you will be free to build.

    Time to dream, Doreen. Tell your friends this, too.

    The Yanks are indeed coming– the real ones– and not in war or in greed or to harm anyone or anything.  Our mission now is to bring peace and joy and abundance.

    Your mission is to work with us to deploy resources and build up communities and earmark worthy infrastructure developments and reboot your local governments and operate your trade banks and clean up your courts.

    And be happy and healthy and filled with joy.

    The End.  The miracle has come.

    From Doreen

    Original post

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    Doreen Ann Agostino
    Non-negotiable autograph,
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