Technological Enslavement! Sending Data Through Your Bones Via Electrical Charges

AT&T plans to roll-out bio-acoustic data transfer

Piezoelectricity is the electric charge that accumulates in certain solid materials such as crystals and bones, when they are forced to bend or vibrate.

AT&T plans to roll out “bio-acoustic data transfer” to send digital data through people’s bones and neurons by way of electrical vibrations. Data can be exchanged through a handshake. Electro-magnetic frequencies can affect gene expression and physical processes. They can trigger moods and thoughts. – G. Edward Griffin

From Doreen

As above so below, except that God’s creations can only ‘tinker’ with what God creates b/c there is only one Power referred to by physicists as energy, frequency, vibration [fudnamental electromagnetic quantum energy].

God creates reality in response to human freewill choices. The Great con of man is hiding in one tiny word: consent. Silence is implied or tacit consent. In other words, unless a critical mass of people oppose we reap what we sow.


Doreen Ann Agostino
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Resolution Guide, Author, Radio Host, Emissary of Greater Well-being, Freedom, and Natural Law; do no harm and do not allow others to harm.
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