Security Threats Canada Day July 01, 2017

ISIS Threat Leads To Heavy Canada Day Security Efforts

Canada Recall Parliament

Reap what you sow

While the globalist controlled Trudeau government tries to pretend there’s no real threat from ISIS or Islamist terrorism, informed Canadians ‘know’ that ignoring, denying and doing nothing to stop crime make us complicit in one world governance and enslavement because public silence is implied or tacit consent.  

A report from CTV News reveals that ISIS “explicitly named Canada” as a target for attack, along with the United States.

CTV says confirmation of the ISIS threat comes from a national security memo they obtained. Here is a key part of the report:

“According to the memo, ISIS has warned Muslims to avoid markets and public gatherings in Canada, and threatened to use “explosives, vehicles and beheadings to kill crusaders.”

“Given the current threat environment it is increasingly necessary for law enforcement officers to be aware of possible suspicious incidents that may be indicative of pre-attack planning,” the memo says. “ The planning cycle of self-directed extremists is becoming increasingly shorter and subsequently more difficult to attack.”’

While officials say there are no specific threats against Canada Day, they are beefing up security just in case. In Ottawa, all available police officers will be on duty.

The report also says that dump trucks and concrete blocks will be set up to prevent the kind of attacks that have been seen across Europe.

It is good to see security officials taking increased measures to keep Canadians safe. That said, it is clear that ISIS is a growing threat to Canada, regardless of what our naive leaders say.

From Doreen

Do we face our fears and mutually support one another to end threats now or face the consequences of complicity?

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