Revelations: End Times, When Evil Comes Out To Play

Normalizing ‘Nazi eugenics’ in 2017 is referred to as a liberalized society

Abortion and after birth abortion [Journal of Medical Ethics]

In spite of the oxymoron in the expression, we propose to call this practice ‘after-birth abortion’, rather than ‘infanticide’, to emphasise that the moral status of the individual killed is comparable with that of a fetus (on which ‘abortions’ in the traditional sense are performed) rather than to that of a child. Therefore, we claim that killing a newborn could be ethically permissible in all the circumstances where abortion would be. Such circumstances include cases where the newborn has the potential to have an (at least) acceptable life, but the well-being of the family is at risk. Accordingly, a second terminological specification is that we call such a practice ‘after-birth abortion’ rather than ‘euthanasia’ because the best interest of the one who dies is not necessarily the primary criterion for the choice, contrary to what happens in the case of euthanasia.


” My goal is to have a positive impact on reversing the plans of those who are altering our future.” By A. Ralph Epperson

Page 10 written in 1989: The New World Order will include changes in:

the family: homosexual marriages will be legalized;
parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will;)
all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be “homemakers”;
divorce will become exceedingly easy and monogamous marriage will be slowly phased out;

the workplace: the government will become the owner of all of the factors of production;
the private ownership of property will be outlawed;

religion: religion will be outlawed and believers will be either eliminated or imprisoned;
there will be a new religion: the worship of man and his mind; all will believe in the new religion;

The United States will play a major role in bringing it to the world.


15:42 minutes: innocent children are being indoctrinated through after school Satan programs. Promoting activism, pro abortion to normalize satanic ritual abuse/murder and cannibalism. … Churches are silent.

‘Keep educatin’ with Satan’ out of schools

30:40 minutes Secretary of Education, Florida appointed AIR to receive $220 million contract for end of course exam testing. They are promoting the LGBT agenda 2-spirited.

32:00 minutes sexual education in schools is  being rammed into the faces of children as young as 5 years. There is a push to remove age of consent because in the new regime pedophilia is to become normal and acceptable.

34:00 minutes androgynous beings; teaching children from a young age they are neither male nor female. They are an ‘it’.

From Doreen

We are living in extraordinary times

End times means the end of a world age cycle and beginning of another one … without baggage. In other words, individuals need to heal inner emotional wounds, judgments, hate, anger, revenge, poverty mentality, fear, etc. to make way for a clean start.

Revelations  [inhumane acts against populations, genocide, fraud, corruption, debt slavery, etc.] are being projected onto life’s screen for us to acknowledge and bring to correction.

Do the math

From Anna von Reitz:

Here is a simple little set of equations I want you to observe, knowing that they are part of the fabric and foundation of the Universe we are all part of and live in:

-7 + -7 = -14

This means that if you add negative things to negative things all you get are bigger more dangerous and uglier negative things.

+7 + -7 = 0

This means that if you add positive things to negative things in equal measure, they cancel each other out and there is no net change.

7 + 7 = 14

This means that if you add positive things to positive things you build up a whole full measure of positive things that yield more positive results.

Okay, folks? You won’t believe Yeshuah? You won’t believe me? How about you believe the simple mathematics in front of your face?

When you return evil for evil, all you do is create a bigger mound of evil.

When you return good for evil, you cancel it out.

When you return good for good, you create Heaven on Earth.

Now, watch and ask yourself this question

Published on May 12, 2017

New York Times best-selling author Gregg Braden is internationally renowned as a pioneer in bridging science, spirituality and the real world!

Please share this message as a service to others, which will return to you many fold.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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