New Video Shows Undercover FBI Operation Against Bundy Family

In a never-before-released video, FBI agents posing as documentary filmmakers can be seen running an undercover operation to investigate a Nevada ranching family whose fight with the federal government sparked an armed uprising and rallied militias from around the country.

From Nancy
A program named ‘An American Patriot‘ aired on FRONTLINE. I watched to see how much they would ‘slant’ the story in favor of the BLM and excoriate the Bundy’s …… it was fairly straightforward and they tried to make it seem like Ammon and his family plus LaVoy were there in Oregon to start a war against the Fed. gov./corp …. they called them a group of ANT-GOVERNMENT people.

I was surprised to see that they showed some decent footage, however, they did not show the BLM massacre & starving of the Bundy’s herd of cattle.

I actually was thrilled that it was on tv so the rest of America could see it …. the absolute and blatant KILLING OF AN AMERICAN PATRIOT LIKE LA VOY was glazed over very briefly.

The Bundy’s trial in NV. is coming up next month and we should be very vigilant to see what they do.

View the documentary at

The film American Patriot: Inside the armed uprising against the federal government; viewing disallowed in Canada.

From Doreen
With thanks to Alicia Lutz-Rolow for sharing the above.

Every human is Consciousness [Primordial Conscious Power or Spirit] unbounded in form [physical body/matter]. The call compels a response. The more calls the greater the potential for a response so please, request and give thanks often for sealing the doors where evil dwells.

The Second American Revolution Explodes Inside The Beltway

REALITY CHECK: Look it, people, Trump can’t do this by himself.
Who can take on Deep State virtually alone and survive? Unless
We the People help drain the swamp, Trump will get swallowed up
after doing battle with an endless procession of swamp monsters.[1]

Doreen Ann Agostino
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