The Globalization Plan 2.0: Newer, More Shiny One World Governance?

‘Informed’ people stand between the false choice Chinese-led world order and American-led world order

Distractions, contradictions, deception, distortions, mis-information used by the dark forces to pit humans against one another, erode human health, rights, and freedom.

Subsequent to this post

I received a different spin for consideration: ‘New Silk Road Forum Sets Chinese Tone for Globalization 2.0′. It’s all spelled out in this video.

By James Corbett

You may not know it if you’re only consuming #fakenews from western MSM propaganda outlets, but the American-led world order of the post-WWII era is being severely tested right now. So it looks like freedom is on the march and the globalists are on the run. Right, gang? We’ve got this globalism thing licked! Bye bye to the American Empire and hello peace, cooperation and stability!

…If only. Sadly, these new initiatives aren’t really steps away from globalism, they’re just steps toward the creation of a different global order. Globalization 2.0, if you will.

For those of you who are still thinking that anything is better than the American-led globalization of the last 50 years, I have bad news. As I’ve pointed out many, many times in numerous reports over the last few years, it is the same cabal of globalists who created the current mess who are shepherding China’s rise and the creation of the Chinese-led “globalization 2.0.” Although I’ve provided numerous examples of this in those above-mentioned reports, one just has to look at the latest headlines to find yet another example of this false dialectic at work:

WASHINGTON, April 23, 2017. AIIB signed a new Agreement to deepen cooperation with the World Bank. BRICS bank VP is an IMF Executive Director.

Kissinger meetings:
04.28 Wang Yi China’s Foreign Minister met with Henry Kissinger

From Doreen
Globalization 2.0
prompted me to find Anna von Reitz’s post about a massive Chinese gold hoard belonging to the Chinese people placed on hold, plus interest, with the NY Fed in 1928. The Fed Reserve System went bankrupt in 2009. When Neil Keenan brought suit against the NY Fed in 2011 they declared bankruptcy protection. Forced to pay the Chinese off, the bankers turned lemons into lemonade … they moved their focus of operations to China.

What China can expect and needs to be told.

The dark forces are masters of deception. This requires each of us to raise our awareness, do our own due diligence, and share our findings so that others can do their research, draw their own conclusions, and take action accordingly.  Please share and thank you.

Something to think about

China is about to ask 28 world leaders to sign on to President Xi Jinping’s signature initiative on globalization, bolstering a range of Chinese foreign policy objectives, according to people familiar with the draft communique. Not everyone is yet in agreement.

The document also includes a statement of support for the Paris Agreement on climate change, another topic Trump officials asked to be removed from the G-20 communique.

Yet, the Paris Agreement is based on incomplete science and omissions like blocking life-giving sunlight by discharging chemicals from aircraft. The following is an opportunity for informed people to stand shoulder to shoulder to withdraw consent, otherwise we are complicit.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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