Inner-net Series No. 2 Selling Your Soul: Energetic Transactions With Demons Are Parasitic and Symbiotic

How humans sell their Soul to the devil, and how to transform rather than transact with demons

From Doreen
I transcribed a good portion of this video for readers to

1. Self realize that freewill choices create reality.
2. Self govern through higher awareness, and taming ego/emotions, which raise your signature energy [sum of beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, feelings]
3. Self empower by ‘intentionally’ creating reality rather than live by default where life happens to you.

Published on May 6, 2017
By Teal Swan

Can you sell you soul to the devil? Should you protect your soul from demons? Teal Swan explains what demons are, what demons want, and how to stop transacting unknowingly with demons and the devil. Also how loving demons may be the solution.

Transcription [partial]

We live in a Universe of polarity. Polarity has been necessary for the sake of expansion. We know light by knowing dark. We know goodness in contrast to comprehending what we call evil. Part of the polarity we see as evil is referred to as demons.

A demon is essentially a thought that was created through the vibration of lack. Instead of being the vibration of Source Consciousness it is the absence of that vibration. It is a thought, focused on long enough that it becomes a thought form; a thought form capable of creating its own ideas, its own desires, its own prerogatives.

Demons are a vibration that is opposite to the vibration of love and freedom.
Demons are the ultimate manifestation of separation. As such, they do not experience themselves as being connected to Source Consciousness regardless of the fact that they are. For this reason, in order to maintain their identity and not dissipate, they must take energy from elsewhere however they are only a match to those who vibrate at the same frequency they do.

The primary way that demons feed off human energy is through unmet needs;
people who feel totally powerless, totally ostracized, people who are stuck in a feeling of lack or trying to compensate for a craving within them. When you have an unmet need and can’t figure out a way to meet it, and somebody makes that need wrong, you try to get it subconsciously using a back door approach instead of straight-forward a.k.a. manipulation. Manipulation carries a big stigma. It makes it sound as if someone’s malevolently controlling someone else but in reality it’s subconscious and quite an innocent process. We try to influence others to do what we want so that our needs are met. This is particularly prevalent when the unmet need is emotional, when the child cannot get its emotional needs met directly those emotional needs get hidden or exiled from the whole being and delegated to the subconscious where they begin to become manipulative to get those now subconscious needs met.

Example: Someone has a subconscious need to be protected and kept safe. That person might subconsciously create scenarios in which they have to be rescued, and that manipulative way of going about it enables them to be rescued and protected by a savior, someone who sees them as in distress when that may not be a genuine reflection of where they are. These two concepts go together because demons perceive themselves not to be a part of God, not to be a part of the greater universe of Source, they feel separate. They cannot receive their needs from universal Source energy directly so what do they have to do? Manipulate! They have to get their needs met through that which they see as other because they are essentially the embodiment of the vibration of manipulation; they are a perfect match to other people who are also in that vibration of manipulation, people who aren’t getting their needs met directly.

A little secret is that demons are just very extreme mirrors of the inner child who could not meet its needs in direct ways. We exile demons in our society in the same way that our original unmet needs were exiled into the shadow of our own subconscious mind. Here’s the problem. If demons are a perfect vibrational match to people who are also in a vibration of manipulation because they’re not getting their needs met because they’re in such an extreme vibration of lack, demons aren’t breaking any laws by attaching to them. In fact they are acting in perfect accordance and obedience with universal law.

Example: A woman has poor self-esteem. Her self-concept has limited energy. She does not know how to generate that energy from within, and people around her reinforce her poor self-esteem. Perhaps she’ll notice that the women who get what she needs, and doesn’t have, are women who are wanted by men. So she develops the desperate desire to be wanted by men. In order to create this she may become very good at the art of seduction. She will learn to get her self-esteem fed by seducing men and soaking in the energy of their attention and adoration. This is an innocent manipulation however manipulation makes you a perfect match to a demon vibrationally. As a result there is a likelihood that a demon will attach to her and feed off of this energy. But where is the transaction that is taking place energetically?

What does it mean to sell your soul?

Demons are the embodiment of different types of pain. Those of you who are familiar with Christianity I want you to look at the seven deadly sins as if each represents an over- compensation for an extreme lack of something that is needed. Each one of them is essentially a response to pain that simply puts us deeper into pain.

Example: When we feel the pain of not having enough we can become greedy. So let’s say that a demon is the embodiment of greed that is ultimately the result of feeling like one doesn’t have enough. It will develop the incredible power to manipulate to get that need met. So going back to the previous example of the woman who gets her self-esteem met through seduction, she will be a match to a demon whose power is seduction. When a demon wants to attach to her, a subconscious agreement takes place. This demon will lend its power to the woman so as to enhance her power to seduce so that both the demon and the woman can be sure to get their need met. She is essentially participating in an energetic transaction that is parasitic yet symbiotic whereby in exchange for the added power provided by the demon she will get her needs met, so the demon can get its needs met through her. Let’s go even deeper.

What does it mean when people say they’ve sold their soul to the devil?
The Bible says that Lucifer and Jesus were essentially brothers. They had a different idea about the way this universe should be run. Drop this concept of the ‘biblical’ under-standing because I know that many of you have resistance to that. Let’s look at this in terms of the universe at large. What if the universe at large, the Mind of Source or God, separated Itself into two different concepts? One of those concepts was determinism, the concept of no free will that God’s mind is going to be the only mind that ever exists and the only thing that will ever exist is cause and effect, versus an idea within Source Consciousness of free will that there is a creation, one of God’s creations has its own free will and the free will to choose.

What we have been calling the devil or Lucifer is the one who chose in favor of determinism, the absence of free will. When you manipulate to get your needs met because you are so desperate, there comes a point where you lose touch with your own free will. Essentially this is no different than an addiction. When you’re in the grip of an addiction you feel out of control trying to get a need met. It feels like you lack the capacity to control yourself. Once you get to the point where you feel such a lack that you are so desperate to get a need met that you feel incapable of controlling yourself, when faced with the offer of that need being met you become disconnected from your own free will and  vibrationally and unintentionally side with determinism and thus the being who gave rise to that thought which we call the devil. Selling your soul to the devil is nothing more than engaging in a transaction that erases freewill.

How this type of dynamic works between demons and humans and this transaction that is made here.
Let’s say someone feels totally powerless. They lack feeling free, feeling sovereign. They want it but they can’t get it straightforward. Let’s say the only access they have to feeling empowered is the concept of overpowering someone else. So they start to manipulate to feel empowerment in this way. They may be a match for a demon who has the capacity to imbue that person with power so when that demon attaches, imbues that person with power so as to be able to dominate other people who demon gets kickback [the transaction] fed by sucking in the energy of those people on the other side when they’re in a state of fear.

10:34 Or let’s say that someone desperately needs connection but can’t get it directly so they have to get it indirectly. Perhaps they will start to fake sick in order to get attention or become hypochondriacal. Let’s say they’re a match because of this manipulation to a demonic entity that attaches to them and begins to make them sick, and puts them in that condition where people are fawning over that person, and giving the connection they need and the demonic entity is feeding on that energy connection. The most important thing to understand is that when it comes to demonic entities there is a transaction that exists on a mental and emotional level, which enables a need to be met that is mutually beneficial to both the host and demon, and in many cults the members will first create the lack, and then deliberately do a ceremony to attach a demon that benefits the cult to the person when they are in a state of lack. They will attach this demon as the antidote to whatever starvation they have created. They understand that lack is created by trauma, and lack in and of itself is trauma. The greatest trauma is the lack that the trauma amplifies. At its fundamental level trauma is the experience of lacking something we need and want, so trauma is inflicted on the person so as to put them in this primed state for demonic attachment. When trauma creates a extreme perception of lack the human auric field is not being fed with enough energy to maintain its integrity and holes or empty spaces appear in the auric field. Demonic entities can enter and attach through these empty spaces. It can do this because it is a match to the vibration of lack. The dissociation that so often occurs during these traumatic experiences is merely a further opening for demons to attach. When a person dissociates, they have often left their body empty to the degree that a full-blown possession state may occur. What these groups do, is to create an alter personality that’s a process that’s easily done through trauma. Then when they have that alter personality present, they put that alter in the state of lack, they attach the demonic entity to it . Now, most people when they see these types of alter personalities show up that are attached to demons or demonic in nature, they deal with them the wrong way. What they do is to try to deprive that alter of whatever food source that demonic entity is getting in the hopes that will cause the demon to pop off but in fact it feeds it, or they try to force a separation between the alter and that demonic entity, and perhaps they will succeed for a time but the likelihood of it coming right back is very, very high. Why, because you’ve done nothing with the preconditions that exist for there to be a need for that transaction in the first place. What we need is to become aware of what that deep need is that exists within that alter and meet it directly, as directly and powerfully as we possibly can because what happens is that those empty spaces that vacuum is filled within that person, and there can no longer be a place for that demonic entity to reside. What you’re doing is increasing the person’s frequency so that entity no longer has anything to hook into and pops off.

Example: Let’s say that an alter shows up that’s attached to a demon but in this particular case the demon comes through the person so as to scare people away. What we have to feel into is ‘why’ is that demon scaring people away? Why does that benefit the alter? How does a person benefit by people being scared away? Ah! Maybe is that by people getting scared away in this moment they get to be safe. Safety is that deeply suppressed need, so let’s make them safe. How do you make someone feel safe, first and foremost through loving them. So you love them completely, unconditionally, you put your arms around them, you protect them in any way that you can and what happens? The person switches out of the altar and eventually that demonic entity will pop off when that need is met enough. Now this is not to say that demons will not fight for their survival, in fact they tend to become extra combative and active in charged when their survival is threatened, which it is when their source of energy is threatening to be cut off but the truth remains the same, meet the need and the person is no longer a match to the demon but from there those of you who are extrasensory or super spiritually advanced may want to take this further. Once you manage to fulfill some unmet need for someone so as to cause a demonic entity who is helping fulfill that need to pop off, you can focus your attention on that demon. Show it another way to directly meet its needs. Love that demon. Take it as yourself. What would you do as yourself if this was you? most especially show it or make it become aware of its connection to Source Consciousness so it no longer perceives itself to be separate from that which we call God. This is the ultimate form of integration. Clearing demons from someone’s auric fields is absolutely pointless unless we do it in conjunction, direct conjunction with meeting the unmet needs because the transaction exists for a reason. 16:02 [End of transcription]

Most people want to solve their problems. The ‘choice’ to view a certain set of circumstances as a ‘problem’ is part of the process by which the dynamics take on the form of a problem. The first principle of quantum physics implies that every set of circumstances is driven by potential. In other words, focusing on that same set of circumstances as emerging potential rather than a problem leads to emergence of a solution because every problem is caused by its solution.

Rather than view negativity as a problem, view it as emerging potential and experience the difference directly.

From an Earth viewpoint, when a critical mass of humans self realize and pull together for the greater good of the highest number, the collective consciousness rises and energetically stops feeding the lower vibratory dark forces.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
all rights reserved


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