The NWO Cabal’s Nuclear Option — Declare US Inc. Bankruptcy [Again?]

The Donald is the TRUMP Card of the International Banking Cartel


MUST READ: Is A Donald Trump Presidency The Sign Of An Impending US Bankruptcy?

Also a MUST READ: ZIRP, NIRP, QE, Bank Collapse and Helicopters Coming Too Late – The Lehman Effect Hits Europe – Hard! (Author of the preceding article)

With the appointment of a former Goldman Sach’s top executive to the Trump Campaign, who also worked for Soros Fund Management, it should be clear that Goldman & Company is getting set for the inevitable. After all, Donald Trump is a well-known bankruptcy artist. He has at least four (maybe 5) under his belt and therefore plenty of practice for the BIG ONE. The “Biggest One of All Time” is of course the bankruptcy of the U.S. Corporation, Inc. which everyone now knows is effectively bankrupt because of the Federal Reserve practice of relentless Quantitative Easing (also known as money printing out of thin air). READ more at

From Doreen

There is no other way out for the bankrupt U.S. Corporation except an “Orderly Default”?  [SOTN]

There is another way … reach for your power

The lawful US government has been usurped by “governmental services corporations”.

Organize county level jural assemblies

Every Thursday join Michigan General Jural Assembly. Call in at nine o’clock p.m., EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#

Inform Americans about the great fraud perpetrated on them and ask them to inform others.

Take action requested by Anna von Reitz

What I want all of you to do as your part of the effort – those who can afford to do so — immediately put advertisements in the “legal section” of your local newspapers as shown below and upon publication, send a copy of the ad along with the name and address of the newspaper and the publication date to me at: Judge Anna Maria Riezinger, c/o 1336 Staubbach Circle, Anchorage, Alaska 99652.


What appear to be names in the form JOHN A. DOE are not names, but Puerto Rican ACCOUNTS belonging to franchises of a bankrupt Puerto Rican Electrical Utility operated by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (INC.). All such ACCOUNTS are pre-paid in full by Payment Bond AMRI00003 RA 493427653 US on file with the Vatican Chancery Court.

All re-flagged American Trading Vessels dba under lawful names in the form John Adam Doe operated by the United States of America and its land jurisdiction states operating in undelegated international jurisdiction are now under the beneficial ownership of the united States of America and are indemnified under sovereign private registered indemnity bond AMRI00001 RA 393427640 US on file with the U.S. Treasury.

Any billing statements issued to names in the form John A. Doe or JOHN A. DOE are illegal and unlawful and are in violation of United States Public Law and are an illegal conveyance of grammar. No payment, credit, or debit issued in response to such an improper solicitation may be considered an assumption of that debt nor that identity and no legal or punitive action may be taken against anyone for failure to pay or perform any action in response to such solicitation.

The COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO and Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the UNITED STATES (INC.) and United States (Inc.) are hereby given NOTICE/Notice of these facts and are prohibited from seeking bankruptcy protection under false pretenses, hypothecating debt against American state nationals, making false claims of surety-ship related to American Trading Vessels, or otherwise promoting fraud and racketeering on our shores.

Notice Posted by: The American States and People c/o 1336 Staubbach Circle Anchorage, Alaska 99562 *****

This, and writing letters to the US Attorney General and President Trump, are the most effective actions you can take to prevent and forestall another attempted “national” bankruptcy fraud scheme of the Territorial United States aimed at the American states and people.

Not on our watch

Please share to chart a new course. The controllers count on people to do nothing, which is consent.  It’s time to disappoint them!

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
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