US Syria Missile Attack: Conversation with Virginia Senator Dick Black

April 7, 2017

Scott Bennett and Senator Richard Black (R-Virginia) discuss mounting evidence that indicates the alleged “chemical attack” against civilians in Syria was NOT conducted by the Syrian government or President Bashar Assad or the Syrian military, but in fact was a false flag attack and psychological operation against Americans to trigger an unconstitutional war against Syria.

Bennett and Black discuss the miscalculation of this move, the Russian-Iran-Syria
countermoves, and the impact this will have on President Trump, America, Europe, and the world.

Essentially, this may be the greatest, and last political mistake, President Trump makes, and could conceivably result in either impeachment or enslavement to the “Deep State” agenda if President Trump does not immediately cease and desist these attacks, and
remove the liars and traitors within his cabinet. Of course, this may have been
their plans all along…Time will tell.

Americans are encouraged to share this interview with their Congressional representatives and contact the White House at the phone numbers and emails provided at the end of this video.

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