WW I and II ENGINEERED; NO WW III To Restart The Global Economy [Syria false flag updates]

Democrat Presidents set the stage and prosecuted World War I and II

By TheMillenniumReport

The facts ought to send chills down the spine of every human being.

World War I

Democrat T. Woodrow Wilson was selected by the banksters to ensure that the USA became embroiled in World War I.  This happened after he ran and was elected on the basis of a very strong “No War” platform.

World War II

Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt was chosen by the banksters for the very same reason–to make sure that the USA entered World War II. Only in this way did the Great Depression finally come to an end.

Very few even know that President Roosevelt had advance warning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, yet let it occur so as to draw the USA in to the war on the side of the Allies.

World War III

Barack Obama  set the stage for World War III, just as Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton was selected to prosecute the planned war with Russia and subsequent WW3.

Obama spent both terms in office implementing the Cold Phase of World War III against Russia, while at the very same time starting unprovoked wars of aggression throughout the Middles East and the Ukraine.  These regional wars are quite purposeful in laying the groundwork for the U.S. and NATO to launch an unlawful yet deliberate war on Russia.

Were such an unjustifiable military aggression to take place, what else could unfold but a full-blown WW3 scenario?  There is even talk of limited nuclear war in the Mideast, especially in the Northern Levant.

All of these warmongering events perpetrated by the Anglo-American Axis[1] have been orchestrated by quite purposeful design.

Not only do those who control the Deep State want war with Russia in order to steal the valuable resources of their Motherland,

they also desperately need a way to restart the global economy.

Also, war-profiteering has always been the bankster’s preferred method for making LOTs of money very quickly.

World War II was meticulously engineered and triggered by the international banking cartel for the very same reasons.  There are many other purposes behind the World Wars, but these are some of the major ones.

For without a world war, the Second Great Depression will only intensify until the people of the world understand that they have been fleeced by the bansksters.  That is a predicament which the international banking syndicate will do everything in their power to avoid … at all costs.

Both Woodrow and Edith Wilson were also hand-picked to occupy the White House during a World War that would see the development of the League of Nations, a precursor to the United Nations.  America had no business in WW1 and was only bribed and blackmailed at the highest levels of government in order for the Balfour Declaration to be internationally recognized.

Democrat Barack H. Obama was literally given the Nobel peace Prize as cover to start the various unprovoked wars his administration has instigated.  There was no reason to  foment the civil war in the Ukraine except to sufficiently antagonize Russia to re-start the Cold War. The many conflicts incited throughout the Middle East by the U.S. (and UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia) were likewise engineered to create a volatile regional war, which would then serve as a tinderbox for World War III.  That’s exactly where the world community of nations sits at this very moment.

SOURCE with thanks and READ more at http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/10/the-world-wars-are-always-set-up-and-prosecuted-by-democratic-administrations/

From Doreen

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Censorship is escalating. Please share the facts widely to expose criminals, avert another bankser’s engineered world war, and encourage people to pull together while we still can.  

Doreen Ann Agostino
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