My Name is Cain ..Tubal Cain!! DoUSeeWhatEyeC

Full Version by Nicholson1968

Published on Mar 27, 2017

The rulers of this world want humans to believe that technology in our present day is new however it has been before, and destroyed for good reason.

From Doreen

Nicholson 1968’s video connects the dots from John Dee* advisor to Queen Elizabeth I in 1558, to Mind Gamers movie 2017, D Wave, and more: Enochian language [Enoch 1 and Enoch 2; one good one evil], James Bond connection, CERN, secret societies, symbolism, the origin of technology used today by Freemasons, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, etc. to manipulate and control humanity.

*John Dee

Discovered in a hidden compartment of an old chest long after his death, the secret writings of John Dee, one of the leading scientists and occultists of Elizabethan England, record in minute detail his research into the occult. Dee concealed his treatises on the nature of humankind’s contact with angelic realms and languages throughout his life, and they were nearly lost forever. In his brief biography of John Dee, Joseph Peterson calls him a “true Renaissance man” detailing his work in astronomy, mathematics, navigation, the arts, astrology, and the occult sciences. He was even thought to be the model for Shakespeare’s Prospero. All this was preparation for Dee’s main achievement: five books, revealed and transcribed between March 1582 and May 1583, bringing to light mysteries and truths that scholars and adepts have been struggling to understand and use ever since. These books detail his system for communicating with the angels, and reveal that the angels were interested in and involved with the exploration and colonization of the New World, and in heralding in a new age or new world order. While Dee’s influence was certainly felt in his lifetime, his popularity has grown tremendously since. His system was used and adapted by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, and subsequently by Aleister Crowley.

Religion, Science, Technology, Magic, One Hive Mind, D Wave, CERN, Mockery, How Pre-programming Works

Master Mason’s Blue Lodge password is Tubal Cain.

If the video is disabled here is the link

0 0 7 – Lorgnette

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Similar Images: Lorgnette 007, Masonic Tubal Cain, Facebook.

42:00 minute mark ‘My Name Is Cain’ video: Quantum computer upload choice point.

MindGamers Wireless Neural Networks

If 5G mmWave technology is advancing at warp speed and capable of penetrating human skin [epidermis] where devices can be implanted that communicate long distances, we need to spread the word now so that more people speak up and reach for power at every opportunity.

The Tubal Cain video is not the only time we hear, ‘The last Card’ is the alien deception.

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