Mind Gamers Movie: Wireless Neural Network – Hacking The Human Mind [Quantum Computing D Wave]

MindGamers 2015 Story Line 2017 Launch

Students at a quantum academy attempt to create a collective consciousness, only to discover that they themselves are part of a greater experiment.

A group of brilliant young students discover the greatest scientific breakthrough of all time: a wireless neural network, connected via a quantum computer, capable of linking the minds of each and every one of us. They realise that quantum theory can be used to transfer motor-skills from one brain to another, a first shareware for human motor-skills. They freely spread this technology, believing it to be a first step towards a new equality and intellectual freedom. But they soon discover that they themselves are part of a much greater and more sinister experiment as dark forces emerge that threaten to subvert this technology into a means of mass-control. MindGamers takes the mind-bender thriller to the next level with an immersive narrative and breath-taking action. Written by Terra Mater Website

MindGamers Movie Clip: Under the Control of Another Man’s Brain 

It’s All About Consent

New York and Los Angeles Mar 28.17

The upcoming science fiction film MindGamers has an intriguing hook: 1,000 audience members are going to wear cognitive headbands to monitor their brain activity during a screening. And when it’s over, researchers will go over the results of the “mass mind state” they gathered. It’s apparently the first time such a large-scale collection of mind activity has been attempted, and it could potentially lead to new insights around human cognition. READ more at https://www.engadget.com/2017/03/01/mindgamers-clip/

Trailer https://seeker401.wordpress.com/2017/06/16/mindgamers-official-trailer

From Doreen
I researched the ‘Mind Gamers’ movie after watching ‘My Name is Cain… Tubal Cain. Link below. The history, symbolism, and inner sight shared in the Cain video are way too close to present reality to ignore … so is hacking the human mind. 

Spread the word to alert humans programmed to see only benefits without questioning hidden agendas advancing at warp speed.


Real-Life Cyborgs: A Company Is Implanting Its Employees With Microchips

Swedish companies have begun implanting microchips in employees’ bodies, with the workers accepting the RFID implants because they think they are modern, fashionable and convenient” – without stopping to think of the consequences.


Mark of the beast is a number. Modify the number of Human DNA Chromosomes with Technology and you have a controlled beast.” Video My Name is Cain … Tubal Cain.

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