In America And Beyond: Pension Crisis Or Unawareness Crisis?

Focus On What You DO Want Instead Of What You Do Not Want – Doreen

Recently I wrote about ‘apathetic’ humans to emphasize the power of presenting solutions along with challenges, to strengthen humanity’s rescue team.

Michael Snyder writes:

Are millions of Americans about to see the big, juicy pensions they were counting on to fund their golden years go up in flames in the biggest financial disaster in U.S. history? When Bloomberg published an editorial entitled “Pension Crisis Too Big for Markets to Ignore“, it simply confirmed what a lot of people already knew to be true.  Pension funds all over America are woefully underfunded, and they have been pouring mind boggling amounts of money into very risky investments such as Internet stocks and commercial mortgages.  Just like with subprime mortgages in 2008, this is a crisis that everyone can see coming well in advance, and yet nothing is being done about it.

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He goes on to say This massive financial bubble is a ticking time bomb, and when it finally goes off it is going to wipe out virtually every pension fund in the United States.”

You can read the rest at

From Doreen
I posted the 2 responses below at theeconomiccollapseblog link [awaiting approval] and YouTube channels stating that pensions will be wiped out.

Transform The CAFR Swindle Into A Solution

#1 Power does not seek those who are virtuous; power belongs to those who reach for it …

Reach for your power, people! Stand shoulder to shoulder and ask every level of government and agency, from your local school district up to the federal government, to reveal their ‘true’ accounting records a.k.a. CAFR: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, a set of books separate from their budget. End deliberate and massive swindle, to save your pensions, family, and yourselves! CAFR Swindle: The Biggest Game In Town

#2 Good people are in a battle for their freedom; with and without this awareness. To win requires each of us to rise above ego, differences, competition, and fear to see reality as it is, spread the word so others see it, and unify to end deception, war, debt slavery and extreme assault on all life. To free yourself and family learn about the CAFR and help us empower freedom. Walter Burien and the CAFR


Knowledge Empowers You … when you inform others and align on purpose with them, to reach for your own power by putting it into wise corrective action.

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