The Tamponator: Female Robot Has Her First Menstrual Cycle + Q&A


A ROBOT has had its first period in an incredible scientific feat which brings us a step closer to creating robots in our own image.

Scientists at Northwestern University used human cells to recreate a female reproductive system in a box. And after switching on their lab-based creation, researchers claim that the book-sized biobot, dubbed EVATAR, had completed its first menstrual cycle.

Specialists worked on each part of the reproductive system to build EVATAR; one team working on an ovary and another on the cervix.

It’s hoped that a number of fake organ systems could be linked up to create a “human in a dish”.

EVATAR could help scientists understand how medicines affect women differently from men

EVATAR could help scientists understand how medicines affect women differently from men


The solution is to inform everyone that this is not a conspiracy theory. Human beings need to ‘wake up’ to what’s going on. We are being hit hard. Robotics is another facet in the assault on human beings.

If you have not taken time to read this post I suggest that you do and please pass them on.

UPDATE Mar 31.17

Leah’s Comment: It’s one thing to come up with a false, flashy title for click bait. This article from start to finish couldn’t be further from the truth. There is no robot, no vagina involved, no actual period taking place, no end of humanity or any future attempts by this group to make a robot or an android of any type. Nor is there any desire by them to conceive human babies from robots. Try reading the scientific paper. Try looking at this group’s website, which explains everything in simplified terms. Try contacting Northwestern for accurate information and clarification, as they are more than willing to assist. Try having just a little bit of integrity. This is the link for more information, the truth behind this project, if anyone would like to read the real story behind this tabloid garbage. Also, the scientific paper is posted in Nature Communications and is easily found by searching “Evatar”

My Response: Thanks for your comment. Indeed, technology has the potential to enhance and destroy life.

With a tract record of war perpetrated for profit and control of populations – the manufactured global refugee crisis – debt slavery – toxic food, water, air, vaccines and harmful wireless technology – mass surveillance – mainstream media repeaters who distort, deny, and withhold the facts – Fukushima contamination withheld: 50,000 trillion Becquerel’s of radiation leaked from Fukushima* and 300 tons of radioactive water leaking daily into the Pacific Ocean – global climate change based on omissions, incomplete and false science to justify spraying humans like cockroaches and block life giving sunlight – staged false flag events like 9/11 that kill innocent people and deceive the public into erosion of rights and freedom masked as safety – world-wide criminal child exploitation syndicates involving high level church, state, corporate, and academia leaders who get away with rape, sacrifice and murder of children, why would robots be created to enhance the life of human beings who are threatened daily with involuntary sterilization and genocide?

*Have you noticed the proliferation of sea salt in almost ‘all’ processed foods now?

If you have not already read this I encourage you to do so.


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