TRANSHUMANISM How The Elites Plan to Cheat God’s wrath

Problem Reaction Solution or Reality Response SOULution?

The pattern used by psychopaths because it works! is to create a phantom problem like the 9/11 false flag act of terrorism, leverage mainstream media to ramp up fear in the people, to minimize resistance, and usher in their solution, which was mass surveillance and increased security to protect the public from terrorists [Terrorists trained, armed and funded by the perpetrators of 9/11.] If you disagree this was in inside job please research deeper.

Meanwhile, human rights, privacy and freedom continue to erode with the consent, funding, and empowerment of ‘unaware’ people; silence is implied or tacit consent. More recently:

False Flag Terror Attack Outside of Parliament “Staged” to Distract from the GCHQ Wiretap Scandal

Problem Reaction Solution

A physically incapacitated human [problem] would likely react positively to becoming fully functional again after a synthetic organ transplant [solution].

When technology advances that is harmless, and without a hidden agenda there is tremendous potential for greater well-being and progress. This is not always the case:

Of man and machine: The evolution of transhumanism

The longest life now clocked is 122 years. Transhumanists believe humans will soon be able to live far longer than this – even hundreds of years – with the help of technological advancements that enhance human physical, intellectual, and cognitive capacities.

He predicts artificial organs will help not only to replace our hearts, but our kidneys, our lungs, virtually any “parts” of us that are failing due to sickness or old age.

The assumptions underlying transhumanism, or the more widespread drive to enhance human longevity through technology, force us to think critically and imaginatively about our future. They are also the subject of my current work, which looks at the visions, aspirations, and promise of human longevity research. READ more at

Hidden Agenda

It appears that the psychopath’s hidden agenda is to leverage trans humanism to achieve their goal of ultimate wealth, power and control of all natural resources and human beings by transforming humans into robotic slaves that are mindless [no resistance], heartless, soulless, and godless.  Watch now:

Published on Mar 24, 2017

From Tubulcain to Ray kurzweil the story and goal remain the same, Uploading your brain into a machine and cheat death. But we were warned of this over 2000 yrs ago.  See links below video

From Doreen

Reality Response SOULution

Human bodies, minds, and spirit are under extreme assault from toxic food, water, air, vaccines, chemical trails in the sky; wireless electromagnetic frequency radiation; dogma, distractions, disinformation, debt slavery,  fraud, genocide, world-wide criminal child exploitation syndicates.

I suggest that each of us is equipped within to transcend the assault, when we align with our soul path. Did you order a free copy of The Biology of Belief?

We live in a holographic universe where every part is inseparable from he whole. In other words, Primordial Conscious Power, also called God, and Other Names, breathes life into everyone, everywhen, everywhere. Every human has freewill choice to explore who we truly are, which is matter [body] and spirit [soul or Consciousness Unbounded in Form], and why we are really here, to end the lie of separation by pulling together to end harm, which allow Primordial Conscious Power, the only true Power to respond in kind, set us free and usher in a new era unlike the past.

Perhaps you already know who you are and why you are really here. If you do, please inform others to help reach critical mass of empowerment. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino
Non-negotiable autograph,
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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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