President Trump Named Alexander Acosta as New Labor Secretary Nominee; Wait There’s More!

PEDOGATE: Alex Acosta’s Nomination for Labor Secretary Must Be Rejected

The former U.S. Attorney offered an unprecedented “sweetheart plea deal” to serial sex offender Jeffrey Epstein

President Trump Named Alexander Acosta as New Labor Secretary Nominee (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

#Pizzagate :: Labor nominee Alex Acosta was at the center of sex offender Jeffery Epstein’s outrageous plea deal

By State of the Nation

If Alexander Acosta is remembered for one thing throughout his entire law career, it will be his serious mishandling of the child sex case of West Palm Beach billionaire and registered sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

The Most Radioactive ‘SCANDAL Of The MILLENNIUM’

As U.S. Attorney, Acosta negotiated an unprecedented plea agreement for Jeffrey Epstein in what is now known as one of the most grotesque miscarriages of justice in Florida history.  There are attorneys throughout the state who are still seriously questioning (and extremely angry about the trampling of the rule of law) the final disposition of this deliberately bungled case.  Some of those attorneys are actually litigating it on behalf of their aggrieved female clients. The details are explained in the article below:

Jeffrey Epstein’s victims sue and claim he was given a ‘sweetheart deal’ giving him immunity after he pleaded guilty to hiring teen for sex

The essence of the various allegations, which essentially assert prosecutorial misconduct without saying it, revolve around a number of extreme irregularities by Acosta in the process of prosecuting Epstein. However, the most egregious departures from the most basic rules of law concern two issues.

First, that Jeffrey Epstein was afforded the opportunity to cop a plea that had absolutely no relationship to the seriousness of the multiple underage sex crimes which he pled guilty to.

Epstein, then 55 and defended by an all-star legal team, pleaded guilty to a state charge of soliciting minors for prostitution. He registered as a sex offender in Florida and agreed to pay damages to 40 female victims ranging in age from 13 to 17 years old. As part of the plea agreement negotiated by Acosta’s office, Epstein wouldn’t be charged in federal court — even though the feds had drawn up a proposed 53-page indictment that carried potential punishment ranging from a mandatory 10 years in prison up to a life sentence.
(Source: Labor nominee Alex Acosta was at the center of sex offender Jeffery Epstein’s outrageous plea deal)

Secondly, that the victims themselves — and there were at least 40 girls involved — had no knowledge whatsoever of the “sweetheart plea deal” that was made with defendant Epstein by prosecutor Acosta.

“The Government and Epstein conspired to conceal the NPA (non-prosecution agreement) from the victims to prevent them from joining any objection, and to avoid the firestorm of controversy that would have arisen if it had become known that the Government was immunizing a politically-connected billionaire and all of his conspiracies from the prosecutions of hundreds of federal crimes against minor girls,” the plaintiff’s attorneys wrote in a recent filing.
(Source: The Shameful Way Feds Protected Convicted Pedophile Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein)

Pedogate in high places


Litmus test*

*Is Donald Trump preparing to prosecute rich and powerful pedophiles, or sell out people of good conscience to the Deep State?

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