Million Lost Children March – March on DC – Demand Investigations

Join the ‘rescue’ team ending the war on humanity and sovereignty.

Finding Truth In an Illusory World


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Stand Up for The Children – Million Lost Children March

Stand Up for the Children – facebook

THE WEEK OF LOST CHILDREN 3/18-3/25 Community Action

Too often evidence of organized pedophilia rings are dismissed by the press, and/or covered up by the authorities. Legitimate questions are trivialized with dismissive names assigned to these considerations, such as “Satanic Panic” or “Pizzagate.”

Yet, we hear the statistics. We know child trafficking is at epidemic levels around the word. We read about PEDOGATE, as well as the sale of human organs. We know children who go missing are at risk for sexual exploitation and organ trafficking. Yet, though the numbers of the exploited increase annually,  protecting our children from this abuse is not national priority.

How do we change that? Combating…

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