Thousands of Missing, Tortured, and Murdered Children Used by the Criminal Cabal

To free the children and humans from abuse please ‘broadcast’ this notice far and wide. Advise organizations working to end human/child trafficking. The broader our communication the more people will become aware, and the more that predators will be put on notice.


I sent this link to the organizations below.

I ask you to also notify them, and other organizations or post on their Facebook page, to raise awareness of the March 25, 2017 gathering in Washington, D. C.

Together we can end a world-wide criminal child exploitation syndicate controlled by rich powerful church, state, and corporate leaders. The end of child pornography, trafficking, molestation, work/sex slavery, satanic ritual sacrifice, murder, snuff films, organ trafficking, tissue harvesting, and blood extraction.

Let’s get busy! Doreen

Together slavery-human trafficking can end in our lifetime

End exploitation and forced labor

People should not be bought and sold

Change Lives. End Slavery

A leader in the global fight to eradicate modern slavery

Eliminate the sexual exploitation of children

Mission: End human trafficking in our lifetime

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American Intelligence Media

Citizens are preparing to march on Washington on March 25. They are there to speak up for the future of thousands of children that the criminal cabal has commoditized for their wars, their pleasures, their control over others, and their pathetic ideas of obtaining immortality. We are protesting law enforcement, Congress, and the judiciary for not arresting and indicting these heinous criminals.

The American Intelligence Media has prepared a compendium of articles to provide protestors with the deep and thorough intelligence they need to protest in a productive way. As we see more intelligence in the field, we will update this compendium–so check back regularly for updates.

Unlike the George Soros’ activists groups who haven’t a clue why they are protesting (except for the memes and slogans provided to them once they are hired to protest), the people who will be protesting on March 25 will be able to give details galore. Please be…

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7 Responses to Thousands of Missing, Tortured, and Murdered Children Used by the Criminal Cabal

  1. lozzafun says:

    Hi Doreen… Could you please bring attention to another March on DC, ALSO calling for investigations ??…. Thank you….
    Million Lost Children March – March on DC – Demand Investigations


    • Thanks lozzafun, for all that you do to raise awareness so that individuals can team up and right the wrongs.

      In this Earth realm, which is all about energy, I wonder ‘why’ Erik Gallant [Mar 18] and Neil Wolfe [Mar 25] chose separate event dates rather than coordinate focused attention around a common intention simultaneously, which is far more empowering. In other words, the more cells in a battery the more power.


      • lozzafun says:

        n the video by Victurus Libertas, it sounded like they did not know of each other at the time… Since then, he has stated that they have communicated and will integrate… I can only speculate as to how that works out… Their hearts are focused with loving intent, it will work out fine!…


      • Agreed.

        The more that truth speakers cooperate, the more cooperation flows into and returns through the collective.


  2. Our Spirit says:

    Thank you, Doreen, for getting the word of the AMBER ALERT to your readers. If you would like to display our AIM4Truth badge as a rebel alliance member, please contact us at


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