Psychopath Series: Calculated Hit Job Against Attorney General Jeff Sessions

By Jay Sekulow 21 hrs. ago

There is a ruthless, coordinated attempt by those on the Left – in Congress, in the mainstream media, and in the bureaucracy – to undermine and undercut President Trump. First it’s a leak. Then a deceptive smear. And finally an all-out assault intended to hinder and even remove from office senior Trump Administration officials.  The latest attack is no exception.

Make no mistake. This is a calculated hit job against Attorney General Jeff Sessions designed to subvert President Trump’s agenda and preserve Obama’s legacy.

As a lawyer I deal with evidence, so let’s look at the facts.

BREAKING! Photo Surfaces that CLEARS Jeff Sessions Name! Look Who REALLY Lied About Russian Ambassador!

Jeff Sessions ‘Framed’ By Deep State To Cover Up Pedogate

From Doreen 

As Ronald Schouten reports, when neuroscientists did a PET scan of psychopaths after giving them amphetamines, the nucleus accumbens section of their grey matter produced four times as much dopamine.

Translation: rewarding stuff is far, far more rewarding to them. When you consider doing something mean your conscience slams the brakes. The psychopaths’ brake line has been cut; the stuff they want is four times as rewarding to them. It seems someone put a brick on their accelerator.

Who, other than psychopaths would engineer, coordinate, manipulate, and force millions and millions of people from their homeland into foreign territory, risk families being torn apart, and dismiss refugee children into a world-wide criminal child exploitation syndicate?

Ppsychopaths are without a moral compass! Their inner landscape is repulsive; completely self-absorbed, unreliable, unethical and unloving. A psychopath’s social and moral boundaries are almost entirely based on their ability to create a positive impression on those around him. Those moral boundaries, which they violate behind people’s backs, and their phony yet often compelling displays of emotion, function as their disguise. Through them, a psychopath gains other people’s trust, respect, admiration and sometimes even love. He then uses them for his own selfish and destructive purposes.

Some psychopaths are so adept at manipulating the world, they can effectively destroy your life from the outside while you don’t know it’s happening.  Do not attempt to win. It’s impossible. You don’t understand their game.  And if you did make the choice to try to play it, and learned it, and really internalized what drove them, it would make you sick.

To be continued …
Doreen Ann Agostino
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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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