California Department of Public Health Concern: Cellphone Radiation IS A Risk [Solution]

Court Orders California To Release Cellphone Radiation & Cancer Link Data


California: A Superior Court judge has ruled that a report on cell-phone risk, written by the state’s Environmental Health Investigations, must be released to the public. The report shows that use of cell phones involves a significant risk of contracting cancer. So far, the report has been covered up because officials are afraid of law suits by the cellphone industry. -GEG

BERKELEY (KPIX 5) — California could have to hand over some documents on cellphone use it tried to keep under wraps.

On Friday, a Superior Court judge ruled the state must release papers discussing the possible risks of long-term cellphone use.

The documents were written by the state’s Environmental Health Investigations branch and are believed to contain cellphone radiation warnings and recommendations for public use.

But the state refused to hand them over when requested by a director at University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health.

So Joel Moskowitz, Ph.D., sued the state under the California Public Records Act.

Moskowitz, Director at the Center for Family and Community Health at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health explained to KPIX 5 the reason he sued. “I would like this document to see the light of day because it will inform the public that there is concern within the California Department of Public Health that cellphone radiation is a risk, and it will provide them with some information about how to reduce those risks.”

When asked why he thinks the state is trying to suppress this document, he said, “They claim that this would lead to chaos and confusion among the public, I suspect that they were afraid of the reaction from the telecommunications industry should they publish this document. In fact, they even argued that in their brief.”

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From Doreen

The great CON

Our lives are controlled by psychopaths who do not know how to love, they have no feelings, no conscience, no empathy, no guilt, and no shame. They crush anyone and anything that stands in the way of their insatiable desires. Do not feel sorry for them.

Take 100% responsibility for your well-being and family. Much of what we hear and read is deliberate deception. Much of what we eat, drink, and breathe is harmful; made possible through our ‘consent’.

The great ‘con’ of man is not found in some secret society or cleverly hidden in a picture, it is the CON hidden in just one tiny word – consent

The hidden hand knows exactly how to manipulate human egos into consent, and the more people consent [silence is tacit or implied consent] the greater the RISK to everyone.


Toxic vaccines

GMO food
Involuntary sterilization


*Fukushima contamination

Chemical trails from planes that block life-sustaining sunlight

Particulate Matter 2.5 silent weapon

Biohazard Smart Meter

Wireless electronic devices [very educational video]

FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at “5G” announcement

From Doreen

‘Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darknesses of other people’ ~ Carl Gustav Jung

Healing Our Collective Sickness (Abridged)

By Paul Levy

Faced with the external reality of the terminal condition of our society and the consequences for the world, the individual realising the impossibility of bringing about any significant change in that reality, is forced to turn inward and reconnect with spirit. The healing lies not in action but in non-action externally and quantum action within. We are each the world and the creator of the world reality and when we can connect again with Spirit and with nature we each have to power to save the world. This requires putting down all judgement and proceeding in total humility recognising that in our state of separation we can make no right judgement. I must accept that I am every man including Donald Trump and all I can say is, ‘I accept, I surrender, they will be done.’ and so once again become human and truly participate in the wonder of creation with the Spirit.


The more people aware of the problems, the better chance we have of empowering solutions that set our species free.

Doreen Ann Agostino
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Author, Radio Host, Fact Tracker, Reality Generator and Editor Doreen Agostino synthesizes facts to transform limitations into remedy and freedom.
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