President Trump, Please Shut Down The Chemtrails; water vapor via chemtrails creating worldwide weather apocalypse

… Before It’s Too Late!


An Open Letter to President Trump

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump,

If you don’t know already, the entire country is under assault by nonstop chemical geoengineering also known as chemtrails, and chembombs.

The monster storms hitting California are the direct result of these intensified chemtrail operations.  So are the numerous out-of-season tornadic storm systems devastating the Deep South.  As a matter of meteorological fact, Trumpland throughout the South and Midwest has been really taking a beating ever since Election Day.

Many of these highly destructive and unseasonal weather events are not even showing up in the Mainstream Media (MSM) of late.  Unless you are a victim yourself, or know folks who have been, the American people are mostly unaware as many of these frankenstorms go totally unreported outside of the local area.

What exactly does that mean?  That the MSM is quite deliberately not disseminating important weather info, especially to those areas that are the hardest hit.   Why in the world is there so much non-disclosure —  BY THE MEDIA — when their very job is to function as a public service to local communities everywhere?

From our seat, there appears to be no location within the 50 states that is immune to a regular dose of chemical geoengineering.  Everyone is now remarking about living under direct weather threats—24/7.  California has become the site of Weathergeddon, USA. The southern states are likewise being constantly terrorized by hurricane strength mega-storms that destroy whole towns as they paralyze cities like Albany, Georgia*.

*VIDEO:  ‘The destruction is phenomenal,’ Albany officials discuss damage, missing toddler

Why are you allowing the geoengineers to continue to wreak such havoc, particularly in the states that made your historic election possible?

Special Message to the POTUS:
Surely it’s obvious by now to Team Trump that the secret, supranational body, which controls these chemtrail operations worldwide, is using them to sabotage local economies around the country.  After 8 calamitous years of Obama’s gross negligence, not only are small businesses collapsing left and right, dilapidated infrastructure is failing wherever it’s tested by natural and/or manmade catastrophes.  The globalist cabal is intentionally engineering these natural disasters to force the expenditure of more federal money that is needed elsewhere.  Hence, the geoengineering programs that are being conducted unrelentingly in the skies across the nation are making it virtually impossible to Make America Great Again.  What more effective way to prevent you from fulfilling your campaign promises is there than keeping you preoccupied with one weather emergency after another?

Look it, we expected such weather terrorism to be conducted by the treasonous Obama administration. We did NOT expect that such a geoengineering regime of weather manipulation and climate sabotage would worsen under your presidency.  And yet it has!

Dear President Trump, you are the Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.  In that capacity you are ultimately responsible for the incessant weather terrorism being perpetrated by the U.S. military against the American people.  Should you doubt this crucial fact, please consult the following two exposés.

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Black Operation In World History

OPERATION CLOVERLEAF: The Most Dangerous Weapons Testing Program In World History

Now you know that you, Mr. President, are actually in charge of these chemtrail aerosol spraying programs nationwide.  And, yet, has anyone briefed you on their real purpose … or what they really spray … or what the public health consequences are?  For example, are you familiar with CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions?

Based on the accurate answers to each of these and other very important questions, your constitutional responsibilities demand that you terminate them—YESTERDAY ! ! !  One direct command from you simply shuts down the whole God-forsaken Global Warming project.


“Massive increase in water vapor occurring worldwide via chemtrails is creating the worldwide weather apocalypse, not human activity causing CO2 production.” SOTN

Huge Firehose is Drenching California Plus Plants Freaking Out

Black Chemtrails – Video Collage

From Doreen

Public silence is ‘consent’ to extreme assault on all life. Please share this post widely and send it to Donald Trump and his team:

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Doreen Ann Agostino
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