Ben Swann’s ‘Pizzagate’ Report Gets Him Taken Off The Net + 474 Arrested in Massive Child Pedophilia Sting

Soon After Ben Swann’s ‘Pizzagate’ Report Went Viral, The MSM Anchor ‘Disappeared’ – Now He’s Back Leaving Cryptic Messages On Social Media, Warning He’s Going To ‘Go Dark’ On February 1st


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

According to this new story from the Atlantic Journal Constitution, soon after Atlanta’s CBS46 mainstream media news anchor Ben Swann did what was called a ‘groundbreaking’ story on what the msm is calling ‘fake news’, #Pizzagate, Swann has been off the air. For those who may have missed it, you can see Swann in that groundbreaking look at ‘pizzagate’ in the final video at SOTN. Link below.

After the election was over and ‘pizzagate’ had largely been ‘forgotten’ and disappeared from much of the news, Swann created an online firestorm after ‘reviving’ the pizzagate story. As the lead newspaper in Atlanta reported, Swann has been off the air since then with his co-anchor Sharon Reed doing their program by herself.

And while the ‘where is Ben Swann’ stories and threads had since started hitting various websites and internet forums as well as videos such as the 2nd video below from Victurus Libertas VL, we get a brand new update from Swann himself that only adds several layers to the mystery.


As Swann posted on both his Facebook page and his Twitter page as seen above and at the top of this story, he will be coming back to CBS46 this Monday night, after a lengthy and unplanned hiatus, yet both his Facebook page and his Twitter page will be going dark in what appears to be a cryptic message that some have already begun to try to decode.

Swann warns us ‘there are going to be some changes’ yet as the Facebook commenter points out in the comment seen below, Swann cryptically changed the spelling of Tuesday. Was Swann sending the world a message?


As you can see in the posts, not only is the word Tuesday apparently purposely spelled wrong (with an allusion to Sun Tzu, the author of ‘The Art Of War’), but he gets his dates wrong as well – February 1st being Wednesday and not Tuesday. Our commenter, like other commenters, also warns they hope Swann isn’t in the process of ‘being reprogrammed’.

What is going on with Ben Swann and ‘pizzagate’ that suddenly caused him to miss work with a reappearance coming soon but a total ‘blackout’ on all of his social media? Was Swann threatened? Swann consistently has ranked as one of the most credible mainstream news performers anywhere in America and as we read in the screenshots below from his fans, people are very, very concerned about the health and safety of Swann and his family right now.

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Feb 02, 2017

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department announced 474 pedophiles have been arrested and 55 victims have been rescued in a MASSIVE Southern California Child Trafficking sting dubbed “Operation Reclaim and Rebuild”:

dershowitz, clinton, epstein pedophile plane lolita
dershowitz, clinton, epstein pedophile plane lolita

Warning: graphic photos

PIZZAGATE: Anthony Weiner May Still Be Charged With Pedophilia

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