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Subject: Moving from awareness to solution… you in?

Hey Doreen,

It’s obvious by now that installations of “smart” meters — aka radiating spy meters — cause fires and explosions. Everywhere. In every region.

Though, what’s more shocking is how brazen the utilities actually are. Not only are they outright lying about their meters being safe, but they are also attempting to force homeowners to pay for the damage their ‘smart’ meters cause.

This recent video of a “smart” meter fire in Toronto captures just one of the ways how some utilities are attempting to normalize their criminal negligence:

As we’re all seeing by now, there is something very wrong within the consciousness of many of our society’s power structures.

What’s the answer? You. You are a micro of the macro. You are an awake and divinely-sparked human being; a vortex of creative potential, upgrading the reality around you wherever you go.

If that isn’t your reality, know that this potential is in you, and choose that it somehow be awakened. Even if you have no idea how the hell it’s going to happen.

And this reality of who you are, multiplied by 7 billion, is why the corporate-vampiric consciousness seeks to convince you that you need to fear it. Human fear is how it gets power. It has no other source.

You, multiplied by 7 billion, are the answer.

Science shows that we are all invisibly connected. The logical mind doesn’t understand it, but it’s true. Every time you choose to boldly speak truth, to take a stand for what you know in your heart is right, to create something — it ripples out. As we all wrest ourselves awake, we are all subconsciously and energetically taking cues from each other.

So let something new, unique and meaningful happen within you.

I know it sucks right now for so many. I know — as far as the ‘smart’ meter agenda goes — some utilities are threatening and even shutting power off in some cases. For taking a stand. That’s how threatened they feel.

I know it’s a bewildering time.

But this game is changing. The curtain is being pulled back. Can you feel it?

If this whole idea seems outlandish, and you just want the damn smart meter off your house, hang in there. We’ll go deeper into this conversation in forthcoming updates. It’s going to come full circle.

The reason why it’s taken so long for our world to have some real sort of solution happen for all of us, is because it’s like a poker game at the stage where the cards are dealt and the stakes are being raised.

And when this hand finishes it is going to be one damn big exodus out of this babylonian control structure. I firmly believe this.

So keep boldly shining your light of truth, grounded in the inner knowing that your intention is honorable and that you will be supported and find your empowered tribe — including the many others on this journey of awakening who we haven’t even met yet.

Thanks for all you are and do to raise awareness and create change.

Josh del Sol

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SOURCE with thanks Bruce Thomas Facebook

Ontario to Remove 36,000 Smart Meters

Costing ratepayers billions, smart meters are actually designed to unlawfully harvest detailed data of the in-home activities of occupants without their knowledge or consent.

Original post http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/01/20/ontario-pulls-plug-on-36000-rural-smart-meters-is-big-energy-imploding/

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